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Hi all! This success story is about how I manifested getting accepted into a very top university for my post-grad studies, and got over my fear of being attached/not-letting-go in the process.

I faced the greatest contrast of my life towards the end of my undergrad studies, which affected an important aspect of my results. So despite having a great academic record, this one aspect was enough to ruin everything. I felt my future was over - that I had no chance of getting accepted for either studies or jobs in this field. I got rejected from some jobs and courses I applied to as well. I was so disappointed and heartbroken that all of my sparkly academic work could be so easily ruined by something I couldn't control, that I lost interest in the field.

Anyway, after getting into LOA, I started having hope again and eventually felt interested in my field again and made applications to 3 very top universities. Let's call them X, Y and Z - X being the most highly ranked one and my preferred uni.

Usually when I try to manifest something, I am really scared of being too attached. I would normally try to detach by telling myself that I would be ok no matter which uni I get into. Maybe someday I'll get to work at X, even if I can't study there etc. But I did this method for a number of things, none of which happened, and I was getting really frustrated at what felt like denying myself of things I want.

So I decided to follow Abraham's advice of putting my feeling-good first, and fully believing in my desires instead. I told myself I am the creator of my reality, and if I want to go to X, that's where I am getting accepted. Not just someday in the future, but right now.

I then worked on my feelings (of being worthy of and belonging at X) and beliefs regarding X. I went from believing I am more likely to get accepted at a low ranked uni, to believing I belong to X and that being a vibrational match to X, I couldn't possibly get accepted at lower ranked unis. I also got over some negative beliefs regarding the kind of people who go to expensive universities. At this point, I knew that it was only a matter of time before my physical reality matches my vibration.

Two days later, things happened really fast and I got an unconditional offer  :)

Edit on 18/03/19: Forgot to mention I had a gap year where I didn't do anything academic or job-related, to explain in my personal statements.
And it came way earlier than I expected.

I like designing dresses in my mind. So I was designing a ghagra-choli (an Indian dress) in my mind and was thinking that one day I want to find a designer to make it for me, because it's not possible to find this kind of dress where I live (middle east) - at least I haven't seen one since I was a child - and none of the tailors I know are up to the task.

I designed in my mind the overall look, the kind of material, the colours, the sleeves etc, but was fuzzy on details such as the ergonomics of the top, the exact patterns, embroidery, stone-work etc. So I asked the Universe to fill in those details for me, because I trust the Universe knows what I will and won't like.

I currently don't have the financial freedom to get a designer (or if I can even find one where I live) and have the dress made professionally, but I fully believed and knew I can have this dress regardless. So I visualised what it'd look like, how I'd look and feel in it etc for the fun of it.

3-4 days later I went Christmas shopping. I was planning to wear a dress I already had for Christmas, and although I was initially dissatisfied with not having something new, I learned to appreciate what clothes I did have and was looking for new shoes to go with it. And that's when I noticed that after more than 10 years, suddenly they had ghagra-cholis! And I found one just like what I had in mind. All the details I skipped were nicely filled in and I absolutely adored it. I even got it at a Very attractive price, even without considering the Christmas discount.

Thought I should share this story considering my very first post on this forum was about how I tried to experiment in LOA by trying to manifest a dress and couldn't  :D I have certainly come a Long way since then, and I thank everyone on this forum who helped along the way, either directly through replies or through their own posts.  :)

on: October 20, 2018, 07:25:38 PM 3 Success Stories / Success Stories / Cured lifelong crippling anxiety

I used to have crippling anxiety on a constant basis. It was just a tendency to get stressed easily at first, until it got to a point where sometimes I had to sleep all day because it caused so much fatigue especially when things got particularly difficult. I had this constant feeling of dread (rapid erratic heart beating and sometimes even pain), even when everything was fine, like I was in a constant fight or flight mode. I have tried medications and counselling etc, but didn't really help.

Anyway, couple months back I really wanted to prioritise feeling better more than manifesting any of the things I wanted. However, it felt like a struggle, like I was trying too hard and even when I did feel good, I could still feel my heart beating erratically like it could burst into full-blown anxiety any second. I worried how I'd ever 'feel good' when I had this condition I felt I couldn't control. But then I told myself that maybe I am just making a big deal out of it. Maybe everyone's hearts beat like that, but they just don't pay attention to it, and I can feel good regardless.

Then I had this realisation that the Universe was on my side and wanted to help me more than I wanted help. With that came the realisation that the reason for all of my anxiety was my focusing on all the jobs that belonged to the Universe as I tended to over obsess over the details and the how and if of everything. Once I accepted this, I felt so free, so liberated. No need to be worried about anything, no need to brace myself, no need to be prepared for this and that, no need to make endless plans and backup plans and more backup plans for those plans and so on, and no need to think about everything that could go wrong and bracing myself for that. I felt ENORMOUS relief. It was literally like I was seeing the world in black and white until then and suddenly I could see all the colours. I felt inspired to practice gratitude and I could enjoy everything like a wonder-filled newborn  :D :D

I think the 'cure' was instantaneous. I was so busy being happy and relieved that I only noticed my involuntary erratic heart beating was no longer there after about 2 days. Now I finally know what it is like to be calm. My heart and my emotions feel normal now, no matter what happens, and I can do so many things now that my anxiety held me back from once, and I am still exploring my 'new' life.  :D

on: July 05, 2018, 03:23:56 AM 4 Success Stories / Success Stories / Unexpected Goodies

Hi all,
          I have very recently started my journey into LOA which started from a really dark place in my life and wish to share some good things I manifested simply by staying happy, positive and grateful. Some of these stories may not be 'big' by LOA standards, but for me they are miracles because I used to be that person for whom everything always went wrong and nothing was reliable. I mean, I sincerely believed the only reason I wasn't struck by lightning yet was because I lived in a desert. Also keep in mind while reading that I am a visual thinker, and so whenever I say I 'thought', 'wondered' etc, it means I visualised and usually also felt the emotions. Anyway, here goes.

My Conversion - from atheist to LOA believer

I come from a very strict Catholic family but eventually turned into an atheist (albeit in secret, so my family wouldn't disown me :D) once I travelled abroad for university. But without even faith to back me up, I spiralled into stress and worry and ALL of my worst nightmares came true. Things really went out of its way to magically go wrong for me such that everyone found it rather spooky. At that point for me, believing everything was a coincidence was more fanciful an idea than believing in God. It literally made more sense to think Jesus sat around messing things for me and laughing his head off all day. 
        I then delved into religion for answers, first Christianity then Hinduism, Lord Shiva and the idea of getting release from 'moh-maya' (our attachment to reality which is but an illusion and the cause of all suffering) and eventually LOA which could explain everything.
        So this isn't technically a 'success' story, but for me, this is how I developed and now maintain my unwavering faith in LOA because this was how I realised, from being a proud student of science, that science (as we know it currently) doesn't answer everything. Even if nothing I want ever manifests, I wouldn't be able to stop believing in LOA because of the inexplicable ways in which my fears manifested.

Instant miracle food when I really needed it
I had just finished church, and suddenly felt hungry (due to sudden sugar-lows which can make me instantly hungry, shivery and weak) and needed something sweet to eat. But unless there is a special occasion at church (which there wasn't that day) there won't be any food/snacks after church. So I wondered if I'd be ok until we got to a shopping centre on the way back home (which is about an hour away), did the whole week's shopping etc to get something to eat in the car.
      But because I was so happy for myself and everyone else at church, I just told myself I'd be ok, thought maybe I'd find an old forgotten packet of biscuits in the car etc, and then started thinking about what I'd get to eat when I shop and because I visualise very vividly, I could almost taste it and feel better already. And suddenly there was food right in front of my eyes.
      I saw everyone picking up packets containing buns from a basket in the corner. Apparently, someone had given it to the church as a thanksgiving offering because something they prayed for came true. Ours is a small-ish church and this kind of thing never happens. As it turned out, the bun was also sweet. I think I still can't quite believe it. I wasn't even thinking about LOA, but now I realise I used all the 'steps' without realising it.

Won a faith ... challenge?

My dad's business wasn't going well and he was stressing out - hardly any profit was the new norm. I told him to have patience and faith and everything will turn out ok. It was a bit of a debate, so he asked me why a certain academic document I was waiting for (6 months +) wasn't here yet, does that mean I don't have faith either? (It was something I didn't care about, but it meant a lot to my parents). I told him that it is because I have faith that I did what I could and have left the rest to God.
        Now, after the convo I kind of panicked a little. What if I just gave dad hope and then nothing happened? He'd end up feeling worse. But I felt reassured when I realised the Universe wouldn't put me in such a situation and forgot about it.
        The very next day, Dad made a huge sale in a single day, the kind that hadn't happened for more than a year. His faith was restored and he felt a lot better and hopeful. The day (or two) after, he received a call from the post office saying the document I was waiting for had arrived days prior and was awaiting collection, and it increased his faith even more. So I 'won' the challenge of sorts.

Financial abundance

I didn't need money for anything in particular, but I realised the importance of keeping the feeling of abundance and focused on that, visualised money raining down on my family and my town etc. That day my brother got a raise in his job and I also had the challenge with my dad. Not only did he make a great sale the next day, but ever since his business has been doing similarly or better everyday although I don't visualise anymore.

I had also supported a game on Kickstarter that I really believed in. The creators ended up in debt during the development process even though most of their crew were fans who grew up loving their games and worked largely for free. I thought it would be great if someone could just sponsor them, and that if I had that sort of money (millions) I would gladly set them up for life because I have learned so much from them and their games. After a while I got news that an anonymous fan did indeed sponsor their current game as well as the entire planned series of games. I am so happy for them just like I imagined.
I must say, now that I have written them down, my stories don't sound so small anymore. I feel a lot more grateful!  ;)

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Hi all!,
          I am trying to manifest an important email that can really kickstart my career. Even if I forget about it for the rest of the day, whenever I check my email, I can't help but be in a 'will it/won't it be there' mentality. So, should I refrain from checking that account?

Thank you!

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