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This is actually something i noticed years ago. One of the first things that started to happen is getting things i wanted before.. literally people i wanted to date would show up, or the jobs i wanted, or situations.

It was cool, but at the same time i didnt care about it now.. i had new things i wanted and i grew and had different life goals.

BUT dont be discouraged, this means you are manifesting and in the flow.. this shows you this is actually working.. and gives you a very important lesson. Let things unfold, stop obsessing , its all coming.

Eventually you get into this amazing effortless flow, i dont NEED anything but i DESERVE everything.. and it comes and comes

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I always enjoyed Supermans posts, mostly because his experience is very similar to mine.

Either way we are all here exploring the same thing. The approach is irrelevant, do whatever makes you successful. If you donít agree with something, move on to something that resonates more

Ive done this several times, when they say you can feel and touch the person.. thats actually possible. Im not talking about, i imagine how the person feels.. im talking about i can actually physically feel the person there and touch them. You can usually talk to them also, but i find its difficult to keep the connection going while putting alot of effort in "talking".

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on: November 15, 2018, 08:47:01 AM 4 Guru of Law of Attraction / Hall of Fame / Update (2018)

Hi everyone,

Itís been a while, actually I donít even remember the last time I posted or really got into a topic to discuss. To be fully honest I donít feel any connection to the topics here, I am not into the entire RS/RI approach and most of the other posts are very superficial manifestations that donít interest me right now.

So whatís new with me, manifestations galore as usual. Again money is easy to manifest, I am now on my 6th promotion in 6 years .. which all started from the time I joined the forum. The last 3 promotions I wrote down the amount of money I would like to make, and every single time I got the exact amount. The key here is you have toÖ HAVE TO.. pick a amount you feel you are worth. You cant bullshit and say you should make a million a year but at the same time wonder if thatís even possibleÖ it is possible.. you just have to actually be ďworthĒ it. Now I am already picking another amount, and I can already see it unfolding nicely.  Also before people say, what did you get a extra $5 or $20, no no.. im talking about jumps between 10-30K at a time.

Ok now for the spiritual aspect, I am fully into astro projection. This is actually old news to me. Now the new thing is full channeling, similar to Abe Hicks or other people who get audio information. I can now meditate and see/hear direct messages. I would say this is imagination, Ive learned things I would have never known.. and I can hear different woman and male voices. Its been a wild ride, my view of this world and how things actually work Is completely differentÖ its been a amazing spiritual journey that actually started with me joining this forum.

I got a lot of insights which I donít mind sharing, im hoping others here are interested in the more spiritual aspects.. not just getting laid haha.
To be honest your story felt all over the place, just reading it, didnt seem like you had a steady stream of thought... which actually ties in with my answer... your energy it too random and unfocused.

The real question is what do you want? Do you even know what that is at this point, unless you know you cant attract it. Without clear focus you will keep getting random people from all over, who are all throwing different things at you.... just stick to what you want and narrow it down.

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You had my interest at pussy whip ...

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Have I donít RS with success, yes I have and it works. If you are asking what the best approach is, then I would say to do it once or twice.. and I think having a session where you really feel that connectionÖ then I would leave it alone and not put any further energy into it.
The problem most people get into is either overdoing it, but more importantly getting too attached to the outcome. Think of it this way, if you are going on the assumption that energy can be directed to a specific person, then you have to accept the fact it works both in a positive and negative way. If you get attached, worry, that energy is also being sent.
In any case, moral of the story is, use it once and then go on and live your life and let things come together.

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Why all the negativity , I donít understand the need for it.

Second you shouldnít say what is or isnít possible , I can bet you havenít seen half the shit I have ... that would blow your entire world... if anything what we can achieve is limitless in principal. I can probably go on a 10 page rant over supernatural and spiritual things Iíve seen , which mostly happened because of LOA.

Also I did a water fast , it works and you feel amazing ... you should try something before saying itís impossible
Dude ! Can I ask the obvious, why donít you write a book?

Iím sure you can make some $ on amazon

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This is a little strange I have to admit. Ok let me take a step back and assume most guys who are interested in this are in the age group of 17-23. As I was once that age I understand the struggle , but I think you guys are missing a fundamental flaw in your approach:

First majority of people have the same goal here, which is relationship, whether youíre a man or woman makes really no difference.

Second you have woman on the forum, why would you exclude WOMAN when trying to get WOMAN. Wouldnít they have advice that could actually help you lol. But you would rather talk to other guys , who are single, about woman. Maybe you should talk about real estate with homeless or fine dining with starving people.

Finally the problem you have is simple , you lack self confidence. Thatís the same issue woman have on this forum. Your self esteem is too low for you to attract what you want (sorry to get to the point).

I manifest money so easy itís becoming a game now, I got 4 promotions in 5 years ... why? Because my view of myself changed. I didnít get more education or a new suit, I simply realized my worth and it came TO ME.

Same approach applies here , you donít need RS or RI, otherwise all other men and woman would be single ... you need to change your view of YOU and the rest comes on itís own

Anyways my 2 cents
I think it is exhausting having those debates for things that now should not even exist. If there was a mod now it would be controlled somehow.

Control it in which way? I do agree what arguing is essentially pointless since we all have different viewpoints... and considering these subjects are very subjective any attempt to prove your viewpoint is nearly impossible.

Overall I find it interesting people would rather argue than find a common solution, how many posts do we have on RS and not a single one has resulted in a proven approach. Now imagine if people actually worked together

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I donít really agree with the whole ďliving humbly partĒ ... only because it sounds like you need to be Gandi to be considered some sort of guru.

I prefer another approach , I am constantly evolving in every aspect of my life ... money included. I just got another promotion, 4 in 5 years... basically since starting LoA my income has increased every year. Hint: I say what I deserve and the money shows up.

By far the best experience Iíve had is astro travel, Iíve learbed more in minutes than months reading materials.

As I grow spiritually I also find manifesting to be easier and I actually donít try to make anything happen , it just does. People here are too attached to specifics , forget all that .. let events unfold around you and start noticing patterns... you will see life guiding you towards things once you become really aware.

Also kill negativity or any self doubt , you are more powerful than you can perceive ... you can have anything you want , just get out of your own way

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Sorry but Iím going to agree with Superman on this one. Iíve seen the karma wheel do this to my friends and myself when I did something questionable like this.

Either way , your goal isnít him anyways ... itís the relationship you are seeking. That should be your focus and trust me someone better than him will fill those shoes , that I can promise you works

on: February 14, 2018, 08:03:19 AM 14 General Category / Feedback And Suggestions / Re: forum need moderation

There is a fundamental issue with a forum like this .. Itís actually a oxymoron. Itís very difficult to manifest something when you focus on the problem.

Most posts are from people who are struggling and looking for help, or who say something isnít working. You read it and you start to doubt it yourself.. and then you post about your issues. The cycle just keeps repeating itself.

My advice is to come on here, read and learn. Then go and actually do it .. and donít come back until you post a success story. focus on your future and what you want , and leave negative noise as far away as possible

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Before i get into this, this is my opinion so don't hold it as the truth.. go with what you think.

You cant mess with free will, hence why so many people have issues with RS. We all have a choice and you cant make anyone do what they dont want to do.

I've been doing out of body experiences for months now, i have maybe 3-4 a week now. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend this if you are really into the spiritual aspect.

So one of my experiences was a guide showing me how things would have turned out. I like many of the people here started by wanting my EX back. After some time, and trying everything, i moved on (good thing). A few months ago during my out of body i met with a guide. They told me you could have stayed with her, but this is what would have happened. I literally saw what my life could have been, we would have kids and the break up would have happened anyways.. it was inevitable... but this would have been 1000 times worse than the situation i went through. Essentially i saw that our breakup was actually a good thing, and the timing was specific to our situation.. making sure we both walked away without having major emotional damage.

Another experience is seeing alternative dimensions (which is actually totally legit), many LOA gurus talk about this and i got to see my life in various different places. There is a version of you experiencing endless different scenarios.. in a sense what they say is true, everything is happening in the now.. different frequencies have different outcomes.

But to get back on the topic, we are spiritual beings... people you are trying to attract have their own goals and purposes in life. When you are not aligned you cant be together, it wouldnt serve a purpose to either of you.

Moral of the story is dont worry about anything but YOU, focus on what you want and what kind of life you want to live. The people, money, places that align with you will show up... and eventually this past will melt away into nothing.
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