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And from MY personal experience there certainly IS such a thing as "100% heterosexual."

Look - go ahead. Knock yourself out.  Don't worry about his career, or his emotional well-being, or his own personal preferences. This is all about what YOU want.  Obviously.

But let's not pretend you're not doing this with the goal of sleeping with him.

If you can't be bothered finding out something as fundamental as whether he's straight or gay or bi-sexual, (because that's just not important enough to bother with, right?) then frankly I hope you fail miserably.

This is one of the most selfish posts I've ever seen here - and some of the replies are just as bad.

I thought LOA was about working on oneself and being the best person you can be - not just grabbing what you want, everyone else be damned.

No wonder people like ML have left. As I told her, I'm about to follow.

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Firstly, find out for SUREif he's bi or gay.

If you know he broke up with someone, surely you can find out what gender that person was.

Secondly, if he's heterosexual - leave it alone.  Its one thing to want to use LOA to attract someone. Its quite another to try and put someone in a situation where you want to try and mess with what is a most fundamental part of who they are as a human being. Thats called selfishness and that IS open to judgement.

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Okay - are you ready?  Because this is going to be very harsh and you probably won't like what I have to say.  So be it :

Sometimes I read posts and I think to myself, "Fuck.  We women are SO INTENSE, no wonder men get sick of us."

Unless I'm missing something fundamental to your story - get over it.

He's in New York for a friend's wedding.  Men do not text like we do.  They don't need to be on the phone every second looking for confirmation that someone loves them or is thinking of them.  Men are VERY GOOD at compartmentalising their lives.

It's not like he's the ONLY guy in the world who doesn't respond to text messages.  His text responses are NOT UNUSUAL for a man.  Generally speaking, they simply don't text.  They hate it.  Just like they don't chat on the phone like we do.  Men communicate when they have something to say.  They are not women.

Yes, men are eager at first...then, like ALL relationships, it calms down.  This is not unusual nor is it specific to your guy.

I cannot TELL you the number of times I've texted a male friend - and not heard from them in DAYS - and that's if they respond at all.

I can't tell you the number of times I've seen male friends be told off for not responding, and it turns out they didn't even check their messages.

Another thing - if you're THIS caught up in the fact that he doesn't respond quickly enough, or often enough, for your liking - I don't find it difficult that you're having a hard time with LoA.

One of the very first lessons in LoA is "timing - it's not up to you,"  but all you are doing is showing the U/G that you can't even take that lesson to heart in something as simple as text messages.

He's in New York, trying to have fun, hanging out with friends and trying to celebrate someone else's wedding - and he's getting bombarded with pissy texts from a whining chick about why he didn't respond quickly enough. 

To a man, all that says is, "Shit, she's insecure and needy and clingy.  I'm out."

Your guy friends are bullshit artists.  They may tell you that they'd be texting and calling all week, but they're liars.

I have no idea what the back story is, as to why you would come to a conclusion to that he's secretive about his life.  My friends also accuse me of being secretive and mysterious.  I had no idea. I don't consider myself secretive - I just don't go around vomiting out every detail of my life.

Fill me in more on the back story, maybe I'll have a different response.

But for now, sweet lord, calm down, get over it and see what happens when he gets back.

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