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We can create anything we desire.  We can attract the perfect mate, the perfect romantic partner, the most elevating relationship.  However, I feel the greatest relationship we can ever have...the sought after eternal epic romance...is right here within us. 

When we find that, naturally, through the law of attraction (if that is our desire) we automatically, magnetically attract the ideal partner who reflects our own found greatness, effortlessly.  This is the experience of countless people I know and have met.  This is also my own experience.

For me, quite some time ago, I used to desire to create the ideal relationship outside of me.  I wanted the perfect girl to love all parts of me that I wasn't loving at the time.  I wanted a partner to show me my worth and value.  In short I wanted the perfect person that would make me feel whole and complete. I wanted the perfect soulmate relationship. 

Instead, I manifested relationships that reflected my own self doubt, lack, and perceived unworthiness.  These were also my soulmates because the relationships brought up my biggest fears and shined light on the things I didn't want to look at and feel...the dark parts of me that felt I was unloveable.  But, if we don't know that relationships bring up 'our stuff' then we just continue to run away, push them away, etc, and find the next relationship that also brings up our stuff because the law of attraction is operating at the deepest level of our subconscious mind.  If we feel we're unworthy, for example, we will attract experiences, and partners, that reflect our deepest beliefs back to us.  What a great opportunity!

If we're aware that love and relationships can bring up our deepest fears and reveal our unwanted beliefs, then we can embrace them and grow from them.  Every 'upset' is a 'set up' in disguise.  It's an opportunity to see what we believe about ourselves and to change it. 

When we dissolve the limiting concepts about ourselves then we find a divine romance within our beauteous selves, so far greater, than any kind of human love that we're conditioned through movies, magazines, friends, etc to seek.   

We all learned limiting ideas about ourselves, especially from the ages of 0 to 6, that became deep beliefs  that run, rule and govern our lives...until we change them.  Science proves that our deepest beliefs are creating every atom of our lives, including relationships.

When I changed the limiting beliefs that I learned about myself, I ascended (not fell) in love with who I really am...my magnificent, Grand Self, and my partner reflects the love I feel for myself. 

Every single person is more amazing, loveable, desirable, beautiful, than they think they are.  I see this over and over.  We are all magnificent and we are not the limited self we learned to be.  When we let go of our small self, our limited self that is made up of our limiting beliefs, we discover our power, light, beauty, lovableness, worthiness, value, and bliss that our old beliefs were obscuring. 

When we know who we are and if we desire a partner, we will attract the ideal mate, the twin flame, that is the reflection of who we really are. 

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