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I feel like I need some help from an experience LOA'er one on one

I've just got questions and just recently had some news that has knocked me down a bit, and I think I know why I got the news... But I want to change the result of that news. But need help.

Any mentoring people would recommend? And dare I ask, free *ish.

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on: January 18, 2018, 12:20:32 AM 3 Success Stories / Success Stories / Manifesting

I've been having great success with my manifestations. I just started my LOA journey a little over a month ago, but lately, as I've been learning more new techniques and such, they have helped me A LOT within my progress. If you read my last stories, you know that letting go has worked for me (on 1/6/2018 I manifested 4 jackpot arcade wins! and on 1/13/2018, I manifested a small plushie haha  :))  )
Besides from those, I manifested a couple dollars/coins and other small things, but yesterday I did something a little different.

On 1/15/2018 (around 5:00 PM)

So yesterday... I was in my room and just randomly... I thought "Hey.... let's manifest some money". I did it for fun, just for the heck of it.
So.. I said "I manifested some money". "I am prosperity". And then, walked out the door to go hang out with family/friends.
I completely forgot about my manifestation as I was too busy enjoying my time out with loved ones :)
As you can see, I didn't say what exact time I'll receive it nor did I say how much I will receive. Next time I'll be more specific though  :)
As I said in my other posts, I found that letting go is much easier when you "distract" yourself with other things. For example, you can hang out with family/friends, go outside, read a book, watch videos/movies/TV, travel, play games, etc. Anything that you enjoy really and gets your mind off of it :)

NOW today, 1/16/2018 (2:00 PM)
I just received $50 dollars from a family member unexpectedly (mailed letter). Not a birthday gift, celebration, or anything in that sort. Just out of nowhere. It was definitely not a coincidence. I'm not from that type of family that just always sends out money, so getting $50 dollars is VERY rare and very unusual.  I was so surprised!  :)

I am very grateful 💖

Loving my LOA journey  :)

thank you for reading!
please comment/reply  :D
Several years ago, I decided to really delve into the Law of Attraction. The concept had always fascinated me and I had come to realize, from my past, that many specific things I had desired or had said would happen actually did.

I wanted to find out if I could really consciously make my desires happen. I had really gotten into Neville Goddard. His books and audios deeply resonated with me. Especially things like "Feeling Is The Secret"

So one day, after feeling very inspired, I thought about a car I really wanted. A Porsche GT3. So I went to the Porsche website and they had a kind of simulator program where you could put your name on a virtual helmet and have internal and external views of the sample car on the site. The car they had on the site had silver paint with pink accents (It was actually pretty cool looking).

So anyway, I sat in my easy chair with my laptop and some alpha wave music and sat and focused on this car on the website and visualized myself wearing the virtual safety helmet that I had put my name on. I did this for about 20 minutes.

After I stopped, I realized I had to go to work. At the time I had a part time job driving a bus. So I left home and went to pick up my passengers.

On my way home after I dropped everyone off, what id I see? THE EXACT MODEL PORSCHE IN THE SAME COLORS AS ON THE WEBSITE AND IT HAD PULLED UP RIGHT NEXT TO MY BUS.  People, this just does not happen. There are not many high priced vehicles in the area where I drove, let alone $180K Porsches!

Ok... maybe that was a fluke.

So, a couple of days later, I was looking at Lamborghinis online. I came across a beautiful one painted orange. I really liked that car. So I again sat in my chair, put on some alpha wave music and visualized owning and driving that car.

Again, I spent about 20 minutes to half an hour visualizing. Again, right after I had to leave to do my bus route.

As I came to an intersection on a large street that I had to cross a couple of blocks from my home, guess what passed me JUST as I reached the intersection? TWO Lamborghinis driving together. One was white, the other WAS ORANGE.

The incredible thing is that where I lived was a total working class neighborhood. No one had a Mercedes, let alone a $200k Lamborghini. And those TWO vehicles "just happened" to be passing by at just the moment when I got the the intersection? And one of them happened to be the orange color I loved?

That is when it totally solidified for me that LOA is not only real, but if you truly focus with feeling on what you want, it WILL happen. The key is that you have to truly "forget" about it for things to be put in motion relatively quickly.

So, that is my "Ah Ha!" story with LOA!

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