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I know there's currently a similar thread about using RI for someone else, but I was wondering, is it really a good idea for us to try influencing or using loa vis for other people? I'm talking more in terms of ex back or specific person situations here. But should we tamper with other people's issues?

I'm just thinking back to a time when I tried to help a friend of mine who wanted her ex back:  this friend asked me to vis for her, so I tried to picture her telling me that her love was back with her and that they were so happy, etc. I also did RI on him, instructing him to contact my friend. I don't know why, but even when I sat down to visualize all this, I did feel a bit uncomfortable about doing it. Something didn't seem right, somehow, but I squelched my doubts and got on with it anyhow.

Some days later, the ex got engaged to another woman and it was all over the new fiancée's facebook. My friend was distraught. I was left wondering what went wrong.

So all these people who say "please visualize for me"....is it really a good idea? We've all got different and fluctuating energies that could perhaps negatively affect a certain outcome and blow it for another person. What do you think?

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I was reading a while back about psychic attacks from the Forbidden Parapsychology book. I originally had no interest in using any of that, but now I'm worried that my ex is stalking me again. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but someone saw me online in my facebook late at night when I definitely wasn't there. There is no evidence that I forgot to log out. This is identical to what happened the last time when he hacked my accounts - people seeing me online when I wasn't -  and so I'm starting to worry that somehow he has managed to find his way into my fb again. He is blocked, but a few months back he created several false accounts in order to spy on me, or for whatever reason.

I want to give this person a psychic attack in order to keep him away from me. However, I absolutely do not want to cause any harm to him. I also worry about the law of Karma. But right now I just want to intimidate him or put him off wanting to have anything to do with me.

Have any of you ever successfully used Psychic attack to keep someone away but not to harm them? Any advice would be helpful.


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Recently a whole lot of people on the forum have mentioned doing longer sessions of RS (30+ minutes per session). And it seems that more and more of you are reporting either success with the target, or at least some noticable reaction from them (sometimes contact from them, sometimes "resistance" etc). I also have felt in my own experience with it that longer sessions do probably have more impact.

Then I saw an article on telepathy and I found something it said interesting:

"Here is a “trick” that most people never use in mental communications. The
mind will form a link to this other person rapidly and naturally (just looking into
someone else’s eyes tends to cause a link to form that is measurable on an
EEG.), but maintaining focus on them in this way for a longer time period (say
20 minutes to an hour) before trying to send or receive information will link your
minds much more firmly and cause them to synchronize to a much higher level.
So be prepared to focus for some time before attempting anything!

In general, the more time you spend in direct contact with another mind, the
easier it will become to reach them solidly. With enough work on a single
individual, this effect can become far stronger and almost instantaneous in
some cases."

So after reading that I'm wondering if that longer period of time gives us a greater chance of getting in synch with the target's mind, and therefore we become more able to transmit our messages or emotions to them.

The full article on telepathic transmission and reception is here:  http://enlightenedstates.com/index.php/2016/07/30/telepathic-transmission-and-reception/
Hi everyone,

After reading Christina1989's thread "I did RS and he is obsessed with me", and based on my own experience, when I upped the time of my RS sessions from 15 minutes to half an hour each session, I began to strongly suspect that longer sessions might be more effective, at least during the phase when you are attracting the target to you. I became even more convinced when I read a thread from Lanie Stevens' forum. I hope it's ok to post a thread from another forum, but I thought it was interesting to compare notes. I'm not saying that I know for SURE that longer sessions are more effective, but they really do seem to be, based on what a lot of people are saying. The only way to know for sure is to experiment and find out! :-)

Just to explain, if you do read the thread, "PW" refers to a kind of remote influence/love visualization and BWD refers to a session that has some similarities with Magic Touch. Here's the link: http://laniestevensforum.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=1997

I was just searching the RAH article on RS when I came across a PDF version that you can download.

I learned RS from this article and really, although I have read more on the subject and tweaked it a bit here and there, I have never found anythng better or more effective:


Hi everyone.

I'm posting on behalf of a friend of mine (with her consent).

She has been in a relationship with a guy for several months. She actually attracted him using the loa: he had all of the qualities that she had asked for. In the beginning he was crazy for her, and he talked of marriage. In her case, she needs to get married urgently. If not, her parents will insist on an arranged marriage. They are flexible, but there is only so long they will be prepared to wait. They don't nag, but still this is a continual source of pressure for her.

During this time she has been using Lanie Stevens' "Pussy Whip" method (a form of remote influence). Occasionally she also used the method from Lanie's other book "Make Him Burn With Desire Only For You" (a 5-10 minute version of RS). This she would do nightly because she had read Neville Goddard and liked his suggestion of doing the visualizing then. But with "Burn with Desire" she noticed her guy would withdraw any romantic talk whatsoever. "Pussy Whip" gave her only occasional results, and only on topics that weren't about love.

Rather than being more attracted to her with the RI/RS, the guy was getting moody and distant. With RS people can often put distant behaviour down to "resistance", but in this case he just seemed to be backing off because he wanted to. He would almost never agree to meet up with her, even though contact was just a metro trip away; he would make excuses whenever she asked. He also dropped all talk of marriage. She would tell me that she sensed something was wrong; she worried that the spark was gone. Finally last week he ended things with her.

This is almost an exact copy of what happened to an earlier relationship, which she was in over a year ago. That man also started getting moody, distant, and then dropped her. She feels that both times, whenever she used any form of remote influence or loa, it made things worse, not better. It's all very strange that this happens, because she is a very beautiful girl, intelligent and fun.

Has anyone got any idea why all this backfired for her so badly? Also, what steps can she take to start attracting him back into her life without this kind of thing happening to her? She would very much like to attract back and marry this man.

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on: September 26, 2016, 08:06:35 PM 7 Success Stories / Success Stories / Manifesting game worked!

Maybe I'm being silly posting this. But it really made me smile. Just for fun the other day I decided to play a manifesting game by Sarah Prout (I regularly get her newsletters). The first part of the game was to set the intention that I would see something from a list of things, within 24 hours. One of them was the number 111.

The following day I was out with my guy. We were about to cross the road when a bus went past. I paid no attention, but my guy pointed and said "oh that bus has 111 on the side of it. That was my number when I was in the army!"   

It's such a lot of fun playing these manifesting games.  :)
Here's a technique I read about on the internet a while back. I haven't tried it myself, but it looks promising:

Apparently, it's from a little known book called "Make Them Come to You" (which doesn't seem to be available anymore):

"Relax in a comfortable chair or bed. NOW SEE THE OTHER PERSON WANTING YOU.
Enter make-believe here. Turn things upside down.
You make him or her be the one wanting you not the other way round.
In fact you have to imagine that he or she wants to come to you more than you do now!

See this as vividly and as actively as you can. See them Anxiously dialling your phone
number , writing to you,or approaching you; whatever it is you would like them to do.
But we have to take this much futher, further than you expected.Until now he or she has
been disinterested or disiclined... In your imagination this is what you must be!

You become disinterested and disinclined: all the time seeing them as making the running
for you.
You are switching the polarities!
In your imagination, you must make this as real as possible. You've got to really get into it
You see him or her doing all in there power to make it with you and you are unmoved!


Whatever position you are in,chair a bed, you do this for as long as you like.Five minutes may
be enough, or half a hour if you wish.
You repeat the same procedure every day. Don't worry if you miss a day; but you keep at it
till you get a result.
What you are in fact doing is invoking the law of reversal: if something is not working do the

A result may only take a few days to materialize, or a few weeks. It might even take months:

Now comes the part you may not expect. Can you imagine what might happen, if day after day
you are picturing them wanting you, but you being indifferent? After two weeks of this you might
actually find you ARE indifferent! You might just find that you DON'T ACTUALLY CARE IF THEY COME TO YOU OR NOT!
Suddenly you are free of your need;and you can move on. If that doesn't happen then you can expect the other to come to you. I know it will happen,for that's what I've experienced."

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*Note to all readers: this is a post that was written by Moonlight Concerto, not by Anna1408:

I've decided to start a new thread based on comments and responses that came in over here :


The subject is meaty enough to stand alone, imo.


Adam does not understand the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind. He does not even understand where thoughts come from. He is telling everyone a thought by thought countering conscious mind method is the same as subconscious faith. A little examination reveals that it is not.

[ Lets ONLY focus on tough situations with strong attachment like ex back situations. After all, if something works for that, it will work for anything. ]
Conscious thoughts come from beliefs in the subconscious mind. And how did that belief get there? A thought about something you picked up from somewhere else, or encouraged by other beliefs related to what you're now thinking about, gets associated with a negative feeling, is repeated over and over again in your head, and then forms a belief about that specific object.

Subsequent to that, "spontaneous" thoughts from that subconscious belief bubbles to the surface and we become aware of it at other times.

You can counter that negative belief in the same way that it got there in the first place, by countering each and every negative thought with a "hey just allow the universe to deliver this to you" thought. That will take such a long time to counter the underlying subconscious negative belief and all its friends. Yes, not only will you have to counter that negative belief specific to that object, but also beliefs related to the general environment about it. For instance you'll have to counter " this guy doesn't look like he will make an decent offer on my house" as well as " the market for houses is now depressed", etc.

Neville's brother was a victim of this substandard method. There's a famous story about how Neville's family came to own a particular building in Barbados - their first major business success. This happened before Neville became an expert in the LOA. The brother would stop by the building on his way to and from work every day, and imagine his family's name on the building. This was a building that his father had been cheated out of by other business partners. Imagine the attachment in that situation. What happened ? He got the building in 24 hours from the start of conventional physical actions to its successful conclusion, when someone offered to buy it for him at interest at an auction taking place that day.

Sounds good right? Now...how long did he take to get to that crucial 24 hours? It took him 2 years. 2 years. TWO YEARS. Uh huh.

Countering a single thought is not the same as countering an entire subconscious belief system.

Take a look at the first 10 minutes of this clip, an interview with Neville's student :

See how quickly the nightly method, or a direct subconscious mind reprogramming method, will work. I bet if Neville's brother knew about this, he would have had that building within 2 MONTHS instead of 2 years. Why? Because direct reprogramming of the subconscious mind works much faster to change subconscious beliefs compared to conscious countering of each conscious thought. If he had used this method faithfully every day just like he did with the conscious mind method, he would have had something like 6-10 choice properties in the same 2 years, instead of just 1.

This is the reason why Adam, though claiming to be successful in the LOA, is not now a multimillionaire who hobnobs with the rich but not necessarily famous, and does not have a staff of 42 people to run his businesses and personal affairs. He does not have rock solid faith even after so long. I mean, if you really WERE good at the LOA, how long would it take to get you to $5 million and 4 key personal assistants and general managers for yourself and your businesses?

And that's because he is using a very inefficient method,  a conscious mind based method to build that would take him 6-10 times the years needed to get there.

Adam seems intelligent - we have all read his posts - but we have mistaken his pithy eloquence for genuine IQ. Proof ? He's the guy who happened to have a direct experience of God which resulted in his friend's mom being healed of cancer/flipped into a reality where she has no cancer, and then FORGOT TO MENTION THAT LITTLE DETAIL ABOUT JESUS in the course of his writings, until MUCH LATER.

" Oh I got on the bus and I just happened to sit next to Jesus himself. God was one of us! What's on the telly, luv? " Clearly the mark of an LOA expert. That's why he recommends that people use a conscious mind method for difficult targets. Right on.

This is also why his exes come back to him 1-2 years later, long after he's stopped wanting and thinking about them, and he actually cites this here as proof that he's GOOD at LOA.

If Adam was actually good at it, and actually decided to brag about it (the two can come together, no problems), it COULD look like this :

And he MAY teach something like this :


And he MIGHT say something like this :

She even says the word "allow" once or twice ! :)

No mother can heal her child of cancer using Adam's "allowing" method. Do you have a child? A niece or nephew? Now imagine that kid being diagnosed with terminal cancer, and you saying " its nice if the healing happens but if it doesn't and this child dies, then that's Gods will". That is what allowing is all about if you read the definitions of it on the web (instead of Adam's distorted rewording of faith. ) This is the same as modern Jews and Muslims saying "its all God's will" and these are considered fatalistic religions for a reason.

But many parents have fixed this exact situation by going to God and demanding a solution. Demanding is not the same as allowing and will never be.

This is total faith, and you actually only need it for a split second to heal cancer, and many ordinary unfaithful people also do stuff like that in times of crisis. That said, it is nice to have it all the time which is why you must start with and stick to the correct methods of building faith.

This is the same total faith that allows you to ask for a specific object, or person, or experience, and by a certain specific time, and even through a certain specific way, and if you like, over and over again.

Have you ever wondered why an infinitely capable universe needs you to trust its intelligence and leave things up to it ? Sounds real dumb, doesn't it? It can deliver the goods to you in the most inconvenient way to you if you have the faith for that. Those pornstars of LOA (to coin MC's term) talk about letting the universe decide the time, place and manner of your stuff because they know nothing about true faith, and they can say something unprovable like“ you must’ve not let go, you didn't trust” to anyone who complains they didn't get something.

Notice, Jesus did not say "Father, if it is your will, let Lazarus rise, let this man see, let that man walk, let that woman be healed" He said "thank you father" etc. One was given on the spot, targeted, precise on time delivery.

This is also why allowing as an introductory method will never get you to the point where you can heal anyone's cancer on the spot. Its very ethos is that it is up to the universe.

Allowing as a method works ......ONLY AFTER REPEATED SUCCESS WITH LOA, to the point where you have such implicit faith in the universe/God that you simply choose the solution to any problem and stop thinking about it, because it will surely happen as it has dozens of times before. You may meet someone who talks about allowing and you'll ask him " Brother, you just have faith why do you need to invent a new word and complicate things around it? Is it because you're working out your rejection of organised religions which tortured you in childhood, or you simply lack understanding?"

Only dedicated building of faith will gradually make it total faith in the end. Allowing will never get you to total faith: And allowing requires you to change your personality. Building faith doesn't only requires hard work, which should be part of your personality anyway. Allowing is a value judgment. Building faith is unconditional.

People who live their lives allowing the universe to send them good things, will receive some good things, but they will never be able to slaughter thousands like was done by the Jews in the Old Testament. Do you think they are using different principles ? Do you think Joshua allowed God to stop the sun so that he had enough daylight to kill his enemy? No, he demanded it in total faith and it was done unto him. And of course when you get there you don't need to slaughter thousands. You can use it for your own personal goals.

If Adam feels that allowing and permission slips are the truth, then he must answer how it worked for the Israelites who, in the heat of battle used God to demolish the enemy violently. I suspect his answer will be that that stuff is not true, is legend, etc. I'd like to see him look at Moses and say " Dude, what are you babbling about, you actually ALLOWED God to part the Red Sea ! ".

The Bible talks about faith and faith and faith and faith and there is a good reason for that. You either listen to the Bible on faith, or you can listen to Adam on allowing.

[Please note, you don't have to believe in the Bible's value system of right and wrong. This only relates to LOA faith moving mountains and money to your front door. ]

So if you take the path of allowing, after two years, you'll still be on the forums talking about how smart you are when you've missed the fact that Jesus/God was a critical element in your friend's healing from cancer, even years after the incident happened. This is no different from people getting the odd miracle and being unable to explain why or replicate it intentionally. And you will still insist on needing proof of performance when you're asked to debate on the facts of truth, because you don't know the truth and you know that what you know can't stand up to scrutiny, and you are too insecure to handle that.

If anyone had true faith, they would be multi millionaires with everything in life together (and not simply talking about going on an ideal date one month after you imagined it) working actively to save the world efficiently. Your neighbourhood may not need saving but just logon to cnn.com and you'll see another neighbourhood that does. Or you will be teaching people to do this, writing books, preaching, or supporting others doing so from behind the scenes. You won't be on forums stroking your edick and bragging about the toys you've made with LOA.

Being able to do things consistently, in the heat of continuous battle, is mastery.

Some children are taught to ride bicycles by fixing training wheels to the rear wheel, so they can't fall.  They will not be able to ride their bicycles too fast, and turn too quickly, either, and will develop habits and behaviour which prevent them from riding a normal bike later. They will never be able to grow up to ride motorcycles. Other kids are taught to ride by giving them a 2 wheeler just tall enough for them to stop a fall with their feet, but no training wheels. They can fall if they are not too careful. What happens? They keep trying and working at it, and suddenly snap into a natural balance, can't explain why it happens, learn to ride and feel like they are flying, and eventually have no trouble balancing on a heavy motorcycle. And they can certainly learn to handle the motorcross of life itself.


So, let me sum up, for clarity for you and for me.

1. Desire alone is enough to move mountains. Desire is a non-relativistic force (this is a relativistic universe). It existed before this universe, just like God existed before this universe. Desire is the force, and imagination is the mold, by which God creates everything. The more time you spend with God or Godly people, the more you create in this way. Its that simple.

2. If you don't want to be Godly and yet wish to move mountains consistently, subconscious faith needs to be mixed with your desire. Unless you're born with unshakable faith (and some people are), that faith needs to be deliberately built to get to that level. We have often picked up negative beliefs from childhood on, and reinforced those beliefs with negative experiences, so our subconscious mind is largely negative. The solution is to do the work needed to effectively reprogram the subconscious mind with faith.

3. There are fast ways and slow ways to rebuild subconscious faith. Every way gets faster with practice. Obviously its better to practice faster ways from the very beginning.

4. Every thought is a symptom of a subconscious belief. This is not precisely true in every case, but is a very accurate working assumption.

5. Responding to every conscious thought with conscious faith, is a very slow way of reprogramming the subconscious mind. If you happen to possess some NATURAL TALENT to do this (just like AishuLOA creates quickly by just acting as if, a difficult conscious mind method), that's nice, but it doesn't mean its an universally fast way. Allowing, permission slips, affirmations, all of these are conscious mind methods. They have a poor track record of success across the board.

6. Direct subconscious reprogramming methods such as alpha meditation, the nightly method (same as the morning method), and self hypnosis, and others, are simple ways for anyone to reprogram the subconscious mind without any talent, but just work alone. They have been proven over 100 years worldwide and with people of all educational levels. This is an objective observation.

7. Believing that the universe will give it to you, and then consciously allowing for it with each negative conscious thought which appears, must FIRST require the subconscious belief that the universe will give it to you. You get there by programming it in directly.

8. Letting go and letting God. Most people focus on letting go and essentially stop there. This is failure, quitting, giving up, losing, loss, defeat and exhaustion. Letting God is subconscious faith in God to get the job done for you. The whole phrase means having total faith in God to do something that you accept you can't do yourself with your human abilities. The most important part of the phrase is of course, the bit about faith.

9. When you quit on something, you MAY step away from it so completely that it is completely absent from your mind. This means all mental forces, both positive and negative, cease broadcasting to the universe, as they have no subject in front of them to pay attention to and 'talk' about. Then, your latent native desire alone persisted just a tad, and it came back to you. Remember #1 above : desire alone is enough to create reality. However, nothing mental must be involved.

10. Most people who give up (or 'let go') do not get what they desire, and even then, not consistently. Why ? They still believe in probability, at their core. If you grew up that way, that's in there for sure. This too is a general thinking that will be replaced by repeated success with faith for repeated objectives, into possibility thinking. [ This point edited in for clarity from earlier thread. ]

11. Some brains, analysis, and a dedication to understanding the truth regardless of bias, is required to sieve out the real facts of reality creation from the stuff that LOA pornstars and talented ignorami spout on the internet. This is our personal responsibility and not anyone else's. If we fail, then you will believe a different set of wrong beliefs, and mistake someone else's natural talents for universally applicable facts. This will cost you time, money, and motivation.


When you have total faith, you know you have everything, and then you seek to share it with everybody. I don't know why, but it generally tends to work that way. It doesn't seem to be a rule or a value system just something that happens naturally. Maybe its because, your ultimate personal insecurity - that you can lose something that is important - is totally gone. When I get there, and I surely will because I have faith in myself, (or maybe I'm allowing myself to have faith in myself. loll) I will be sure to tell you guys how it was for me.

p.s. Hey good post eh? I must agree with Willow. We women are the ones who know everything. We just pretend to be blond at times - because its fun to see the guys prancing around like male peacocks thinking they are smart, and some of them look Chippendale good while doing that  (with enough glasses sorry bottles of wine, this will surely also apply to Adam).

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Hi everyone.  :)

I just wanted to share with you all about something I have manifested recently. Over a year ago I was reading about Rhonda Byrne's "cheque" (Rhonda Byrne of "The Secret"), and I decided to give it a try. I didn't even photocopy the cheque, as Rhonda suggests; I simply traced it on some paper and cut it out. Then I wrote a fairly substantial amount on the cheque and focused on it every morning for a few moments with a kind of fun, childlike feeling that this was going to manifest. Then I would put it away and get on with my day.

After a while I stopped looking at the cheque daily and simply forgot about it (although I still kept it i the back of a book).

Then last week I was chatting with a friend of mine and she told me she had manifested the exact amount (almost) of money she had asked for using the Secret Cheque. It was quite a nice amount of money. She also said another friend of ours had managed it too, with a smaller amount. I suddenly remembered that a few weeks ago my brother told me that I was to receive a certain amount of money from a dead relative's will. And what suddenly made my mouth drop open was that I realized suddenly that it was almost the exact amount I had written on my Secret cheque.
I am so happy that this manifested as it really did show me how effective and powerful this simple and fun method of LoA can be, even after I had put the cheque away and forgotten about it. In fact it has given me loads more confidence that I can créate my own reality!  :)

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