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I did what Neville taught.

I imagined MY DESK.

Neville said to occupy that desk, to see the room from there.  And even though I didn't know what job I wanted, I just imagined being ONE MILLION PERCENT HAPPY at my job, working from my desk.   And it worked wonderfully.

I ask you to test your imagination! Go all out and believe in what you have imagined. Do not try to influence anyone. Instead, put all of your energies into clarity of form.  If a certain desk designates that you are occupying a desired position, occupy that desk. - Neville Goddard

Here is a link to the rest of that story, it's so good! 


You are the wisdom and the power of God.

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How can you not love a FREE course?

This one is free and fast, that's what I liked about it.  Just a few minutes a day, watching these quick videos, and doing just a tiny exercise too.   I shared these with my sister Hope, who got her ex back, and she loved them.  Here's the link


Just take a few minutes a day and watch them.

You are the wisdom and the power of God.

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You can't help but want to help after you know this works!

I want this to be everyone's way of living a lovely life CSF!

You are the wisdom and power of God!

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Hey everyone!

My sister did it!  Her and her ex are now back together, so he's no longer her ex, but now her husband again!   

This is after he told her that he would NEVER talk to her again, and after he started dating very actively.   She is over the top, and here's what i taught her.  I taught her to imagine him happy.

And when I first told her this, she flipped out on me.  But I stopped her and asked her one question.  "Why does that upset you, Hope?"   And that's when she started crying, because she said that when she imagined him happy, she kept seeing him with other women.   

And i told her that THAT was the problem, she kept imagining him, with other women.  Instead of just imagining him  happy PERIOD.   Isn't this wonderful!   She got it and she did it.   

I also had her start watching the Feel It Real Fun Manifesting Love videos that I shared here before, by TT and his lovely wife Victoria, because she is so beautiful and they have such a loving relationship.   He even calls himself Mr Victoria sometimes, which is so cute.   You can tell, he just loves and adores her so much.

So this can be done, you can win, just keep Feeling It Real as they say, and Imagine Him Happy.

Peace out!
You are the wisdom and the power of God!
Hi Everyone!

It's been a while, but I am back.   I've been reading heaps of Neville Goddard again and I am feeling heaps better about my life and i manifested my new car.   It is used but it is new for me. I just love my volkswagon.  What's made the difference for me this time is really slowing down, taking more deep breaths and also being still.    And I just finished watching these videos too.



I hope I did this right, because i just love this guy, and how much he gives away because he and his wife keep reminding me that I am the wisdom and the power of God.


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