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This goes hand in hand with this post: http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=24863.msg206985 and this one may be very helpful too: http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=24317

I don't know for you but in my life experience one of the most miserable periods of life are those where I wait for things to happen, where I wait for a call, a message, an answer, something I bought on internet. Whatever it is, waiting is a horrible. Another creator of bad mood and bad feelings is when you expect things from people: when you expect them to be in a certain way or when you expect them to do certain things.

So I make this "experiment" to make you aware of the freedom you deny to yourself NOW.
We all wait for something: maybe it's friday, maybe a weekend, maybe a specific date, a specific event, an ex back, a job, a message... You need to understand that no matter what it is, YOU CAN STOP and live! Understand that only days that you enjoyed are the days you truely lived. So by waiting you stop living, you stop enjoying and so you waste your time. Sure the things you wait will come, time will pass, your years will pass... but what then?!! You will arrive at the end of your life and realize you wasted it in waiting. Understand that you dont need to wait for anything or anyone to live. You can live and enjoy fully life and the things that are coming will come to you, no need to cut yourelf from life. In fact very often things come much faster when you dont wait, when you enjoy life. You will be happier than ever. Things will come like in a effortless flow.

The same if you have too much expectations about others or even yourself. Those create misery in your life. It creates big problems. Try to let go of them and accept people as they are, accept yourself as you are, and because of non resistance, non reaction, no bad energy creation you leave the pressure, the negativity. And you see that things are better than ever.

I know you may agree with all this intelectually but make it an experiment for a week. Make of this a decision, a vow. Just to see how happy you will be. This will remove all the weight on your shoulders. Trust me. We make up so many "conditions" for life, so many expectations, waitings, we create so many "rules"... "If I dont have this I will not live, If I dont have this at this or that moment I will be miserable" See how this way of life is painful.

True expectation is true faith: it is when you know that things you want will happen and because of your faith you dont need to wait for it, to obsess over it, you just live your life with in the now with joy. With the inner Knowing "good things are coming". Waiting and wrong expectation is such a great resistance to life, such a great waste of time.

Paradoxally this is what we tend to forget so often in the "LOA community". Yet it is the base, the core and the purpose of LOA.
Y O U  C R E A T E  E V E R Y  S E C O N D  OF  Y O U R  L I F E
What does it concretly means?
It means that you create your wants, needs, your joys and pains. You create events, they do not happen by themself.
It means that you create your lacks, your accomplishments. The situations and circumstances your are in. You created the experience you have with people. You create waitings, wastes of time or the opposite.

Look at your life at this moment! Is there something that unsatisfy you? Understand that you created it and you soustain it. You are the one who continues it. But you won't change it by wanting to change it. You change it by changing yourself and because you change things change. What faces you at this moment is what corresponds to your energy. So change it. Do not try to change the situations, people or events! Change your attitude, your mental attitude, your energy (thought-feelings)!

I know people who want to be fashion models for example. They can visualize it, they can wish it, they can want it as long as they want. This doesnt mean they will become it. And I know many friends who are models yet they never dreamed of it, they never wanted it. WHY IS THAT? Because you get what is compatible with your energy! It has nothing to do with wanting.
People who are models have a state of mind that corresponds to it. Which is self love, self confidence, sense of great worth, attitude...

The same for people who want love or an ex back. Its not about wanting it because if it was all people would have it. Love comes to those who are it! And they dont even have to "want" it or seek it.

No matter what you want be compatible with its energy. BE IT!

Another thing is that you stop trying to manifest your greatest desires! Instead fix the little things. You being needy or you being depressed is a problem to be fixed. Dont wait to manifest something else so that those become fixed. You waisting your life and time is a problem, again to fix that you dont have to manifest anything outside that. Look at your life concretly and see what is the real problem and fix it, not what you think you should have to fix the real problem. Often here people think that once they have their ex back life will be perfect but thats not true. There is no magical pill or person or thing that fixes everything. You have to work on yourself daily, and in joy! Just like you would work on your garden or on a book.

Working on yourself is the real thing and it should be your daily, joyous goal. Making every moment great.
That is what means "you create your reality". Its not making yourself desperate or needy. It is knowing how to make yourself feel good now. When you know how to make yourself happy now then you will know how to make yourself happy endlessly. It has nothing to do with anything outside. And once you do that things that correspond to that happiness come without you needing to have any control =) It just becomes effortless in the same way most of the things came into your life.[/glow]

on: July 29, 2017, 10:53:30 AM 3 Success Stories / Success Stories / Woohoo

I get it now I really do... I did some tests with a friend about when we are thinking of each other to write messages and without fail it works. There has been times when I tell him something he would say I was just thinking about that...

I have also heard from certain people that I wanted to, so the aim is keep positive and have unwavering faith believe you already have acquired what you have got, never doubt it at all. Ask believe and recieve.

Watch the secret, listen to neville goddard imagination creates reality and keep your vibes up and act as if ❤
Hey, guys! How you doin'?  ;)

So, after at least 5 years practicing RS, I guess I have some information to share with you.

Ok, first of all, let me give you some background information so you can get to know me better and understand how I got here.

Let's go back to 2013 or 2014. Those years were tumultuous but extremely happy for me. I had just moved to the biggest city in South America (which I had been dreaming since about since I was a little kid) and, even though my family didn't have a lot of money, I had a lot of friends and they were always there for me. My love life was also great: I was dating a really nice guy. He was literally what every girl would ever dream about a boyfriend, and I remember the other girls that used to hang out with us were very jealous when we decided to tell everyone about our relationship. He was handsome, ridiculously intelligent and he is, still, one of the cutest people I've ever met.

At first, it was kind of a joke. I just wanted to see if it would really work. I didn't put a lot of effort into it or anything like that. I remember that I wasn't even interested in my ex at the time. In fact, I thought he was boring, and that's why I thought he was the perfect target: I would never fall for him. Oh, man...

I remember I was always using this to get compliments from everyone -- even my teachers at the time -- and to get some things a bit more easily than everybody else. And I must say that it was really amazing for this purpose and that sometimes I still do that without even realizing I'm doing it.
I got some guys to really want my body. And one of them was my boyfriend.

Well, in the beginning of 2015 everything started to crumble apart. My boyfriend, who everybody (including myself) thought loved me dearly, just broke up with me with one of the most ridiculous excuses I've ever heard in my entire life. I also didn't get accepted into any university I had applied to get in -- as if my dilacerated heart wasn't enough. My friends were all going to other places to study and moved on with their lives, so I wasn't getting in touch with them very often. That all happened in less than one fucking month.

As you probably can imagine, I was sad as fuck for many reasons. I felt completely alone and desperate. Well, but I knew RS, I could get everything or at least most of everything I had back, right?


I started to get obsessed about all of it. I DESPERATELY NEEDED EVERYTHING BACK. I remember I used to spend hours RSing my ex and even more hours trying to create situations that weren't as shitty as the ones I was living at that point in my life: I hated my job, I only attracted people who thought I was stupid (because after the university incident I started to believe I was stupid), and I literally just got out of my house to go to work. My love life basically didn't exist at the time because I was too busy trying to attract my ex back and I thought that if I tried to get someone else I was basically cheating RS. And, to get even better, I worked like a horse and I never had enough money to do anything, and that included studying. I was sad as fuck.

As I told you before, I wanted all of that back desperately. RS and the Law of Attraction started to become nightmares for me because even though I was spending all my free time dedicating myself to that shit I couldn't get anything I wanted.

Then, in a fateful day, one of my friends just rubbed the truth on my pretty face: "You cannot be happy trying to get the things you once got again because you are not the same person anymore."

That hit me hard like a bomb. I spent days thinking about it and I still think a lot about it. It made perfect sense: I was not the same bubbly, smart and amazing girl I was before... I had become an RS freak who was terribly lost. If I had continued on that path, I probably would have gotten a lot more depressed than I already was at the time. Seriously.

A lot of people talk about it in these Law of Attraction forums and groups, but everybody seems to forget about it: you can only attract what you are. If you are a bubbly, smart and amazing person, you will certainly attract events that prove you that every time. If you are a crazy lady who spends the whole day long crying about how your life used to be amazing and now it's fucking shit, you will only attract more events that will prove you that.

I basically had a very abusive relationship with myself. Maybe I was trying to punish myself all the time because I lost all the things that I cared the most. I hated myself really badly at the time and I didn't even realize it.

After that, I decided I should try to pick up the pieces of me that were still happy, smart and bubbly and start it all over again. I decided I should learn what made me happy or not because I was a brand new person and now I should find out what were the things I liked or not. It was about time to find out who I was and who I had the potential to become.

I quitted the job I hated. I found out a way to start studying again. Before I took the test that would allow me to go to university again or not, I remember I locked myself in the bathroom and prayed that I only passed if that was the best option for me, if that was really the thing that would be the best for me and my life path.

To make a long story short, I got really high grades but that wasn't enough still. I didn't get sad this time because I knew that Universe had something bigger waiting for me. I really believed that all of that was happening for a reason.

I started working again and I love my job. I started going to therapy so I could learn how to take better care of myself. I started making new friends. I started feeling like was worth again. I started dating other people. I started saving some money to live abroad.  I really started to be the best type of healthy selfish person: the one who puts themselves as a priority all the time.

You know, it wasn't an easy process neither a process that I can simply reach a point where I can stop. I will always be learning about myself because human beings are always changing. Everything is always changing. I can't just assume that what made me happy almost 5 years ago will still make me happy. I'm not the same person I used to be back then.

So, if you're thinking about attracting something or someone back to your life, really have this in mind: will it make you happy as it did X years/months ago?

What I've really learned with RS is that the person we need to spend more energy on is right there in the mirror. You don't need to keep asking the Universe what you want, it knows what you want and what will make you happier better than you do. The Universe knows about all the infinite possibilities that are out there but we can only picture a few of them. Sometimes we try to take control of everything around us, but the only thing we should care about is our happiness. The Universe is a lot smarter than we think, trust me.

Have a nice day! :D
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