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Literally havenít thought about this guy in over 6 months. I politely rejected him when I wasnít ready for a relationship last year, and since about 3 days ago heís been on my mind.

These thoughts are not sexual in any way, but more heartfelt. I have a boyfriend now, so obviously Iím not going to go out of my way to contact this other dude. But I have a very strong feeling that heís using some form of RS to get to me. I donít know how I know, I just know.

These thoughts are very powerful, and came out of nowhere. I thought it was just me suddenly remembering a couple dates we went on here and there and that was it. But it has increased as days go by.

I donít want this to get to the point where I think I ďneedĒ to contact him and Iím happy in my current relationship, so is there anyway to block his energy?

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So, I just read Mind Power Seduction by Amargi Hiller and it was a great read and I'm excited to begin to Rs my POI. I just need some tips and advice.

1) I'm having a hard time visualizing since I am a beginner does anyone have any advice?
2) My POI is my ex and she's long distance, who has blocked any contact with me whatsoever ever
2) She also kinda hates me right now and has no romantic feelings for me, but she's still single. Can Rs turn this all around for me?

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on: September 01, 2018, 01:15:15 AM 4 Success Stories / Success Stories / Success with my Specific Person!

I was somewhat skeptical of sharing this story, but this forum is obsessed with getting ex-back/specific people and I get messages from people still asking what to do, when I've mentioned in my last thread a few months ago (my trip to LA). However, this situation seemed "impossible" to me at least, but I figured I had nothing to lose. And it's also 2 success stories in 1.

So this actually happened back in May when I reconnected with my very first girlfriend from high school LOL! Keep in mind that I never had the desire to date her again. We hadn't seen or spoken to each since 2007, but we do follow each other on social media. There's no hard feelings or anything like that, we just grew apart and also live in different countries (I live in Canada, she's in Philippines since 2008). Anyway, back in December she came back to Canada for a couple weeks for the first time in 9 years and I saw her post on social media. So I thought I'd just send her a message and say what's up. We chatted back and forth for a while, but my schedule was too busy to meet up unfortunately. It was a nice chat and I still wanted to meet up with her, but timing just wasn't working on my end due to work projects. So she went back to her country and we had the "let's stay in touch" message exchange (I really didn't think much of it lol). I should mention that she's a celebrity in her country and has a HUUUGE following (tons of creeps!) and her career is back home there doing TV gigs, hosting events, etc.

So around February of this year, I starting thinking about her and just that it would be nice to actually see her in person. I was thinking of visiting her in her country maybe as I had planned an Asia trip for this summer but there was too much on my plate for my own projects (I work in film, writing, producing, etc). This is where I thought to just put my imagination to use and followed what I've always followed (nightly method) and go to sleep of living in the end. So I actually imagined seeing a picture of us on social media. Not sure why I chose that particular image in my mind, but I did it regardless. So I did this on and off for the next couple of months, while also focusing on my other goals.

Around April of this year, she posted a picture on her Instagram announcing she will be back in Canada in the next few weeks. Couple weeks after that she messaged me saying she was back and wanted to catch up with me. So we met up for coffee and spent the whole day together. It was tons of fun and she said how she came back to Canada to look for work in acting. Apparently, when she came back for the holidays she realized how much she missed it and had the desire to come back for a few months to look for work in acting. I had no idea about this.

That's the first part of the success story. The 2nd part also involves her in a way I never thought of. No, we are not married lol. But she did mention the acting she wants to pursue. Well, I already work in that industry and I wrote a short film a few months ago that I will be shooting in October. I initially had an actress for the one lead, but she's in LA permanently and won't be available. So I offered the role to my ex and she's agreed. I'm also playing the male lead and I never thought in a million years I'd be starring in my own short film with my high school sweetheart lol.

So what did I do? I simply imagined a fucking picture of us together for a couple of months LOL! That picture is on my Instagram that MrMaverick can take a peak at :p

Not to be rude, but I won't answer any questions regarding getting your ex back, why she says this, or did that, etc. All I did was follow this,


To answer some obvious questions, yes I did have my doubts at times, but I still remained faithful to my assumption (as Neville always said). Whatever it is you people want, assume you already have it in your mind and stick to it daily (or nightly). Think of an image, saying, scene, etc in your head that feels good and stick to the work no matter the circumstances. Watch the video over and over until it clicks in your head.
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