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Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all now that the link below now contains a massive 448 songs. In November there were only 377.
It's amazing at how many songs can be added. On the blog post there is the full list, and links to YouTube and Spotify with the playlists
If you have any you want adding just let me know  Hope you are all having a fab Wednesday. Get into your good vibe zone and enjoy!
Now at 448 songs!! Good vibe playlist for you all


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on: February 02, 2019, 02:05:44 AM 2 Success Stories / Success Stories / another date with the ex!!!

hello hello my earthlings! this week was amazing! i manifested clothes, food, packs of cigarettes for free, conversations and experiences!!!! even a side project that could help me with my finances!!!
and now this?! the cherry on top. thank you Big Guy, whoever you are! you just keep showing off, please, i like that lol!

i met with my ex (i will be calling him 'my boo' from now on) this wednesday! we were supposed to last weekend but i had to reschedule because of a school assignment.
it felt exactly like i have scripted: it felt right, comfortable, it was so much fun! we even went to the pub i visualized us in, where we had our first date ever!
from what i gathered, he broke up with his ex literally a week after i decided to let him go cause she was too clingy and needy.

we didnt get intimate or anything but we were flirting, and we are meeting again this weekend to go play in a snow park with mulled wine!

and another sweet surprising fact: we both unknowingly made a resolution to watch imdb's Top 250 movies in 2019, and he suggested we watch them together!!!!!

i will just have fun, not force it. nothing good ever comes when i forced relationships in the past. i am so grateful i get to spend time with him!
Weeks before moving in my dorm at the university I attend, I wrote down in my journal that I wanted to have a dorm to myself.  I didn’t want a roommate at all! 
On move-in day, I found out who my roommate was and actually didn’t mind having one... I actually enjoyed having a roommate.  He was fun to be around and we talked for hours.  A couple of days before classes started, he told me he had to drop all of his classes and go back home for good because he owed somewhat around $8,000 and refused to get a private loan.  He packed his things and left and now I have the room to myself.  I didn’t realize I manifested this until I just so happened to look in my journal and see what I wrote.  I was shocked! 

I also wrote that I wanted a 15” Black MacBook Pro and after having more than enough money in scholarships, I used it to buy my Mac.  These things might be small, but I felt like sharing my success stories to show the skeptics that the LoA DOES work!

on: August 16, 2018, 05:05:32 PM 4 Success Stories / Success Stories / Visualization worked!

Hi guys! So I'm 17 y.o growing football player and I'm shooting and stars and higher because I can. I want to share with you one great thing that happened me today! I feel so blessed!

So I was having a friendly game against one team from other country and it was one of my best games. I heard from one friend, that one scout was asking for my name, so I was very very happy and I was waiting for him to contact me. Unfortunately after 1 month nobody contacted me. I was losing hope that he will contact me, I almost forgot.
Today I was having training season and I was running miles, and I started thinking like "What it would be like if he would contact me today, How I would feel like, what would be my emotions, How it feel like getting notifications of message from him" and I got positive and I visualized message notification from him and then I felt happy I was feeling like it actually happened. Then I continued training.
After training I went on dinner, I turned up wifi, and I got already notification from THAT AGENT!!!! After month I visualized once getting message from him and I GOT IT§!!! IT WORKS!! I FEEL BLESSED GUYS :333 LIKE NO LIES HERE... You can really attract anything.. Just don't think about things like, why it shouldn't work.. just try it and believe it! Feel that positive emotions, happiness!! That's all :))

God bless you all my friends :3

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To keep things short -

I was relentless. Non-stop RS twice a day for 10-20 minutes for the past 3 months. Techniques I used were the whispering technique, reverse RS, and the step in technique. After I did a session I didn't worry about it. My POI asked me out 2 weeks ago, went on dates, it was awesome, and now we're exclusive.

So, yup.  ;D ::)

Any other questions I'll answer.
I came across an article which summed up all important points of Reality Transsurfing in an interesting way for people who find it hard to go through two hours long audiobook or pdf version of it. This article will take only 17-18 min to read and understand it. Though nothing can beat the original version as it explained things in detail but this article is worth reading.


Throughout the years, I've read many books on the law of attraction. Some were very inspiring, some increased my knowledge and some were simply full of BS.
I came to find that the best way to understand the LOA  and its mechanics is not through books but through personal observation.
I started to track down my own experience to find how things fell into place ( when they did). I started also to observe the people around me ; how they got their desires, how long it took them and what state they were in when they received them.
The findings you get from this kind of observation are far better than any book can tell you. Its truly accurate that the best knowledge comes from personal experience.

Example: years ago I wanted to do my masters degree in a certain topic and  in a certain city. I really didn't care about other things as long as it was this exact topic and in this city specifically. It's a big city full of many universities so I started looking. I found many universities that offered the course but the tuition fees were waaaaay above anything I could afford ( since I am an oversees student) let alone the cost of living!
 things seemed impossible so I started to apply for any scholarship I could find. I would apply sometimes even without reading the requirements, I was just desperate to find a way. Of course no one called me and I didn't even reach the interview stage.
At that time one of my friends was also applying for the same course in a local universities and tried to convince me to sign up with her, but I couldn't. This was not what I wanted. I wanted to get my heart desire and I persisted ( I was not practicing LOA consciously or was aware of it).
Of course to be more logical I started to look for the same course but in different cities, even in different countries. Still nothing ( I always faced the same challenges the cost was too high and could not score a studentship). 2 years has passed. My friend has almost finished her masters degree and I have not found a course yet. I grew tired. I realized what I was looking for with my conditions was almost impossible and just gave up. Later on I found a university in a nearby country which provided the same course with a semester training oversees and they offered me 10% discount since I had my BSc from an affiliate university. I was happy and convinced it was a good offer.
I intended to go back there and start with the next school year ( which was in October) but before that I wanted to give myself a vacation and some time off for fun so I booked for Greece.
I remember before I left for greece I saw a message in my FB inbox from a guy I don't know about an opening  in a university in the city originally wanted. I thought it was a fake Ad and didn't pay attention to it.
When I came back from my vacation I checked my messages again and read that message in more detail. Then I contacted the guy.
The course they were offering was the same topic I wanted in the same city I wanted for not half but third the original price !! I sent out my papers and got my admission letter within the next month. The rest is history.

Another example: When I finished my masters of course I was desperate to find a new job in the same city. Like everyone else I started to send out CVs everywhere. Initially for jobs I liked but as my desperation grew stronger and finances became tighter I started to apply everywhere even for jobs I didnt like. I was making little progress.Sometimes I went for an interview but nothing was coming out of it. Many months passed.
One day I sat with myself and said why do I need a job so bad. I have few months left in this country anyway, I have some savings and a part- time job in retail I can live from and in the worst case scenario I can borrow some money from my parents and repay them later. I felt a sense of relief and decided to apply for jobs just for fun. The next week one company called me and invited me for an interview. I didn't think much of it as I have been disappointed many times before. I was even reluctant to go to the interview since it was too far but eventually I dragged myself.
They called me back the next day and told me I was hired  :o It was a very interesting job !lol

One more example ( I swear that's it!) One of my colleagues was desperate for a promotion. He has been in the company for many years and felt that he needed to advance if he wanted to stay in the same company. To get the promotion he needed to pass an evaluation comittee. He failed, He could only do the evaluation once every year. He worked on himself and prepared for the next year. He was sooo desperate to get it this time. He went again and failed! I think he went in total 3 times until he decided he is just wasting his time and decided to started studying something that interested him in preparation to leave the company. His manager recommended him for another try just for the heck of it. He was like WTF, so what?! I will try one more time he went and passed !! he was then too confused to choose between a job he really wanted and a degree in a topic he really liked! Eventually he chose the job.

I have endless examples from me and the people I know, I could go on for ages but what matters is that the process always seems to follow the same pattern. You focus on what you want for a while ( you try to get it, you grow more desperate, you lose hope),,, eventually you reach a stage where you are happy without it. You reach a stage of relief where you no longer notice the absence and..... magically it comes to you.
Of course when doing the process deliberately, it can be shortened and the unnecessary stages of desperation can be skipped by focusing on the intention for a while and then letting it go ( by finding a way to be happy without it ) meanwhile invoking the feeling of trust.

So the best book to read on LOA is the book of your own life, your own personal experience.

Would love to hear stories from your experiences!

on: April 01, 2018, 02:28:01 AM 10 General Category / Law of Attraction Lounge / Slight concern


This is only my second post on here and many may feel I’m speaking out of turn but.....I thought this was a group for people interested in using the LOA to live their best lives. I thought the forum was to support encourage and celebrate each other’s successes and help people who weren’t quite where they wanedted to be yet when I go through the topics ther is so much mud slinging, people happily telling others the6 have it wrong, that it will never work or that it always works and it’s your fault if it’s not. Some members seem so happy to rain on others parade and put people down yet sharing success stories seems far rarer?

I’m sure il get flack for this and maybe it isn’t the forum for me but thought it might be useful for some of you who have been around for a while to see how a newbie views it.

This is neville goddard manifestation techniques. (I will be listing out all neville techniques and positive snippets for manifesting rampage)

Before Sleeping :

Neville says if you want a home. BEFORE sleeping, Make a life size representation of your desired home. Imagine you are in that house. I would enter the room and touch the furniture. I would realise it's my house and sleep in this realisation. Feeling of the wish fulfilled, lies our capacity to live an abundant life.

whatever you desire, you can summon it through your imaginal activity according to Neville.

Lull yourself into a sleepy drowsy state, then while still in control, imagine yourself as you would be had you already achieved what it is you desire.

If you desire a new job, see yourself being congratulated on a new job by a friend of yours. Keep the imaginal act short, and replay it as often as possible in your mind throughout the day and coming days. As you play the visions in your mind, allow yourself to feel the feeling of gratitude, of joy at already having what you want.

Try to use your senses to really feel what you are imagining is real and most importantly, feel as if it is happening RIGHT NOW! This is without a doubt, one of the simplest and most effective methods of manifesting desires and once practiced sufficiently will work.

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on: February 09, 2018, 12:46:31 PM 12 General Category / Feedback And Suggestions / forum need moderation

dear ankur

i am in this forum since 2014

this used to be better forum and kind and helpful members

this seems to be not the case anymore

everytime someone makes a thread or post , other members hijack that thread with their own viewpoint and uncalled comments ( yes thats rude and unnecessary)

happened with me yesterday

today i checked again , there are number of posts where members post their query/ help  while other members hijack that thread with their own problems ( thats not really gonna help anyone, make your own thread pls and wait for response from members)

Also some forum member using abusive language. ( sent you link)

we dont need others to say what we post or comment. kindly if you dont like anyone then ignore them or report that post.

everyone is trying to manifest their better life, pls refrain from creating mess of this beautiful forum

Hello there peeps,

Well a gratitude journal is definitely a good idea, so let's get one started! It's 2 days before Christmas, and I know there are hundreds of things I have to be grateful for, but today I'm going to kick off this journal with 10:

    1 i’m healthy!… a close friend of mine has just gone into surgery for a double lung transplant…... i feel so blessed to have a healthy body
    2. My family - sister, father, niece and nephews... wonderful people who look out for me
    3. Recent opportunities coming up in work
    4. I'm not in jail (weird to mention this, but it's one I often think of... I'm free!)
    5. I'm growing spiritually - increasingly i feel that God loves me
    6. The friends I have made all over the world... so many good good, kind wonderful people!
    7. I have had a series of motorcycles loaned to me by a friend for free
    8. I'm at least reasonably attractive to the opposite sex..
    9. I am blessed with talent as a writer
    10. This forum![/li]

Anyway... that's just a starter... but a good one I hope... will follow up with more soon!


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Okay, I'll try to make this a short story:

Back around 2010, my boyfriend (Bobby) and I broke up after a 1.5 year relationship. That Christmas, I received a notebook from my dad and deemed it "The Magic Notebook" http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=4818.0#quickreply

So, I used that notebook for half a year, writing stories of how he came back to me and how deeply in love we are (pretty much describing an ideal relationship). Then I've decided to stop because I needed to live life and not get addicted to this, go out in the world and see if maybe I was writing a story for a relationship with a different guy.

I let Bobby go, and somehow he would still contact me (or sometimes I would contact him) once every year for a week or so. Except there were two years where we didn't contact each other. But two of those times he contacted me (one in 2014 and once this year), was because he recently broke up with his girlfriend (two different ones). The contact was mainly platonic and catching up with each other, but sometimes there would be a hint of intimacy. I ignored that, thinking it was just him trying to get laid or something and usually when he sends me something like that, I end the contact.

But this year was different (at least, I hope it is). As mentioned previously, Bobby just recently messaged me telling me how he and his girlfriend just broke up. I finally had enough of this contact-no contact stuff. In a long paragraph, I told him something like "thank you for informing me of your break up and I am so sorry you are going through this. If we are to continue this, I would like to have a healthy relationship (friendship) and if not, then we don't need to speak to each other again. I hope you find healing in your hurt, and I really care about you, but I don't think you feel the same way about me." Which then he tells me that he has always been romantically and physically attracted to me, and always will be (not to be confused with love, he noted). He said his ideal relationship with me would be sharing what we can with each other and talk for hours and hours about our lives while holding each other, and doing things like that for the rest of our lives. Of course, I swooned over this because I've always wanted that kind of relationship with someone. I just stopped expecting it to be with him and opened myself to find it somewhere else.

It's been almost 7 years when I wrote for my new year's resolution "Bobby will tell me he loves me and it will start a beautiful, long fulfilling relationship between only me and him" and 6 years since I wrote my "small goals" (as seen in my magical notebook post): "Bobby will become single and more than ecstatic to be in a loving, healthy relationship with only me."

Now, I know those two haven't exactly happened yet, but this one part of a dream I wrote down 7 years ago: He told me " I've never told anyone this, but I have always loved you and I always will." It's pretty similar to what he told me previously this week.

Long story short, the magic notebook has been magical this whole time. I'm still processing all of this, but I just wanted to share with you this success story.

Hello amazing attractors!

I was reading random posts and felt the urge to talk to everybody trying to attract an ex or a specific person (what I am going to say can be applied to any area though).

In many many posts, you can read «I managed to attract a text», «How can I get a text from him/ her?», «Why is he/she not answering my text?»... So yes, you are focusing on receiving a text message, then what? You will receive it, be happy for a second and then complain again that your special one doesn't answer? And then again, and again...?

Seriously guys, what does a text means to you? Because it should mean nothing! It is not the sign that your love is coming to you...You are playing with the laws of the universe, so you need to aim big! You want this special someone, fine. So focus on the end result, the beautiful loving relationship you have, the way they look into your eyes, the new beautiful memories.

You are strong, you are powerful way beyond what you think, you are the deliberate creator of your life and your own reality, so why on earth would you choose to manifest a tiny text when you can have the full movie of your perfect relationship, popcorn included?

I learned from Bob Proctor the following, that may talk to some: «Don't reach for what you can do, or think you can do, reach for what you want».

A text message is not an end result, it is just the smallest thing you can manifest. So if it is only what you asked for, then you got it and there is nothing to complain about in your ex-back journey. But if you are willing to write your relationship success story, know that you can do better than that, so use your creative power to dream big!!

I wish you joy, love and success stories!
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