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Hey everyone,

I have had some WILD success with what I suppose I would call RI/RS or telepathic connection. I only first discovered these concepts about a month ago and immediately knew who I wanted to try it out on. Of course, I enjoy a challenge so the person in mind was someone I hadn't yet met and to add to the challenge, he is somewhat of a TV personality. No one crazy famous but he is a nationwide news anchor of sorts so he's definitely got a teeny, tiny ray of  a spotlight on him. Anyways, the experience I've had has been so bizarre and mind-blowing, I felt the urgency to share with anyone who has ever questioned RI or the ability to communicate with someone else's subconscious mind. IT IS 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT REAL! While I will preface this with we have not yet had any direct communication in the physical world, just hear me out on what's transpired thus far. You won't regret it.

The first session I swear I felt an instantaneous connection although with some resistance initially from him and it was purely sexual. Although, as I kept up with the repetition of it once a day, it quite gradually transitioned to a more emotional connection with a light sexual tone. We would mostly have conversations after the first 6 or so sessions with only brief sexual stimulation. But it's not like a conversation we'd have in the physical world, it's basically just projecting images and emotions towards that person and your mind naturally translates what you are communicating to each other.

Well after the first week, we were connected and communicating and I wanted to know what kind of music he likes. I got the names of 3 bands and thought hmm... it would be really odd if I am just imagining this bc I had only ever heard of one the bands like twice in my life so I didn't really know who they were; so would it be possible that I'm thinking about them NOW to create this elaborate falsehood of a connection with a stranger? Anyways, you should know the whole time this "communication" was taking place over my sessions, half of me legit felt crazy. You can't help but feel like you're somehow imagining all of this.

So literally the next day after the music "talk" we had, I was YouTube stalking him a tad (lol) and came across this video. It was short, like 45 seconds long, and it was a news show doing an introduction piece on him welcoming him on to the show as a new addition. I shit you  not, they introduce him saying "blah blah so and so has been with the network since 2007 and has covered this major story and that major story and his favorite band is ---" and my jaw dropped. IT WAS ONE OF THE BANDS who's name I got from my session with him. The one I had hardly ever heard of! Ok, that's insane, right?!?!? It gets better.

Upon believing I was on to something here, I had followed him on twitter weeks earlier, and decided to try to communicate to him while we were in our connective space to follow me there. So I had projected the image of my name and my picture and just attempted to influence him as much as I could to find me. After a week or two, nothing. But I just continued my nightly or bi-nightly sessions and would project that at the end. 3 nights ago I was finishing up dinner with my family and got up to check my phone.... and much to my surprise.... HE FOLLOWED ME!!!!!!!!! I wanted to scream SO LOUD!!! But nobody in my vicinity would possibly understand my excitement, so sadly, I had to contain it until I left which was the most difficult thing ever. I could not believe it. Truly. Upon further investigation, he has over 80,000 followers and only follows a mere 300 people. ALL of which are other news people in his field of work with the exception of maybe 5 people. I know it seems like a lot of meaningless data but it just further cemented how unlikely it was for him to follow someone like me, that isn't in news or a public figure of any kind.

Well, it doesn't end there. With the overwhelming evidence I already had to truly be able to comfort my mind into sanity, I stiiillllll wanted just a little more. I figured the object of my affection is in a unique line of work, where he is on Live TV a couple of times a week. So I decided I would project a request to him in my session last night. I communicated that I wanted him to wear a blue shirt next time he was on TV which would be today. Then I thought about it and got more specific, because what if it's blue stripes, blue patterns, blue-green, white with blue checkers??  :D haha! I didn't want my mind to be able to write it off as a coincidence!!! I wanted it to be matter of fact. Knowing he usually wears white, salmon or blue patterned, I specifically requested he wear a SOLID light blue shirt. Very specific. I told my best friend, if this happens, YOU as my witness so you know I am not making this up if he is wearing it. Like you probably will struggle to believe me if I later tell you omg I totally told him to wear that and he did it. No, I'm telling you BEFORE I know, so if it does happen, I won't feel crazy and you can be there to validate my sanity. Lol. If it happens, I will no longer question the legitimacy of this even once more. This will be it, I'll be sold forever. Not like I should still be questioning this shit, but you know how your mind just wants some sensory satisfaction regardless of your true beliefs.

So..... yeah..... HE WAS WEARING SOLID LIGHT BLUE! If you are doubting me, its okay. I doubted myself. I took several pics of the TV and told my friend I needed to borrow her eyes and asked her if she could tell me what color his shirt was. She couldn't even speak. She said this is witch craft, I'm a witch, or somehow I knew what he'd be wearing and I'm a liar cause this shit is crazy(she meant this jokingly of course, but clearly she was stunned).

This stuff works. I can't say as to what will transpire in the physical world but we certainly have a subconscious/energetic connection and I can't really explain it beyond that. We essentially have a relationship on an energetic plane or something because we constantly communicate there and obviously very effectively. This has only progressed within the last 25 days or so, so I am going to keep it going and see what happens from here. Will keep you posted if anyone is interested in that. I hope this instills hope in anyone that may be doubting your ability to connect with others beyond the physical realm or if you are connecting with someone but feel like you may be imagining it, you're not. You just have to relax and project  your energy at the specific person with love and genuineness.

Good Luck with your creations!!

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Why do we have to deal with rejection, abandonment, being ignored or not valued enough in any shape or form?

This happens because people are in your experience to reflect you what you do with yourself and how you treat yourself. I love what Malicia said in her post: « If you fall in love and cannot keep your energy centered around yourself, your partner will leave. This is a law, as sure as sunrise and sunset. »  She is a bit radical here but yeah everytime you lose yourself or everytime you ignore, reject yourself people will reflect that back to you by leaving or not taking care of you. So there’s really no point in focusing too much on someone else: get yourself back. The goal of life is not to spend time thinking of your ex or « poi » you have to think of yourself and build a strong image/worth of yourself. Then others will just reflect that self love back to you.

on: September 29, 2017, 12:56:36 AM 3 Success Stories / Success Stories / Manifested a call and meeting

Hello lovely people,

I am in the process of manifesting someone back and it is not there yet but I had some success and wanted to share it, as I know, that probably many here are wanting a specific person to call them and catch up with them. I used this video by Agnes https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rB7n4Xj6FwE

I just followed her video. I don't have any trouble visualizing very specific because I tend to have a big imagination anyway, as I am a bit of a daydreamer. So I just visualized my person calling me, seeing the name on the screen, hearing the tone my phone would make and felt happy but relaxed. I did this video two days in a row and just forgot about it the next day. After two days I think, I got the call and the intention from my person was to come over :)
Hello guys,

Today I wanted to talk about the gift of absence and why you should give it to your EX.

A lot of times in life you will encounter people that won't value your presence, especially when you give too much of it to them. In case of an EX, if your EX dumped you it is clear that they don't want you in their life. Please don't bullshit me in the replies telling not to globalise, that not every case is the same and so on... You will be just bullshiting yourself, not me! When your EX dumps you it is because they did not want your presence. Period. If they did they wouldn't dump you. If they had really wanted you in their life they would have found a way to work it out and still be with you. They didn't so they dumped you! Accept that as a fact if you ever want to do the right thing and get them back!

Now that you have accepted it you can go on. A lot of times people will take you for granted especially if you are always around, no matter how bad od disrespectful they treat you. When you let people mistreat you you send out a vibe of desperation and lack of self-love. When you do, you Universe will just give you more of those situations where others will abuse you and make you feel miserable. When you let that go on for a longer period of time people will naturally have less respect for you because you frankly have no respect for yourself. If you did you would have stood up to them and make them treat you right.

In case of breakups, it is a common thing... One partner lets the other have his way with him, treat him like shit, disrespect him, make him miserable, let him go away and come as he pleases, and what happens eventually is that the other partner gets used to do whatever the hell he wants because he knows his actions have no consequences. Over time he loses respect for the other one and love fades away, he starts getting cold, distant and uninterested. And then the other starts screwing up even more. Instead of setting the foot down and standing up for himself, letting the other one know he is going to lose him forever if he doesn't change his behaviour, he starts chasing him even more, putting up with all the mistreating and disrespecting from the other one. And eventually all the love fades away and they get dumped for good.

I think many of you will find yourself in this little paragraph above. Now that you realised your mistakes it is time for you to fix them. What people do wrong after getting dumped is they start chasing. They blow up their EX's phone, spam their inbox with desperate messages, begging and pleading for them to take them back. And then they get even more insults and end up being hurt even more. They even get blocked and cut out of their EX's lifes for good.


As I said in my previous posts, The greatest gift you can give to someone is the gift of your time. Or we can also call it the gift of your pressence. You must value your own time if you want someone else to value it. Do you think your time is valuable? Do you really feel that your time is worth so much that other people should be extremely happy to spend even 30 minutes with you? I do. I personally think that my time is so valuable that even people that I talk to for one minute should spend all week being happy that I even talked to them. In fact I value my time so much that I rarely share it with anyone. I have a lot of people wanting to spend time with me, especially girls, but I don't spend time with them. In fact I am really picky about who I will share my time with. And guess what? Universe just gives me more people who value my time and who want to be with me. That is how Universe works. You value your time = others value your time, You don't = others don't too.

Now what you did wrong about your EX is that you made them not value your time or your presence. And chasing after the breakup will surely not change their minds! It only happens in movies. Guy gets dumped, he starts chasing his EX everywhere she goes, buys her tons of flowers, sings in front of her building, sends her desperate letters about how he loves her so much and she is the best thing that ever happened to him and after days or even months of chasing she helplessly understands that she loves him and that he is the best guy in the world. WRONG! It never works like that in real life, and NO, your EX is not the best thing that has happened to you. Someone who hurt you and stomped on your heart is far from the best thing that has happened to you. When someone stops valuing the gift of your presence you should give them the gift of your absence. Your EX clearly did so what you need to do is cut all contact. Do not reach out by any means. No birthday messages, no dead family member messages, no merry christmas messages, nothing. Complete silence!

When you do this, you will leave time and space for your EX to really think about their decision without your pressure. When they see that you are not reaching out for long time they will start thinking that maybe their decision was wrong and that you are not a doormat as they thought you were. When they do they will reach out to you I guarantee 100%. They will find an excuse to contact you. When they do just make sure you show them that the breakup didn't affect you and that you are good on your own. With that you will show them that they can't do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it. You will show them that if they decide not to value your presence again they will get your absence for the rest of their lifes. And that's when they will change their minds. It is in human nature not to value what he can easily have. Lets face it. In my county we don't value drinking water because we have a lot of it. It is almost free and every house has a foucet with drinking water. And we shower with it, we make water balloons with it and throw it at other people, we throw buckets of it on each other when we finish school. And in arab countries drinking water is expensive, they keep it only for drinking and they do not use it for anything else. That's the analogy I want to show you here. When you can have something easily you just won't value it.

So when you show your EX that they can't have you easily and that the only way for them to have you is if they treat you with love and respect that is when they will feel attracted to you again and want to be with you. But you will only make them realise this if you let them spend time without you, not the other way around.

Best of luck and have a nice day. :)
Hello amazing attractors!

I was reading random posts and felt the urge to talk to everybody trying to attract an ex or a specific person (what I am going to say can be applied to any area though).

In many many posts, you can read «I managed to attract a text», «How can I get a text from him/ her?», «Why is he/she not answering my text?»... So yes, you are focusing on receiving a text message, then what? You will receive it, be happy for a second and then complain again that your special one doesn't answer? And then again, and again...?

Seriously guys, what does a text means to you? Because it should mean nothing! It is not the sign that your love is coming to you...You are playing with the laws of the universe, so you need to aim big! You want this special someone, fine. So focus on the end result, the beautiful loving relationship you have, the way they look into your eyes, the new beautiful memories.

You are strong, you are powerful way beyond what you think, you are the deliberate creator of your life and your own reality, so why on earth would you choose to manifest a tiny text when you can have the full movie of your perfect relationship, popcorn included?

I learned from Bob Proctor the following, that may talk to some: «Don't reach for what you can do, or think you can do, reach for what you want».

A text message is not an end result, it is just the smallest thing you can manifest. So if it is only what you asked for, then you got it and there is nothing to complain about in your ex-back journey. But if you are willing to write your relationship success story, know that you can do better than that, so use your creative power to dream big!!

I wish you joy, love and success stories!
Hi Guys!
My friend just told me yesterday morning that she was being rsed for a long time (since June 2016) and that the guy recently told her that he was using rs on her. Lets take the things from the beginning.

When i first started Rs i had many doubts if it was actually working if its something real,people's theories or imagination.So i talked to my friend about it and asked for her opinion about Law of attraction,Universe,explained to her what RS is etc. She told me that all of these sound kind of crazy (being able to infuence somebody just with your thoughts) but i told her i will keep going anyway to see what happens. I may add that she even laughed at me and told me to not believe everything i read on the internet. ( yes i was pissed hahah). Anyway she made a huge mistake and told about RS to this guy just because she wanted to laugh about it ....
He said that he doesn't believe in any of these either.....

When it comes to my friend she never liked this guy . She was always saying that he is boring , with a horrible personality very bad looking and there was no way in hell to be with him ever.  She was avoiding him also sometimes cause she was bored to even talked to him.   

After 3 weeks that she told him about RS she started to have some very weird ''symptoms''.  At first she started to see pictures like little ads in her head with him and her having sex. Pictures that she couldn't control or imagining by herself. It was sex things that she didnt even know  that exist and also she was feeling disquisted just the thought of her and him together....

As time was going it was getting more and more intense .She was missing him so much and felt like she coudn't take it anymore.  All these were happening from June -Now. He was doing only just for sex not for love. Since the beginning of March they are together but the point is that this guy is not right for her and wants only sex.

I made some questions to her and she replied :
1) How did you feel during the day and while he was rsing you?
During the day i had pictures in my head that couldnt control with me and him having sex. At noon and night at a specific time everyday it was getting super intense. I was feeling my heart beating so fast , i was feeling like i couldnt breath i was missing him so much sometimes i even wanted to throw up. It was intense and torturing and i couldnt get him out of head. Like a wave of thoughts about him hitting me.

2) How did you feel when he was next to you and how was it feeling when you couldnt talk to him?
When we werent talking i was missing him so much ,i couldnt stop thinking of him but when we were together i was feeling great being near him and i wanted to be near him more and more  i also had pictures that i couldnt control.

3)What did you think when you first start feeling like this and see all these pictures and couldnt stop thinking about him?
At first i thought i was just horny then i thought i was in love with him and didnt want to admit it . I even said that i need to go the doctor because i was going crazy.

4)If you liked him so much why you were playing it hot and cold and not just go and show him how you feel?
I was so scared. I couldnt control it and it was scary. For example i was crying i was laughing and i was saying no i need to stop . I wasnt playing it hot and cold because i wanted him to chase me but because i didnt know what to do  i couldnt control it .It was like a shock like you cant control yourself and your thoughts anymore.

5)If you were in a relashionship with somebody else what would you do?
I would break up for sure. Because i would feel like i was playing with the other person's feelings and i couldnt do that. I would just be disquisted to do something with somebody else , i wanted only him (the guy who was rsing her).

6)If you were just broke up and you were madly in love with your ex do you think that with Rs you could forget about your ex and want only the rser?
I think yes. I havent felt so many and strong emotions from somebody never before. I couldnt think about anybody else but him . It felt like it hit me hard. I was suffering.

7)Did you ever think to have just sex or make a relashionship with somebody just to forget about him?
Yes,multiple times i even found somebody that i didnt even like thinking that maybe this could help to stop being obsesed with him but then i felt disguisted and thought that there is no point to do something like that anyway.

8)While time was going did it felt more intense?
At first it was not that intense after the third month i couldnt take it anymore it was torturing.

9)Did you have only sex pictures?
Yes, only nasty sex pictures in my head.

She ended up being with him because she couldnt fight it anymore. They started to date since March. She didnt date him earlier because he is actually a weirdo , acting weird and change his mind every ten minutes and couldnt trust. It was his fault. If he was nicer and show that he was actually interested in her she would be with him after the 3rd month.

Yesterday they got into a fight because he always pushes her to have sex and she doesnt want to just have sex. He got mad and called her fat etc Generally their relashionship is kind of toxic. He knows that Im influencing her a lot and last night he tried RI to me my sister and her mum.

What i felt was a very strong bad energy like evil energy like somebody wanted to kill me ,hurt me followed by thoughts of him and saw his face like a picture telling me to tell her to forgive him. I knew that he maybe used RI on me but my sister and her mum didnt. The thing is that even if i knew he did there was like a voice in my head pushing me to tell her to forgive him.It was so weird.

My sister told me that she felt the same way and was so scared because she doesnt know about rs and her mum was crying and saying to her to forgive him. Her mum never liked this guy.

Today i called her and she told me that this guy asked what me ,my sister and her mum was saying about this (he never asks about us) and if we supported him even a little... She also told me that he was 100% angry with us..

After that he confessed that he was doing this to her since June. He said that he was doing it noon and night and imagining that he had sex with her.

The bad thing is that she is obsessed with him and no matter what he is doing to her , no matter that she knows that he is controlling her ,she stills wants to be with him so badly .

From what i understood he was just imagining having sex while he is relaxed. In other words Mt for about 20 minutes morning noon..

Thats her experience and how she was feeling. I dont know if everyone is feeling the symptoms of RS the same way but i dont think that there are many differences ,, He was doing the same i told her i was doing to my guy and he did it to her.

From what i understood is that they dont play it hot and cold on purpose but because they cant handle the strong feelings. They feel like they are obsessed with the person and cant control their thoughts and themself. Thats why they push people away thinking that this maybe will stop or decrease at least a bit.

If you guys had any kind of this experience before or some other questions that you want to ask feel free to do it. We talked a lot and clearly i cant write everything here. 
I would definitely want to hear your thoughts about all of these.
This technique is inspired by science: YOU MAY WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU CONTINUE TO READ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfHjkKmmz0A (it explains the theory in few minutes).
Others authors such as Bashar, Neville talked about that theory in different way, with different words...

Understand that this precise moment, this text, YOU reading this text, was only a probability. 
At this same moment there is universes or should I say realities where this text was not written.
Realities where you dont read this text at this moment, where this text was never known.
There is even realities where Superman (me lol) never came to this forum. And there is realities where you never needed me.
Where you completly have a different job, different lifestyle, health and so on.
Those realites are just as REAL as this one, they are just not physical to your version of YOU because in that reality or in that universe we have not choosen to participate in this moment.
In those different universes You have different thoughts and beliefs: you are not on the same frequency.
With this technique that I will explain you can connect to the reality you want: the reality where your love loves you and where you have an amazing relationship.

You think there is only one YOU, or that time is linear, that one moment comes one after another. That there is cause and effect. With this present theory all those are eliminated. There is countless (probable) "you-s" living at the same moment, there is others countless probable present experiences just as real as this one. For those YOU-s this moment is a probability not an experienced reality, just as for this present YOU (who reads this text) those others realities are only probabilities. There is no time: all of those happen at once: all creation is already created as Neville often says. And cause and effect applies only when you believe in it. So for this experience try to not think in terms of cause and effect, or in terms of time or what was the past, what was "the problem" in your relationship. What you did or what the orher did or said: all those are irrevelant because you are now connecting to the reality where all those probleme never really existed. .

So what does it mean? It means that in this present NOW there is versions of YOU that are loved by the lover you love. And the goal of this following technique is to CONNECT you with that version of you. It will become the "normal", YOU. It will be your normal reality.  For that you need to leave your actual state of mind, you need to leave the "problems" that caused the break up, you need to be different. Because all those keep your actual frequency and keep you in that negative reality... It's like a TV: there is countless channels: all existing at the same time but you can experience only one at a time. You experience the one you resonate with. Dont worry I will explain: it is easier than you think.




1. Think of your present problem.
Understand that it is only one reality among infinite others.
Say to yourself, and believe it because it is the truth: Say something like: "This reality, this version of the relationship, is just one reality among infinite others, it is not the only one, I dont have to continue to experience it."

2. Think of your desired reality.
Understand that just as your "past" negative experience, yeah now it is the past! :D See it as the past. Or better: as nothing.
Dont even give it one single thought. So, just as that unwanted reality another one is real in this NOW. It is as REAL! And you can connect to it, you can make it a physical reality.
Say to yourself something like: "Now, I live in a reality where _______ (the name of the person) and I live a wonderful, blessed relationship. Our love is deep and intense. Im loved like the most precious person on Earth."

Very important: this should be done maximum 10 minutes per day! I strongly recommand that you do it only 5 minutes (in a day) in a very intense form. Use a positive song if you want. In those 5 minutes imagine your ideal reality, in that moment forget the problem, the pain, everything that is not the IDEAL reality. It has nothing to do with you anymore!
In that 5 minutes you are not visualizing, nor daydreaming, nor influencing... YOU ARE REALLY LIVING THE IDEAL REALITY WITH YOUR FEELINGS AND IMAGINATION NOW. In that reality your are loved as the most precious person by the person you love. You dont try to manifest it: YOU ARE LIVING IT. This state of mind is very important. And it is important that you keep it short because the more you do it the more there is chances that you ruin it all, because your logical mind will come and make negative comments or make you doubt and destroy the intensity. Doing 5 minutes in that way is better than visualising it 30 days 24/24. Trust me!

I know that most of you will do this more than 5 minutes: but unconsciously what your act says is "my problem is so big I need more than 5 minutes!" So this attitude will make you fail because you give it power, you make it big.  By doing only 5 minutes or 7 (it is not realy important, the only importance is that you make it short) you kill your negative reality! Its a prof of strong understanding and strong conviction! Its a proof that you will kill it easy! So make it short!

By doing this you dont try to fix or change the relationship nor the person. You just leave it. You connect to completly different reality: where all the past negativity make no sense and has nothing to do with you anymore.

3. Living your life as if there is no problem. Because there is none!

Once you have lived those 5 minutes in your mind: You have selected it! It is now your reality! You have nothing more to do, really! And the less you will try to do the better. If you try to fix things, if you think "there must be something more to do" you will destroy the 5 minutes. You will destroy your selection. So please dont do that.
You have done a perfect job. Now you are really living that experence but it may be some time before you "see" it physically. Just like when you buy something online, it is yours... you just havent recieved yet.

Normally after the 5 minutes you will feel accomplished. You will spend the rest of the day as if there never was any problem. Because there never was! You will live as if your ideal reality is your: and it is. If you have that state of mind. You surely will not have thoughts like "when will it manifest" because if that is the case: you missed the point!
Normaly this technique kills all the weight of your shoulders, all the pain in the chest... You will live as there is nothing to fix really. 

Additional info:
Negative thoughts may come! Just as negative thoughts can come in a perfect, etablished relationship. But it is up to you to stay focused on them and cultivate them or not. When they come dont be afraid of them, dont give them any value. Just say "no thanks! I have already my ideal reality, you are not needed" :D Remember that only you choose to accept and believe them. I suggest that you believe in the 5 minutes you did not in them! :D Remember that you have done your job, that you have selected your ideal reality and those thoughts will give up.


IM HERE FOR 30 DAYS. I will be your guide and respond to your questions if you have some.

READ THIS IF YOU NEED MORE INFO: http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=24182
Hello! I'm a little new here so, in case I'm posting in the wrong spot, please forgive me and let me know where to go!
So for the past couple of weeks maybe months I have been doing occasional remote seduction. I'm not super visual, so I make mine <5 minutes because I can't control my visualizations for longer than that. I had recently moved and had been doing it a little less, maybe twice a week. I hadn't had contact from my ex since early May, and about 2 weeks ago he added me on snapchat and has been asking me about my life and chatting occasionally. Nothing too big, but enough to know he was at least still thinking of me! :D :D :D
Anyway, last Friday I downloaded the Lanie Stevens pussy whip meditation - is more of a loving RS than a sexual one - and had him telling me how much he is sorry, misses me, regrets not being together, and that he wanted to call. He is not a feeling guy, so wanting to call is HUGE. Late that night, he was messaging me that he missed me, wanted to call this weekend EVERYTHING I HAD VISUALIZED.... except, when I brought it up to him 2 days later he was like "oh I don't remember saying all that stuff, I was really drunk. But I do miss you."...
I was hoping maybe someone could tell me what it could mean - that the RS worked because he said everything, or if it didn't because he doesn't remember!! Is it just too in his subconscious mind his conscious mind doesn't realize it? Is that a thing?

Any response is welcome! Much love to you ALL ;D ;D ;D

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If you dont know my story, it's easy to find and probably the same as everyone else.  ;D  (to a degree, my separation went 20 years, so I know from what I speak when i say I understand when you REALLY miss someone and wish them back into your life)

I read about Remote Seduction back in March, I think it was.  Sounded interesting, thought I would give it a try.  He called the same day after not hearing from him in over a month.  I continued without getting too much of a response, I gave it up for a while, sort of.  I found that I enjoyed doing it anyway, regardless of the outcome.  His texts and calls came a little more frequently.  Then one day he told me that he thinks about me all the time.  I like that.  It gave me encouragement.   :P

I just wanted to give a quick update.  I have continued with remote seduction (http://www.mindcafe.org/2009/04/06/15-tips-on-how-to-seduce-others-with-the-hidden-power-of-your-mind/) although there are many sites out there.  His calls and texts have become daily.  He has confessed that he has never stopped loving me, we see each other atleast 3 times a week, even if it's for a quick lunch or just to see each other for 5 minutes.  I love it!
I just wanted to give encouragement to those that have tried this without much luck.  It can happen, but you have to be patient.  And trust me, I am the least patient person in the world.  But I stuck with this because I just am very interested in the topic.
Has anyone else had luck with RS?  He told me last week that he 'feels' me thinking about him.  That freaked me out since I have said on this forum numerous times that I can 'feel' him thinking about me! 
I think it's true that once you believe and just know, you are in that 'vortex of love' that no one can take away from you. 
That's my positive statement for the day.
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All information on the forum are members personal tips, suggestions, advise and experiences, forum administrator or Moderators can not be held liable for any damage/misuse arising from the information/education shared the forum. You take your own necessary responsibility for your own actions.

Note: The Profile Deletion with posts more than 10 can not be done. It will not only Derank the forum on Search Engine (As those indexed posts will show 404 Error as - Page not Found) Moreover it will delete the associated posts of other users as well who replied on that Profile posts. It effects the whole Structure of the Forum.


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