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Hello  :) I made a server on the application Discord regarding the LOA and other related topics. I'm not sure if a server already exists for that here so I thought to make one. If you want to join this is the link. In case there is any problem or the link is invalid you can PM me to send you one new.

Thank you for reading this! Blessings!  :)

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hello, everyone. For the past year or so I've been thinking a lot about what I want my professions to be and I feel deeply that I want to be an actress in a teathre/european films and an instagram model since I don't really have a height to be a runway one and I'm putting it now in the Universe!
Hopefully, by the end of this year my wishes will come true and I will share my success story with you!
 :* This group chat is specifically those who are manifesting their old (new  ;) ) love! It's a support group, and a great way to make friends. I'm starting it now, so we gotta keep it active! It'll be on Kik, if you don't already have the app, DOWNLOAD IT! It's super easy to make an account. The only rules are:
1. Good vibes ONLY! If you want to rant about doubts, etc, PM a supporter of yours only, this doesn't include questions. questions are always welcome to the group, we're trying to keep negativity as minimal as possible 🌸
2. If you have a success story already, SHARE IT! ⭐️
3. You can tell your story and only your success/future success when you join the group
4. No bullying!!
5.  Add me on kik so I can add you to the group!: 9Princessamii2
🕊This chat will be a safe place, a place where you don't have to worry about anything that might doubt your process, we're all supportive. And we believe in you. We aren't crazy, we're magical 🕊
MWAH!  :*

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on: March 08, 2017, 02:10:57 AM 4 Success Stories / Success Stories / LOA does work

Hey All,

I am here to give some hope to all those seeking success stories. I have had a lot of success stories as growing up and let me try to put down everything that I remember

1. I wanted to marry someone from a specific location and I did. I wouldn't even in the wildest of my dreams could have thought it would be a possibility. The guy whom i married and me hated each other so much. But then one day, he just came to me and asked me If I was going to marry him coz I was his dream girl .

2. I was walking past Oracle corporation and I said "Man, I want to work for this company" . I got offered at Oracle corporation at exact same location even though they have 1000s of offices worldwide. The offer came to me in a very myriad way. I am very thankful to Universe for this.

3. I was in a project where I didn't like a couple of people in my team and fortunately for me they worked out of a different location. And then I heard they were being moved to the office space where I was working at. This would happen eventually in two months. And then, I said "I need to have a new job and move out from here before they are here". Boom, I had a job offer in hand with double my existing pay within a month and I didn't even had to run into them .

4. I come from a middle class family and my parents couldn't afford a car for me to go to college. I always took the public transport. There was this filthy rich in my class who had fleets of cars and came in a different one each day. I was attracted to one of the cars and said "I want to go in that car". Fast forward, a few days. I was standing waiting for my bus at the bus stop. I see him in the very same car. He stops and asks me if I want a ride to college  :o This is coming from a guy with whom I have never even spoken once.

5. I was looking for an apartment desperately and I was housed at my brother's place temporarily when I moved into my brother's city for a job. All the apartment search went in vain. When we went searching, I really liked a place and said "I really want to live here". I submitted my application and got a response that it was already reserved for another person and is no longer available. I was so disappointed not becacuse I didn't get the apartment I wanted but I got nothing.  A week goes by, I was doing random search online and the very same apartment was being advertised again. I called and then they said it was available coz the person for whom they were holding the apartment didn't qualify. I re-submitted my application and needless I got the apartment and I live here.

I know it does shakes your faith when things don't happen your way. It happens to me too and is happening right now as I search for a new job. I got close to my dream job but didn't happen but I know it is just around and the universe in all its abundance has already created that job and I will be starting there very soon. I also want to win the lottery jackpot and lead a life of abundance that we all deserve.

Guys,so don't lose hope. Just ask and receive. Don't obsess.  You will soon see miracles happen in your way of life.

Love,light and abundance to all.

Feel free to IM me if you want to have a private conversation.
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