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So,I AM manifesting a girlfriend,haha and I just need some tips on how to patient during the time gap? Im focusing on not having negative thoughts,and im using a technique. Thanks!

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So,ive just started using this technique today where I just plain imagine what I want. Kinda like  visualization. Like Ill walk around thinking and feeling, "yeah im a relationship" or "yeah I have a million dollars" as if I already currently have it. Its increased my belief,and im wondering if anyone else has used this technique?

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I manfiested a new job! I applied at Panda Express a few days ago,I had been out of work for almost a year. I live with my parents.,expect for a few jobs here and there. I started to say: it doesnt matter,I already know I have the job,and if I dont get it,maybe but at the end of the day I still have the job. Then today I had the interview,and he hired me on the stop,giving me the highest pay in the position. Im so happy,I was down to a few hundered bucks,I was pretty desperate. I had applied for job after job,but nothing changed. Biggest reason is because of this intern program im in,and that took alot of my time. I was fired from my previous job at Menards last August. I thank the Universe for bringing me this job. It also gives me more faith in the Law of attraction,which I have been struggling with.
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