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Halleluia! Real answers from real people.

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Wouldn't it be good if someone cleared out this site and got rid of spambots like Moodman who appears to be gender fluid as their posts veer between the male and female perspective?

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Black magic? Isn't that a song by Little Mix?

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I can't understand how this is your girlfriend if you haven't met. Nor can I understand how the guy from France was her boyfriend. I must be completely missing something, please explain how can you be anything other than at best mates who chat online if you have never met? Why is this preferable to meeting a real person in real life? (Which nobody can do at the moment, granted). This isn't criticism, it is complete bafflement on my part.

As for your original question, how did you attract it, aren't you massively overthinking it?

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Woah! That all got a bit heated there....

Ha ha good old Moonlight Concerto!

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Whoever is interested needs to find some way of getting in touch with the OP as this post is getting on for two years old now and the OP hasn't been on this site since October 2018.

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Another  one bites the dust, LOL

I  said this  from day one,  RI,RS, Magick,LOA ,Occult skills etc,  call it  what  you want,
Its an inborn talent \  gift, you cant acquire it, you either have it or  you don't,

and if you have it, you have to train, join a real Adept Group  or Coven (if they will have you)and build your mental muscles.
And  if  you don't have  it..  Get a  hobby.

How do you know if you have it or not like give a test for 3 months?? Or what
And about the group there’s online group? Because there is no such groups  offline in the country I live in

Do a couple  of  field  tests,  try  this  on  3 targets,  everybody  responds differently,  rather  than  RSing them  separately,  do  all  3 in  in 1  day, every day  for   30  days,  Do  both Magic  touch and  love   visualization,   do  not  break or stop  the 30  days, ensure  you are  able to  see  your targets  on a regular  basis,  study  their  reaction  to  you ( covertly)  and  if    possible ,casually  interact with them,  I would  recommend    targets  that work in  public   customer  service roles  e.g.  shops,  restaurants , bars   etc, you   may need to  buy  stuff  from  these  places, You will need to be  quite   logical about this, chose  targets  you have  no  romantic interests  in,  if they respond  with ( lifted  this  of a website, very relevant) :-

Signs of Attraction
Frequent physical contact. If someone frequently bumps you when walking or touches your arm in conversation, there's a good chance they're interested.
Constant communication.
Attempting to make plans  with you
Laughing and smiling.
Mirroring  your  body language.
Asking a lot of questions
They point their body towards you.
They  check out  your   body,  constantly (  my  favourite), especially in a  sexual  way  (  your  groin,  breasts, muscles ,  lips etc)

That's  usually means  you have engaged  your  target,  you have  it,  Congrats
so chose a new target  you  really  want, and  start  RS,  this will be  a constant thing,  depending  on  how  predisposed your target  is to  you (not attracted to  you, mildly  attracted  to you, already  attracted you etc )   and  their  personality, will  determine  how  quickly  they respond  to you,  a couple  of seconds, minutes, days,  month  etc

If  you have  it,  well  having  a  face  to face  and field Group   or  coven support  from  experienced adepts  it  beneficial,  however  not  mandatory,  just do more field   work  and  ignore  naysayers  and    RS  "debunkers"   on  PLOA

How the hell can you do Magic Touch with one, never mind three, people you have zero romantic or physical interest in?

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Seeing 444 means you saw 444. Nothing else. There's no such thing as what the universe wants. It's what you want to create. If you want a relationship with the person try looking up Neville Goddard and Feeling is the Secret.
You know what? There's a high chance t0 find it again, on the same site where you met for the first time. If your dating was a fail, he might search for another woman. Go there and find him, otherwise, you might regret your actions for a long time. Sometimes we just cannot accept the gifts that God send us and we realize that only after losing them. I lost my wife and then I had a few failed datings. Monica was one of them. God gave her to me, the most beautiful girl I ever got out with. But I behaved like a moron and lost her. I couldn't convince her to get on the second date. After that, I saw her on Datehookup but what's the point of trying again if you lost your confidence?

You are resurrecting yourself more times than Michael Myers in Halloween.

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My advice to you is to move on, for you. You still got a long journey in readjusting your life now that you're on new medications. You have to see how it'll affect you as the months go by. Both of you need to heal from this in your own ways and if you two were meant to be it will be. However, you experienced a lot of good from one guy. There are so many guys around who have good qualities too that you can experience with your fresh start. Learn from the past and be proud you're taking the right steps toward improving your life. My ex still chose to use another distraction to get away from his issues and slow his recovery. You are already way better as as a person by taking the mature route and take the time to improve yourself first. You'll earn respect that way and it's mundo attractive! You'll be okay

Who are you replying to? The OP is straight so is not likely to be interested in guys, nor has he or anyone mentioned medication.

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My ex gf has got engaged and is going to marry in next month...she says she doesn't loves me anymore and I am just a normal guy to her now. It has broke me up very badly. Once a time she was mad about me and after breakup ( 7 months ago) she doesn't even care. She is my true love and first love. I've dreamt of spending whole life with her and she's going to marry next month. She likes her current partener with whom she is engaged and going yo marry in coming month. Please help me....Will LOA work here? and how?
Please help
Its very urgent

You've posted this on someone's success story which has nothing to do with the original thread.

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Of course you can! But you must understand that it will be twice as hard to win her than if she was single. First of all, you have to gain her attention, then you have to convince her that next to you she'll feel way better than next to her current boyfriend. There are a lot of cases when girls have left boyfriends or even husbands for another man. The trick is that every relationship after a while gets colder and you have to get in the middle and make it hot again. Everyone wants to feel loved again, women most of all. With my current girlfriend, it was even easier. She was dating someone but at the same time, she was active on a Russian dating site. We had a few nights' walk (I was in Russia at that time) and then she left him. She told me that I was sweeter than her Russian friend. And believe me, the Russian girls are the hardest to win. If you're interested and need some help, read about them on https://russian-woman-dating.com/How-to-meet-Russian-girls-online. Now we're happy, and I hope we'll have only good times together.

Gosh, what does your "current girlfriend", who I presume is Russian, think about you being in Morocco for a few weeks checking out the ladies there, as you just told us earlier today in this post:


Now I can't limit myself to only one woman, I have to get out with a different one each week. Now I'm in Morocco for a few weeks and I'm on the Morroco girls section of Brilic (https://brilic.com/en/countries/ma) every evening. By the way, if there are alpha's here, which nation's women you like the most?

And I am surprised you have the time, given you are so busy with your restaurant business:


And don't get me started on your "gorgeous wife"

She's really going to have your nuts, mate.

Seriously, you need to focus on your SATS or something, you are never going to grow up to get a good job if you carry on doing this. Does your mother know?

What is the true story?

It's just someone fooling about.

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I got out with a few girls like you before. Maybe you seem weak (and maybe you really are) and some men don't like that. They want a strong and determined woman next to them. And that's available all the more if you're dating with men that have already been married. They are sick and tired of their ex-wife f*cking their minds with constant complaints. The strongest woman that I got out with is a Mexican. Besides having a Godness face and body, she had a strong mind. I enjoyed so much talking to her. After the date, I felt relieved like I didn't for a bunch of years. And of course, I wanted another date with her. By the way - I got it. Guys, if you'll meet a Mexican girl somehow - don't leave her. Learn about how to conquer her on https://idateadvice.com/10-biggest-mistakes-men-dating-mexican-women-always-make and act.

The only Mexican girl you have ever been near is one of these.

Are you the resident entertainer?

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I think that nothing in this world is impossible and nothing is eternal - all the more love. You can get her/him even if he's in a long relationship. The relationships tend after a while to become cold. And that's the perfect opportunity for someone to get between the two "lovers". Probably her husband doesn't give her attention, probably he's cheating on her. All these actions make her vulnerable and doubt about her relationship. Why wouldn't you be the one to convince her to come towards your side? I had an even easier opportunity. A woman like the one I mentioned earlier was sitting on Datehookup.dating. We started talking and after a few days, she confessed that was unhappy about her relationship. After our second dinner, she divorced and after a few more dates she moved to my house. That's how fortuna turned her face towards me. To be honest I really liked Datehookup.dating (http://www.edateadvisor.com/review/datehookup.dating) but I'm happier that I don't miss using it. Do you know why? Because it gave me a gorgeous wife.

She moved to your house? Remind me, is that the Russian, or the Moroccan lady? Does she help you with the restaurant? And gorgeous wife? Whose gorgeous wife is she, because she sure isn't yours!

Do your parents and teachers know you are wasting all your time chatting bollocks on this site? You'll never pass your exams and get a good job at this rate :D

on: October 11, 2019, 01:43:15 PM 15 General Category / Law of Attraction Lounge / Re: People who ghost you

Ghosting means that you disappear from the life of a person like a ghost, isn't it? I hate that and I hate when people do that. I've been with a few women that done that to me. Girls and boys, if you don't want to get out with a person anymore, tell him that, don't make him suffer. I'm already old, and I thought that this disappears with the years passing, but I was wrong. But isn't this an online dating thing? When people don't know each other, it's easier to disappear. Maybe people think that won't hurt the other one. This makes it worse than admitting. By the way? Is there any senior member who uses online dating platforms? Which one do you use the most? I found a top 10 (https://seniordatingtop10.com/seniorfriendfinder_com.html) and not sure if they worth the time.
Are you from Chesterfield?


Why are you answering for Spireman? Of course, you're the same poster under many different names! You silly billy!

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