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.... I thought about that when I got a junk email today. How many guys have been on here wanting a bigger Willy? I know it seems like a playground topic but I wonder?

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My friend's partner is waiting for test results to see if he has cancer. Another friend has said "he'll be ok if he's meant to be." The sooner this ridiculous phrase is redundant, the better.

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Do you think it is possible to have a belief about something and not be consciously aware of it? For example someone asks your opinion on something or how you feel about an issue and let's say you've never even thought about it before but you now start to think about an answer. If you've never consciously held that belief, would you have subconsciously held the same belief and would it have had a bearing on what you attract or manifest?

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A lot is said about this, and I agree with it. A healthy self image (as opposed to self-aggrandizement) is only a good thing. However ............... there are people who don't have the relationship of their dreams, but who also have a good view of themselves - I consider myself one of these. Nobody has a 100%+ positive view of themselves the whole time. We all have doubts, however fleeting, about our ability to do X, if Y will work out. It's human nature. I am sure even Superman would have to think twice about his ability to fly a Cessna. (Or he may surprise me!)

I had a very poor upbringing and it took me many years to realise that I was actually a worthwhile person. Of course this affected me when I was in my teens and early 20s. I no longer believe I am rubbish, worthless, not deserving and not good enough (though I do sometimes regret the past, and feel it was a waste).

We can all improve, develop and grow, but not having the right partner doesn't always go hand in hand with a lousy self-view, bad behaviour and having to "work on yourself" to see results.

What do you think about this paradox?

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Isn't that a concern for anyone? I've seen a post vaguely mentioning it somewhere. Imagine guy who looked like Dracula doing it? Mind you, Luke Evans ...... Seriously does it bother you that someone you can't stand would do it? I once snogged the face off a guy I neither liked nor fancied. I now feel sick to think how it happened! I was only 18 but sober so no excuse there. And I don't think he used any technical stuff as nobody had heard of it then. Not consciously anyway.

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on: July 16, 2018, 11:52:01 AM 6 General Category / Law of Attraction Lounge / "Go to zero point"

What does that mean? I've seen it in reply to a couple of posts here but I don't know what it means and googling is no help. Thanks.

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I have an interview (well more precisely a selection day; it is more than simply an interview) next week. I am one of those people who can perform well in a job, and put together an excellent application. But when in front of a panel, I perform very differently to how I would in a job or indeed if I was simply talking about myself, my experiences etc to those on the panel. I have sought feedback and this is shown below.

From my general recollection across both interviews, my key piece of advice would be to ensure that in interviews you listen carefully to the question and respond succinctly to this.  I recall that you can give a lot of background in your answers, which can make it difficult for panel members to really see the substance of the response.  Try to keep the question at the forefront of your mind when responding, and think about the key points which you need to cover in order to answer the question.

The issue is, I KNOW all this. But when in front of a panel, it all goes out the window and I revert to "rabbit in headlights" It is involuntary and no amount of talking to myself beforehand, reading, preparation makes a difference. I have had brain freeze and then gabbled. It's also difficult to keep the question in mind when they are long questions with various "parts" to them; it's so easy to lose track. I also have ADD which is another handicap.

Being "succinct" concerns me because I am always afraid of not being thorough enough, which I have been told in the past.

I genuinely don't know how to stop it and would appreciate some sensible advice from other members.


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I guess everyone has given up on The Secret!

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If we're being grateful for various reasons, and think this is a way to get more things to be grateful for, or even a specific something, do you think this is an attempt to fool the universe and we won't be able to pull the wool over the universe's eyes so to speak? For example if I think of very simple things I'm really thankful for lately, they would be someone giving me a lift when the train broke down, meeting an amazing lady today who's still happily working at 77, a great evening with my book group, my football team winning, getting a free gift card for Pret a Manger for starters. These are all fantastic spirit lifters.

I am grateful for these things and experiences, but how do these bring bigger things into my life? More specifically how grateful do we have to be?

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Could we have a separate thread for these/forum area for ease of reference?
How do we get this right? What's the difference between gratitude, thankfulness, feeling blessed? Isn't there a subtle difference? How should we guard against being grateful for crumbs when we know we deserve better? I'm thinking of getting a menial job when you have been in more high flying ones just to pay some of the bills, or being grateful that a rude and disrespectful partner or ex has been pleasant for once, i.e. breadcrumbs.

What do you think?

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on: March 22, 2018, 10:49:59 PM 12 General Category / Law of Attraction Lounge / Knowing your own worth

If you fancied/loved a person, or were in a relationship with them or wanted to be and they said well, I'm going to look out there and see what else is on offer before I commit to you, I might find something better than you, well, you wouldn't hang around or chase after them, would you? Well if you had the right amount of self esteem, anyway, I guess not.  You'd tell them, or think it to yourself if you didn't tell them, that it was their loss and you were going to find someone who was worthy and deserving of you.

So as an analogy, if you were in a company where your contract was coming to an end and there was another role coming up that you know you could do but which hadn't been advertised, you put yourself forward for it and there is nothing said, but they advertise it anyway, would you apply the same principles? I know I would. I'd conclude they had lost out and some other company was more deserving of me.

I said this to a friend who is in the latter situation, and she says it's different to a relationship scenario. But I don't think it is. It's all about knowing your worth and moving on from situations and people who don't treat you with the respect they should do. Or have I got this wrong?

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To the detriment of simply getting on with life?

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"Do self love". "Just love yourself? What does this mean for you? I see it given out as advice all the time and I'm really interested in your own interpretation of this term.

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I fail to understand this and perhaps there's something I'm missing. When I've read posts over years about wanting someone who has cheated, been dismissive, ignored them, been hurtful, ghosted them, said they're in love with someone else or whatever I've always asked myself why they wouldn't tell them they aren't settling for being disrespected and they're going no contact until they treat them properly. It's not rocket science. I don't understand why you would waste time visualising or whatever in these circumstances.

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