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Looking back, the LOA & RS combined have worked wonders in my life! Let me explain...

In the summer of 2008 I became a recluse after being badly bullied by my friends-turned-enemies all throughout my last year of school. I found comfort in a book and within this book, fell in love with a character- and when I mean fell in love I mean REALLY in love. I DIDNT CARE that it was weird, and it was fictional, I was content in my little bubble. I likened him to a celeb so I had an image of him and fantasized about him all the time. Then came September and I started Uni. Forgot all about my character...

My confidence sky rocketed! I even had to fight of this stunning looking guy because I found out he had a gf... So this guy, well a lot of guys, but one in particular got close to me and he was GORGEOUS. Things were getting on, early stages and all that jazz. Another guy came in the picture and it was literally me choosing between them. I choose the 2nd guy who then went on to become my bf for 4 years. In the early stages of our relationship he acted EXACTLY like the character in the book I had fallen so in love with!! He even quoted the SAME DAMN LINES as him!!!!!!!!! THE SAME LINES, YOU WOULDNT FIND GUYS IN THIS DAY AND AGE SAYING THESE THINGS!!! This book is hardly well known and not something he would read- or even knew I liked. Also, he had the same big eyes as the celeb I likened him too!

So as you can see- there was some lag in manifestation (forgot about the character in September, met 'him' in human form in November) Also there were other men in the equation and that one in particular (so when people say 'this guy has come in the pic, he doesnt match all the qualities,shall I pursue it? Is the Universe testing me?' NO! Flirt- date- but WHO YOU WANT IS COMING! THE UNIVERSE ISNT TESTING IF YOU STILL WANT YOU'RE DESIRE BY THROWING OTHER PEOPLE IN THE WORKS! MY ADVICE TO YOU IS CARRY.ON.LIVING! DONT QUESTION EVERY DAMN THING!!) I'm guessing because my confidence was high it was attracting all these men, and clearly my man was manifesting into my life so I was obviously in my happy vortex.

Also, when this bf and I split up, and I had joined this forum to get him back, I started using RS on him. It worked, he would always text me within hours having not spoke to me for days- and I didnt realize this at the time but when I met my ex for the first time after we split (9 months later) he got very sexual with me- very very AND THATS NOT LIKE HIM AT ALL! I knew and loved the guy for 4 years it was SO out of character. I realize now it was probably the RS!

Another thing I want to mention is a job I REALLY wanted. I applied during my last year of uni- APPLIED AND APPLIED but to no avail, even drove up to the building whilst it was still under construction and gave my cv to security lol. After I graduated I got a boring sales job and I had posted my worries on here about getting fired because I wasnt hitting my sales. I didnt want to get fired and asked for everyones help! I got fired the next day,4 months later, a phone call from the job I wanted OUT OF THE BLUE I had forgotten all about it! Fast forward one year I'm still at this dream job and LOVING IT. (Though I'm now making plans to go after the DREAM DREAM job!)

So in some ways LOA is a curse (harsh word I know- cant think of a better one) because we are AWARE we are always watching our steps, and on this forum looking for evidence, or trying to make ourselves feel better. Without knowledge of the LOA i simply LET GO! LET GO LET GO LET GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have the power! What we dont have is the BELIEF. Honestly I'm starting to think the LOA is SO MUCH more simple then I've been making out. My life is evident that not only does it work- but I am indeed, a power attractor. Now that I KNOW I can do and have anything, I just have to master letting it be.

I have to start trusting the Universe, because it has been delivering. I can see now why people keep journals of evidence of LOA in their lives.

All my friends here please dont worry, just relax, dont question everything and just let go and let God.

Enjoy the here and now, the PRESENT MOMENT!

Its taken me 2 years to get to this point now. After all this LOA stuff found its way into my life at my lowest point- and every little thing I could have possibly researched, all the methods I tried, all the mental cleaning I've done. I have DEFINITELY changed DRAMATICALLY and I am so thankful. In the end all I really needed to do was...


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Well it seems, and its good, that you've been making a conscious effort to change.

Does bring me back to my point earlier though- would you be feeling this down if you truly let go?

Maybe the time isnt right for you both. Maybe the Universe is allowing you more time to grow and love yourself. Maybe things are going on in his life and he is not ready. Maybe the Universe is testing your patience.
Because you DONT KNOW why nothing has manifested doesnt mean its not in the process of manifesting. So there is literally NO POINT worrying.

I feel like one day you woke up and said 'so- I done everything right, its been 3 months, why have I not seen any changes?' The Universe doesnt work like that. I think you know that too. Everything happens in divine timing.

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Well I had a thought, it just randomly came to me so I thought I'd share it, after all, different methods resonate with different people so maybe it will help some of you.

Its been said that letting go is a process. I say sod that! Personal evolution is a process yes, but you could let go RIGHT NOW if you wanted to! Heck you can even change yourself overnight by changing your intent. INTEND to be better, to think more positively etc and the changes will follow.
I think the more and more people tell you 'letting go is the hardest part' the more you will believe that its true.

So heres my method. I've written it in story form.
I'll use attracting an ex as an example as I find that pretty common on here.

So I'm looking at a fruit bowl, and there are different colour apples in it. Red, pink, green etc. I take the red one and hold it in my hands. This apple is a collective ball of mine and my exes love for each other. Everything we feel for each other is collected in this red apple I have in my hands. I spend moments visualizing us together, I really begin to FEEL as though he's right there with me and I feel so happy and grateful. I thank God straight away for bringing him back to me and my vibration is SO high! I'm literally lost in this moment for ONLY a few minutes.

But I'm scared, I dont want to put the apple down incase I forget what this feels like. Incase I realize that this is all just a fantasy when in reality he's not with me. Maybe the Universe will forget I want him back?
So I carry the apple with me everywhere I go. Sorry Universe, I dont care if I'm blocking you from working your magic- I just CANT let this apple go, I love my guy too much and I'm afraid of what might happen if this apple is not with me.
So eventually the apple begins to rot away because I suffocated it with insecurities rather then nurture it with love.

I spend a few days wondering why the loa doesnt work for me.

So I'm at the fruit bowl again. I now select a green apple. I dont want a suffocating relationship with him again, thats why we broke up, so I wont cling to this apple. I want a balanced and free relationship with him so I'm going to nurture the apple for a few minutes, as I did before, feeling GRATITUDE and LOVE and all the happiness in the world! Now I'm going to put the apple back and get on with my life. Over to you Universe!

So now that I can relax, I met up with friends, we went out to the movies, to a concert. I started my gratitude journal, even when I didnt have time, I used to say thank you three times and then leave the house. My sister ate the green apple which I didnt know was a good thing or bad thing and started to question myself. Then, aware of the doubt, I took it as a good sign because I now believe to look positively at everything. Of course I still thought about him. I wont deny, I did affirm occasionally that he and I were back together but I didnt cling to it. Sometimes I would feel down or have unfortunate things happen but I stayed happy because I realized I am the only person who actually CAN make me happy!! What a liberating feeling!!
I would see green apples in the supermarkets and would smile to myself. I kind of became obsessed with signs to a point where even the colour green itself, I took as a sign!
Then I decided to believe that the colour green was the Universe's way of just saying hello. I realized I could make these signs whatever I wanted them to be, after all, its my world!

I'm loving life way too much! I know its only been a few weeks but I am SO happy, in this short space of time!!! I went round my friends house because she was annoyed. She told me her boyfriend said he bought her a gift but ended up giving her a joke present, she wasnt very amused and said I'm welcome to it. I looked on her desk at her present, it was a green apple...


Not all love stories happen like this! It was just an example! The premise is 'letting go' I hope this helped those of you who are struggling with this concept!!

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Full Article: http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Doyle14.html

Learning about the "law of attraction" can be one of the grandest blessings you can receive in your life. When you learn the true "cause" of your experience of reality, and that you can actually ALTER that reality in any way that you wish, it opens a door of Infinite Possibility!

After all, imagine that any level of wealth can be yours! Your life can be enriched with the most fulfilling relationships imaginable! You can spend your time doing only those things you love, and in return, experience abundance that seems impossible from the outside looking in!

However, too many people learn only the "basics" of the Law of Attraction, and as a result make 10 common mistakes that make it appear as though this universal law does not apply to them, and in fact gives them results completely OPPOSITE of what they desire.

Before going into these mistakes, let's review what the Law of Attraction actually is. It's deceptively simple: Energy attracts Like Energy.

Broken down a little more, this means that everything in this Universe (physical and non-physical) IS Energy that vibrates at various frequencies. And it is the nature of the vibrations of this Energy to "attract" themselves to vibrations of a similar frequency. In other words, one "cluster" of Energy attracts itself to other "clusters" of Energy in which it is in vibrational resonance.

This happens on both a very small and very large scale. For our purposes, we are talking about the very common idea that our "thoughts create our reality".

This simple statement leads to people making the following mistakes and assumptions, because while thought IS Energy, and it DOES attract, it's not always so straightforward.

How many of these mistakes apply to you?

1. Believing that "Positive Thinking" is enough to attract what you want.

The reality is that many people use various forms of positive thinking on a conscious level (such as affirmations), only to cancel out those thoughts on a subconscious level.

For example, telling yourself "I am lean, healthy, and energetic" when the mirror says something different, usually results in your subconscious saying, "No you're not!!". Further, this subconscious rebuttal is generally highly charged with emotion, and thus a very powerful attractor.

Therefore, if left unchecked, the use of affirmations can give you a very strong OPPOSITE result of those things you are affirming, because at a much stronger level of conviction, you are canceling the positive message with a negative one.

2. Asking yourself, "Well, where is it?"

People ARE impatient. When they learn about the Law of Attraction, they often have high hopes that they will simply make their lists of desires, cut out pictures, or in some other way design their reality, and then after a couple of days, weeks, or even months, they're looking around saying, "Well?? Where is it??".

The problem isn't that the Universe can't deliver quickly. The problem is that you were never REALLY vibrating in a place of trust that what your desires is yours. You are more "testing the theory", then becoming impatient when the Universe doesn't deliver on your time schedule.

What you may not realize realize is that from the beginning of the process, there has been resistance. There has been a lack of "allowing" in terms of how and when your desire will be fulfilled, which shows itself through your expression of impatience.

Which leads to mistake number 3:

3. Determining ahead of time, HOW and WHEN you will attract what you want.

The law of attraction works because and when you allow it to. The nature of the Universe is infinite. Our conscious minds are not. When we have a desire, we very often tend to "figure out" how the Universe is going to deliver - be it through our jobs, the lottery, or some other source in particular.

When you attach yourself to one particular outcome, you are cutting off an infinite (literally) number of other ways your desire can be attracted.

4. Allowing your emotions to be led by "external evidence".

This is where people tend to give up. Because their experience of reality is different than what they are trying to attract, they allow themselves to feel frustrated, which of course, only acts to attract more of what will frustrate them.

This all starts because there is, on some level, a basic lack of trust that the Law of Attraction actually has scientific basis. Because after all, if you have TOTAL trust/faith, then your vibration will reflect that and two things will happen: 1) Your desire will come to you as quickly as possible, and 2) You literally won't give external reality a second thought, because you'll realize that what you're looking at now is simply a result of what you've been attracting to that point, and that change is on the way provided you hold your NEW vibration consistently.

5. Not taking care of your limiting beliefs that run at a deeper level.

As mentioned earlier, you have a lifetime of limiting beliefs that have helped to create the reality that you are now trying to change. You have manifested everything around you based on these beliefs, and the feelings associated with those beliefs.

These beliefs run so deep, that you hardly consider them "beliefs". They occur to you as just "how things are". Further, these beliefs have very specific emotions attached to them, and chances are you can FEEL these emotions on some level every time one of these beliefs shows themselves.

How will this show up?

Let's suppose you're wanting to manifest a large amount of money. When you think about that, there might be a certain emotion that immediately comes up for you. This might be associated with a thought like, "I'll never be able to attract that. It's too much.". This might be connected to a feeling that you don't DESERVE that amount, or you might feel frustrated with the "bigness" of it.

Either way, these negative emotions are the very energy that is REPELLING what you want! When you learn to RELEASE those emotions, you clear the way for the Universe to deliver what you desire, whatever it is. But until and unless you eliminate the resistance, you will not be in vibrational alignment with what you desire, and thus you can NOT experience it!

There are several "releasing" methods available, such as "The Sedona Method", and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that can quickly and easily eliminate these energetic blocks.

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