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For those who are beginners in remote seduction and are feeling hopeless they can read the post below for motivation..


For those who keep getting mixed reactions from their sps i suggest reading the posts below..In most cases people push away their sps because they fail to align and maintain solid frame control.Remote seduction is about frame control period..You can remote seduce someone until Jesus comes back but fail because of frame control and alignment..


Hope it helps..

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Good afternoon all. How you all doing on this fine Sunday afternoon? I've just got another post done, and now I have to get ready to go out, for a meal to celebrate my niece's daughter's 9th birthday. Looking forward to it.So, I maybe back online later to get some more done. Or I may just roll home, stuffed and settle down for the evening. Either way is good with me
Next part will be with you later, tomorrow, Tuesday latest I would think. Just juggling a few things at the moment, and loving the craziness of it all.
So, I'll leave you with this whilst I get sorted out.
For anyone wishing to get into Abraham's teachings more. Plus some handy tips for those reading Esther Hicks books.

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I’ve been hearing about this guy in the LOA community lately and had to look him up. I’ve watched some of his stuff and then came across this chat of his. For anyone looking into him, this is certainly worth looking at.


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Takeaways from this article/guide:

You create your experiences through your mind.

Your mind has the ability to influence others. In fact, you influence others all the time through your thoughts and feelings.

To be good at remote seduction, you should master the mental concentration or focused awareness. You should be able to focus your thoughts when imagining your SP and doing erotic touches on them.

Meditation helps because it can help bring your mind into alpha state (meditative state) which is conducive to RS. Meditation can also help empty your mind of the "noise" that you don't need in remote seduction.

Mental touch or your ability to touch your SP using your mind is more important than your ability to imagine their face clearly.

There is no short cut to being good. Everything requires practice, including remote seduction. The secret is to start NOW if you want to be good at it in 2 or 3 months.

Doubt is the enemy of results. You should have a sense of knowing that you affect your SP in real life. You should believe that you have the power to affect your SP through your mind.

Your subconscious mind is what's responsible for executing your desire into your reality. You can trick your subconscious by acting as if or by pretending that your imagination is real so it will find ways to act on it in your physical reality.

If you don't see results, this doesn't mean your SP is not affected, it only means they are resisting the temptation due to their circumstances, religion, sexual orientation, or culture.

The cure to resistance is the insistence or your mental images and imaginal acts and more sessions.

Imagination is everything because what you see in your mind is what you get in real life. Create ANYTHING using your imagination.

You can speed up your RS by using subliminals, hypnosis, etc.

Practice everyday for at least 21 days. If you don't see results, either you lack practice or you haven't performed your RS sessions for at least 21 days

Here's the complete guide: http://www.mindpowerinfluence.com/remote-seduction-guide/
Meditation is THE most important skill you will develop in leveling up your attraction power.  We have all been socially conditioned to believe that we are "victims" of life and that life just "happens to us".  In order to brainwash (literally wash our minds of this gunk) ourselves of these fallacies, we need to root ourselves in  a clear mind so that when limiting beliefs come up in our day to day life, we are able to clear them quickly and then shift our attention and focus to what it is that we DO want.  Here is a very practical and easy to understand meditation to help you achieve that.

Meditation to increase Your Focus and Manifest Your Desires 100% Faster:
Break your meditation down into two 30 minute sessions - one right when you wake up and the other right before bed.  Break the 30 minutes down into 10 minute segments.

1.   Spend the first 10 minutes breathing, listening to music or silence, feel your body and your breath, stare into your closed eyelids

2.  Spend the next 10 minutes thinking about past memories where you felt fulfilled, in love, grateful etc.  Do this until you feel an "awakening" in your heart chakra or heart center

3.  Meditate on this feeling of gratitude, joy etc you have awakened in your heart center and start imagining the things you desire to manifest - using this feeling of gratitude to pretend that it is felt for the completed manifestation of the things you are working on.

Meditation is KEY when you are working on stretching and changing your thought patterns.  Meditation allows you to spend FOCUSED time in changing your negative thought patterns into patterns of thought that puts you in the right frame of mind to vibrate the same as the things you want to attract. 

Full Video here:
I came across an article which summed up all important points of Reality Transsurfing in an interesting way for people who find it hard to go through two hours long audiobook or pdf version of it. This article will take only 17-18 min to read and understand it. Though nothing can beat the original version as it explained things in detail but this article is worth reading.


I live Neville lifestyle now and I was very critical about "other stuff". For there is no other practical and accurate explanation of how to use your mind to create the life you desire. In spite of the results I was getting, I still had many questions, rather suspicions about what Neville taught.
One night, about an year ago, I was contemplating on things like "Those starving children in Africa, is it really my fault?", "The terrorist attacks, is it really my fault?" And to be honest, I didn't feel like I am at the cause because I played no part or contributed to any of those things in the physical world. But as Neville says, we transform ourselves in the the likeness of that which we contemplate. So I kept asking the same questions over and over again.

A few days later, I was randomly watching meme videos on YouTube and in my recommendations, came a up video called "A rustle of morning stars". The thumbnail was some dude who looked like Hank Moody from Californication. So I was compelled to tap on the video. The video was over 7 hours long. It didn't take a me long to realize that I was listening to an Audio book called "Reality Transurfing" by  Vadim Zeland. As much as I don't like to engage myself into non-Neville teachings, there was something about this book that I could not keep away from. So I kept on listening. And sure enough it provided me with all the answers about the questions I've been pondering.

Am I responsible for starving children in Africa? Yes, I am. How?

The questions like these are very accurately and sensibly answered by a the concept of "Pendulums" explained in Reality Transurfing.

Whenever multiple people think in a certain way, their collective though energy creates a energetic structure called Pendulum.
Pendulums are very real.
Basically when a Pendulum is established, it strives to stay alive. Pendulum is energetic structure and it feeds on energy. Therefore it tries to attract as many adherents as possible. As long as the adherents are contributing their thought energy to it, it keeps swinging.

So going back to the original question about how am I responsible for what's going on there in Africa. Well, I've been watching a lot of news. The news elicits the emotional response like anger, sympathy for those people and what not. I keep thinking the thought of same nature and thus I contribute to the existence of malnutrition pendulum of Africa. It doesn't matter if I contribute money or how much money I contribute. It doesn't matter how hard I fight the government and try to "change" the things the way they are, as long as keep providing the pendulum my thought energy, it is bound to keep swinging and it is expected that it will feed more reasons to keep me expending my energy to it's cause.
So who is at fault here? I am. Because the only reason that pendulum existed in my life was that the pendulum was assuming me as it's adherent. The moment I stopped fighting it's existence it left me alone.
I haven't ran into those horrible stories since. Now, does that mean that there is no more poverty and malnutrietion in Africa? Of course not. Because the pendulum is still swinging and there are way too many people expending the energy on it. And yes, that also includes the charities who are trying to raise "awareness".

This has been an awesome journey over last year. My life has changed 1000 folds. I have become like Varys from Game of Thrones (the motivation for the title of this thread). I keep playing the game of realities. I am a Trans reality surfer (reality transurfer) now.

Why am I making this post? I have no clue. I ended up here the same way I fell on the Reality Transurfing audiobook on YouTube. I just felt compelled to do it. So here I am.

Do you want to live the life you desire? Here is how you start.

Become an observer. Being an observer means, you are not putting any emotions into anything. Thus you free yourself from involuntarily contributing to the swing of pendulums that you do not want to associate yourself to. You can't beat pendulums by playing it's game. You defeat pendulum, or at least eliminate the pendulum from YOUR life, by not sticking to the script it wants you to.
When you become an observer, you begin "notice" pendulums.
Let's say you are sitting in a park a couple walks by. You immediately feel envious and begin imagining various ways why that can't happen with you. How you always attract wrong kind of people and how you've been heartbroken before. So you're certain that the couple you just saw is going end up splitting up and miserable.
Now, this is where the pendulum plays it's game. It, the pendulum being miserable, gets you to expend your energy by making you think the thoughts about how bad your life is. The more you fight back - using affirmations, using RS, using EFT/TFT etc.. well.. we all know how that ends.

So what do you do? You observe all the bullshit that floats through your mind. You look at it, you ACKNOWLEDGE that you are thinking these thoughts and eventually reacting emotionally.
The thing is, EVERYTHING, both living and non living, that has existed, exists now, and will exist, has the right to exists. Just like you have right to exist in this place, so does everything else. It's not upto you to decide whether something should exist or not. What IS upto you is that you get to CHOOSE what you'd rather have existing in your experience.
Therefore you do not criticize the game the pendulum is trying to get you into. You just acknoledge that you were on the verge of playing that game, and CHOOSE not to play it.
Choosing to not play the game is to not react emotionally to it.
You just say, "cool! There is a couple! Well. Let them enjoy and have fun". And you move on. You don't judge, you don't attach labels, you don't attach "meaning" to what you're thinking. You just let it be.
That is how you rid yourself of the effect of pendulums.

So henceforth, become an observer. You don't have to be a monk and meditate for 18 hours a day. You don't have to take pride in not shaving your armpits. All you have to do is get yourself accustomed to observing your thoughts whenever you're not doing anything that requires mental concentration.
Go ahead and do it. I'm sure you will see immediate reflections of your changed thought process.

Now, I am aware that from the explanation I gave above may make some people think that pendulums are these evil things and need to be kept away at all costs.
The fact of the matter is you can never detach yourself from pendulums. But when you understand "the game" you can consciously CHOOSE what pendulums you want to attach yourself to and to what pendulums should your energy go to.
Healthy eating is a pendulum, exercising is a pendulum, being a person of integrity is also a pendulum. Basically any thought structure is pendulum. So you get to CHOOSE what you INVEST your mental energy in. If people stop thinking about the things the pendulum is based on, the pendulum extinguishes. Think about mobile phones with keypad. Now the pendulum of smart phones is in full swing. Because very few people are thinking about good ol mobile phones with keypads.

If I feel drawn to it, I may make another post on the same thread about some other concept from reality transurfing. Don't count of me for anything. If you feel interested, go ahead and listen to reality transurfing audio book on YouTube. The author has made it available free of charge in form of an audiobook.

Hey, everyone! I haven’t been on this forum for over 2 years, but would occasionally lurk around every once in a while. During the last couple of years, I’ve had plenty of success using LOA, or better yet, the power of thought, imagination, etc. I’ve never really been a fan of the term “LOA” as it’s become so commercialized. I do remember there were many fans here of Neville Goddard’s teachings. Why I’ve always been a fan of his work is because his teachings are quite simple, at least to me. I struggled with many aspects of LOA because of misguided teachings from people who really shouldn’t be teaching. I’m referring to many of those “guru’s” who say you need to take inspired action, get in the vortex, vibrations (it’s just feelings, really), etc. All that is irrelevant regarding LOA and just causes more confusion.

I can’t recall exactly who said it on this forum, but I remember a member here saying how LOA is simple, but not easy. Nothing more accurate than that statement. And here is a perfect example of how keeping things simple helped me, and apparently, Neville Goddard himself. For those of you who don’t know of the story on how he went to Barbados, here it is.


Watch and listen to this video. Then do it again and again, until it sinks in. His desire seemed “impossible” to achieve due to his circumstances. As for my story, it’s actually quite similar to his. Anyway, last year around September, I wanted to go to Los Angeles (West Hollywood to be specific) for work related things and to visit some friends there. I hadn’t been to LA before and after seeing how much fun my friends were having living there, I had the desire to go. I wanted to go around middle of November as it was a friend’s birthday and she was putting on a music/comedy show that I was hoping check out.

The problem? Money was a little tight for me. Technically speaking, I could’ve just taken a cash advance from my credit card, but I was already stressing about paying off my debt and worrying about rent. A round trip to LA at the time was around $600-800 Canadian dollars. Worst case scenario, I told myself that if I can’t make enough money by end of October, I’ll just put it on my credit card even though I really didn’t want to. In other words, I was constantly worrying about the “how” instead of just living in the end.

So after listening to the story of how Neville went to Barbados in his situation, I figured that I have nothing to lose and just try it out. From that moment on, I did the nightly method of assuming I was in LA. I did this every night for almost 2 months and I was getting closer to November now, but nothing was happening. Naturally, I was having my doubts and feeling a bit anxious about the situation, but I continued nonetheless. Then one day in late October, my boss at work comes up to me while I was on break. He tells me how I’m going on vacation. I was like “What the fuck is he talking about?” I thought I won some work related raffle or something. Then he informs me on how I was getting underpaid since I started my job which was about 7 months prior. Apparently, another coworker brought it up to him that we were getting underpaid in our respective positions. We were supposed to be making $3.00 more per hour, than what we currently were making. This coworker found some sort of technicality and my boss went to his higher ups and they confirmed it. So my boss shows me a document of how much money they owed me and that it would appear on my next paycheck, which was the following week. It was a little over $800. This was the first week of November that I got this money and the first thing I did was book my trip to LA for the 15th of November, right around the time I intended to go. The trip cost me $670.

Did I take any “Inspired Action”? No. Did I try to get into alignment with my desire, detach, let go, etc? Absolutely not. I simply slept every night as I were in LA to the best of my ability and look how things turned out. Being underpaid for that many months was a thought that never even occurred to me. My coworker had worked there for 3 years already, and all of a sudden just happens to realize that a few of us were supposed to be making more money. I didn’t lift a finger to make this happen, but just persisted in my imagination and mental discipline, and the amount of money I needed felt as if it came out of nowhere.

That’s the struggle I’ve seen with many people in the LOA community, especially the ex-back one, is lack of mental discipline. From a pure LOA approach, ignoring or not accepting your current undesired reality as final is paramount. Learn about how your subconscious mind works (read up on Joseph Murphy or Jose Silva, to name a couple) and learn how to reprogram your subconscious minds. Many of you don’t have that specific job, specific car, or that specific person because of your subconscious beliefs. Once your subconscious mind believes something to be true, BOOM! Just like magic, it will show up in your physical reality, no matter how “impossible” your situation seems. Keep in mind that just because your desire may be difficult, it doesn’t mean that the method has to be just as difficult.

Here is an example from this video.


See what his imagination did for him? Despite the fact that he kept telling himself to not climb a ladder throughout the day, he climbed a fucking ladder LOL. He programmed his subconscious mind to climb a ladder prior to sleep. This is the best time when you’re in Alpha state (once again, read up on Joseph Murphy, Silva, etc). The whole point of telling yourself to not climb a ladder is basically in relation to the amount of doubts we deal with every day (I can’t afford this, my ex won’t talk to me, I don’t have the experience, etc).

I would also advise to stop asking other people what is and isn’t possible regarding LOA. A human is a human with their own doubts, limited beliefs, and negativity. Try it out and prove to yourself what is possible. Stop asking questions or looking for signs and do the work. LOA is not as easy as it sounds, but that’s where you need to train your mind and discipline yourself.
OK, I am not going to make a lot of friends here, but I see too many posts going nowhere, so to you being in your ex-back journey, here is the brutal truth and the reasons why you are never going to get your ex back.

1- You are finding every excuse possible to get desperate.

«He posted a picture with someone else and he is smiling!», «she blocked me on social media, how can I contact him now?», «he is not answering my text», «she was online and didn't talk to me!». I can go on with the examples unfortunately, but you know what? None of what your ex is doing or not is your business!!
Let him/her live, breathe, fuck, whatever he/she wants to do! If you are to be together again you will, and nobody wants to be with a desperate and needy stalker lurking every picture or post on Facebook. So stop this now, it's creepy.

2- You are creating useless scenarios in your mind

«I am sure he is fucking this other girl», «She blocked me because she really hates me because I did this and this», etc.
Hollywood is hiring screenwriters and you are all considered for the job, congratulations!!
But you are not in your ex's mind, you are not in his/her shoes. So stop with your assumptions, there is no way you are knowing what is happening in his/her life. Yes, maybe he/she hates you. Yes, he/she may need some space and no contact at all from you to breathe, and you should clearly do the same. Creating crazy scenarios won't do you any good, but it can make you more desperate. If being desperate is what you like, then fine, go on!

3- You make you ex responsible for your happiness

No your life is not over, no you are not going to cry your eyes out for the rest of your life. Before you met this person, before you know he/she existed, you were happy, and you didn't need anyone to be happy. So please do me a favour and look for becoming this person you were again, as your ex will not come back to the person he/she left, but has more chances to get back to the person he/she got attracted to in the first place.

4- You don't apply the advice given in this forum

You came here for help, and caring, loving people give you advice. You are given tips, you are told truths and even given the recipe for success, but you keep applying points 1, 2 and 3.

So once again, there is no magic trick. YOU are the creator of your life, so stop giving up your power to your ex. Moreover, this ex has his/her own problems to deal with, so he/she doesn't need more responsibilities coming from you.
Take the advice you are given and apply them! Success comes from application, dedication and persistence, not constant whining. YOU create, YOU are responsible for your own path of joy, so begin right now to be accountable for your successes and your lessons. If you don't change your attitude, your thinking, your words, then your results won't change.

I am a success story, I did the inner work, I applied the techniques and processes, and I have been in the most fulfilling relationship for 2 years with a man who left me once, but now is more than commited to share his life with me. So be open to receiving the help you came to seek, and please decide today that you will succeed!

You are enough, you are powerful, you can do it!!!

on: January 10, 2018, 08:27:52 PM 10 Success Stories / Success Stories / Whispering technique works!

I did the whispering technique as done by Agnes Vivarelli in her youtube channel for a specific person to hire me or find me a new job. I did it to 2 people, and I am serious, they both contacted me the following day! Although, only 1 offered me a job, but the other person just reached out to me, but I know he will offer a job for me as well, so I will do another session tonight! I am so grateful and happy!
I know my other whispering technique for my specific romantic partner has reached and influenced him, expect another success story from me on this part! This is so exciting! 💕💕
Here are 5 behaviors that can cause the Law of Attraction to fail. How many of them do you make?

1. Believe that positive thinking is enough.

Many people try to use positive thinking to make the Law of Attraction work. They try to control their thoughts with an iron will, treating any negative thought that comes by as a mistake and something that's bad. They try to use affirmations to reprogram their mind to only focus positively on the things they want to manifest.

This usually backfires.

Whenever they tell themselves, things like “I am a millionaire,” when their bank account shows differently, often causes their subconscious mind to say, “No, you're not!” The subconscious mind's protest is filled with a lot of emotion. Emotions have a strong ability to manifest and are a guide to what you are creating at any moment.

Any positive message people give themselves with affirmations is countered by the emotional-charged protest of the subconscious mind. Thus, the Law of Attraction fails to manifest their intention. Instead, they remain in their current situation, or if the emotion is strong enough, they create a worse situation than they are already in.

2. Wonder where it's at.

This is where so many people fail with the Law of Attraction.

By nature, people are impatient. They know what they want and they want it now.

Once people learn about the Law of Attraction, they think that if they simply write down their desires or create a vision board their life will completely change in just a matter of days or a few weeks. In no time, their thoughts are filled with “Where is it already?!?”

That isn't how the Law of Attraction works!

Yes, your experience of reality might be different from what you're trying to manifest. However if you start feeling impatient and frustrated, you're only going to attract more of what is making you impatient and frustrated.

You have to be vibrating at the same energy frequency as your desire. Writing a list or finding pictures in a magazine doesn't change your vibrational frequency.

If you're wondering where your manifestation is at, you were never in a place where you trusted that the Universe would bring you what you desire! You never had full faith that the Law of Attraction works. You were merely testing it to see if you had found a miracle, much like many people hop from one diet fad to another in the hopes they've finally found the magic answer to their problems.

If you're impatient because the Law of Attraction failed to bring you your desire as quickly as you hoped, you have resistance. You aren't allowing your desire to manifest, and until you eliminate the resistance, you'll be impatient and will either give up altogether or wonder if you're doing the Law of Attraction wrong.

You need to have complete trust that the Law of Attraction is working. Once you have that, your desire will manifest as fast as possible. You won't wonder why it isn't manifesting. You won't think that you're doing something wrong.

Overcome the resistance and you'll be at peace with the knowledge that change is on the way.

3. Don't believe that you can attract your desire.

You might say to yourself and to everyone who will listen, “I DO believe.” However, if the Law of Attraction has failed to bring you your desire, I hate to break it to you, but on some level you don't believe you can manifest it.

Not believing is a sign of attachment to a desire. Attachment often takes the form of fear, doubt, sadness and anger.

On some level, you don't believe that you can get what you want with the Law of Attraction and you don't believe you deserve to have what you want.

You might think you don't deserve what you want. This can be thoughts like “I'm not good enough”, “I never win”, “I'm not smart enough”, “I'm not pretty enough”, “I'm not thin enough”, “It won't happen for someone like me”…

When you look at your beliefs to see where you don't believe you can attract your desire, make sure you also look for conflicting beliefs. For example, if you want more money and to spend more time with your family, look for conflicting beliefs that having money means you'll have to work longer hours and be with your family less.

You need to work on aligning your desires and remaining open to the possibilities. Instead of deciding how the Law of Attraction will work to bring you your desire, accept the possibility that there is a way to have both. Let the Universe find it for you.

4. Keep talking about everything that's happened…everything that's gone wrong.

Every time you talk about something that's gone wrong in your life…every time you bring up how things aren't the way you want them right now…you are creating more of what you don't want.

The more negative emotion you use when telling your story, the more powerful you make it.

While it might appear to you that the Law of Attraction fails to manifest your desire, the truth is that each re-telling of your story sends a powerful signal that the negative stuff is what you want to manifest. It's so powerful that it can override all of the positive effort you put into creating your reality as you want it to be.

Look to see if you're getting a benefit from talking about your problems. Are you doing it for the sympathy? Do you enjoy people's reactions? Are you looking for their anger? Are you doing it to seek their approval?

If so, you might be caught in a cycle where you get a positive benefit from the problems in your life. You have to break this cycle in order to create the change you want.

5. Ignore the signs that your desire is manifesting.

Everything that reminds you of your desire is a sign that it is manifesting.

If you want to sell your house and you receive a postcard from a realtor about a house that's sold nearby, that's a sign.

If you want a certain black jacket and you begin seeing black jackets everywhere, that's a sign.

If you want to manifest a relationship and you see loving couples, that's a sign.

Whenever there is something you want to manifest, you will receive signs that the Law of Attraction is working. Every sign is a question from the Universe asking you if this is what you really want.

If you receive a positive sign, appreciate it. Be grateful that you are aligned with your desire and that it's coming to you.

If the sign you receive is negative, realize that there is something in your vibrational energy that is not in alignment with your desire. Until you shift it, your desire won't manifest. Take the sign as positive feedback and make the changes that you need to make. If you don't, the Law of Attraction will fail to bring you what you want.

Source: http://www.applythelawofattraction.com/law-attraction-fails/

I found it while helping myself. It helped me. Thought of sharing it with you all. Let me know what do you think. Hope this helps :)

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Maybe it's their way of dealing with RS or pick up artistry they are using in response to the RS.

I have learned the best thing is to develop your visualizations to create what you want exactly. If you want them to tell you they love you then visualize it daily, if you want them to give you a blowjob/cunnilingus then visualize this, if you want them to send nudes then visualize that.  The problem with Magic touch is that it only creates lust especially with guys, they may masturbate every night, but your RS is not strong enough to make them pursue further. There is also the law that practice makes perfect and the more you do it the better you get and eventually your RS will compel the POI to pursue you.

Not every single person is affecting their POI. You have to consider that some people are not affecting their POI. If RS was really working then they would break and come to you, but if you do like 2 or more 15 min sessions a day and 3+ months passed then you are most probably not affecting them. Honestly this is the main reason for 90% of people. Unless you have a background in the occult or natural affinity, this is not easy. Its best to learn this now so you do not wasting your time and get to the root of the problem. The games playing might of happened anyway with or without RS. There is also the fact that the POI might be crushing on you even without using RS.

RS is real and exists, but it is not easy. This is due to the low level of concentration and energetic body development.
Concentration = Visualization, you can gauge your ability to concentrate by your ability to visualize and crystal clear visualization is not a picture, but an hallucination. You can see an orange in your fridge as though you just bought one from the store and placed it. The picture projects into the real world like an hallucination.

When you watch an apple and visualize watching an apple, for the most part you are engaging the same brain functions, the only difference is the real view creates say 90 cycles of electricity in your brain while the visualization creates 15. If you develop you can turn that 15 to 30 and by 60 it may almost seem real to the point you can trace it on paper.When you can create 90 cycles of electricity in the brain then you will hallucinate the apple sitting wherever you want. You can see it, but others can't. This is the level Nikola Tesla was at as well was Amargi Hillier.

Some people fool themselves and say they have crystal clear visualizations, when in truth true mastery is hallucination. Also if you can visualize so clearly then they should have attained their POI. Its either that or RS does not exist, and believe me it does. So then they need to develop concentration.

Even Amargi in Mind power seduction(Page 27 second to last paragraph close to the end of said paragraph) says that at first he did not think nothing of it, but when he started incorporating people in his visualizations he began to see it was affecting them(This is why most people fail, even if you have no faith, obsessive about results or POI or even do not know about RS, it will still work as long as your visualizations are strong enough. There is ALOT going on as to why it works, but explaining it is too much for most people to handle and they would get confused. I would say like Amargi in MPS, trust that it works and develop yourself to get it working for you. If you quit someone else will be enjoying their life.)

Also forget about signs. This is the other problem most people have, they want an answer to every single thing their POI does. Just focus on developing yourself and they will come, at an advance stage you can make they come in the way you want, down to very the clothes and perfume they wear in said park or restaurant.

I would say either be willing to spend time training yourself or quit RS all together as you will be hurting yourself and wasting your life as well as making yourself bitter.

Place this message on the Discord as it would be best for all to read it themselves. Below are ALL the tools you need for the POI. Read them CAREFULLY.

Sent this as a PM, but decided to add on forum for others to see.
Thinking of doing my own guided remote seduction recording where the scene is already written/scripted buy me and recorded with a particular POI in mind
What are peoples thoughts and any tips would be great if i find it easy I'll post what i did here

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Lately my posts cause some controversy because some people feel like I'm going "off" LOA. The reason for this is that I often seem to talk against wants/desires. While people are here just because of wants/desires/longings/cravings...
You know: desires, wants... those you all have naturally. You don't need to destroy them but you dont have to crave for them nor visualize them constantly. You dont have to crave/ask endlessly. The LOA is not about that.

The LOA is about YOU going in a state of being where you feel gratitude, where you feel bliss and where you feel accomplished, whole, loved, successful. Its weird to see how LOA people are sometimes much more miserable than people who know nothing about it. That's because for some reason you think that its about you focusing on wants. You have been thought to believe that you have to visualize and feel HARD to make things happen! You have to control your mind and all the "shit". Yet the oppsoite is more true: you just have to ENJOY LIFE. You just have to feel happy with everything you already are and already have. Dont't worry: desires and wants are always in your mind somwhere so you dont need to worry about them. As the Bible says "God already knows what you want and what is good for you". Your job is just to ENJOY and LIVE FULLY. When you are in that state of high frequency everything positive comes to you without effort. Its really not about craving, longing, manifesting, trying hard...

My life was always so miserable when I wanted hard something. When I tried to control or manifest things by effort... I never have been so happy and never felt so whole and accomplished by just doing what I said just above. I feel like I have no time to ask nor to crave for something because it all comes because Im such in a state of "allowing" as Abraham would say.

You cannot persist in wanting what you already have. If you assume you are what you desire to be to the point of ecstasy, you no longer want it. - Neville

"He replied, 'I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what they have will be taken away." - Luke 19:26

This practice is perfect for that.
You loose nothing by giving it a full try.

Hey everyone,

So I wanted to start this topic, mostly talking about my experiences and seeing what you guys have in common. Also if you have any questions I’m more than happy to answer them. Now this is strictly based on what I experienced myself, nothing I read or heard others do. This is 100% actual reality or mine anyways.

Now I started like many of you many years ago. I would do meditations, visualization and dream boards (which I highly recommend). I wrote done 10 things I wanted to manifest in a book, which I found a long time after.. I was shocked to see I got 9/10 things on that list.. down to the detail.
In terms of success stories I posted many on here, from getting ex back, new relationship, new job, money and things. I’ve covered a vast range of things, but in the back of my mind I always wanted more or at least some higher understanding of what is actually happening and how I can control it as a better rate.

What I wanted to experience is that higher level, meeting my higher self or guides. I saw what Bashar and Abe Hicks was doing.. and in my mind if they can do it then I can also. So that became my focus.
I would meditate and feel like I could release fully, no thoughts or emotions, just complete and utter peace. I tried a few videos on Astro Travel and got really close. I remember one night I fully stood up and could see my body laying in the bed.. I freaked out and snapped out of it.

This lasted for months, the fear would kick in and I could never fully let myself go. I was afraid of what I would see or find out there.. or what might find me.
After a few months of this I started to have a lot of “false awakenings”. I would get out of bed, walk around the house and then see something out of place.. and I would think wait this isnt real. As soon as I thought that I would wake up in my bed again. The thing that made it really crazy is you can touch and feel objects, you can walk and do anything… and it feels like the real thing.. there is no difference.

Soon after I wanted to leave my “house”, and this is where shit got really intense. I was able to pull outside of my body, literally see it … and then go outside my house and experience a totally new level.

Most of the time I would go outside and start sinking, like you are free falling into nothing. It would be totally black and silent and then I would be in a totally different world or dimension. Now keep in mind Im fully “awake”, meaning im not dreaming .. I can totally feel and understand everything like I am typing this right now.

I have many stories to share but some key elements. I was able to see how all the choices I made changed my life. You know that ex you want back, wouldn’t it be fun to see how it would have played out IF you were together still. Yea I saw all of that.. and trust me everything happens for a reason.
I would also meet different “beings”, they would tell me things… which I would google the next day to make sure it was accurate or someone else also heard. In every case the information was on the ball. Things and places matched my experience.. even though I never knew of it before.

Anyways just wanted to get the topic going, I could write a book… and I will probably share more if anyone is interested. I would love to hear if anyone else has tried this or considering it.
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