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I am also talking about getting your ex back, honestly if you know what you're doing you could combine social skills and RS to get her or him back in basically one meeting but... getting your ex back isn't what I'm talking about here. Though this post still applies.

One more thing for my 'ex enthusiasts', wanting your ex back is grounded in over-attachment which is why RS takes a long ass time to work, or doesn't work at all. It's not RS or RI that's the problem, it's the situation itself. If you really were unattached, you wouldn't want your ex back.

For most people in this community, the 'get your ex back' is actually just a trampoline of failure so that they can get out of their way and use the technology how it's actually supposed to be used. For the handful of people that it does work for, most of the time it ends in disinterest and failure. For the remaining %, it all works out and it's happily ever after for a few years.

So yeah. My dudes, if you're obsessing over your ex you don't have enough women in your life. I don't care if she's got the most draw-dropping hip to waist ratio, the cuttest eyes ever and the silliest quirks in existence. That shit is common, which is the problem with the soulmate BS. You trick yourself into thinking she's 'the one'. Sorry, she's not. There is no 'one', this isn't the Disney channel. Grow some balls and get out there, scarcity mentality harms you and the people you come into contact with.

Now that I've imparted my wisdom on my fellow dudes, I'll also say it applies for ladies.


Now for the main topic.

I suck ass at using RS/RI at a distance. It takes too long and the results are very small. But in person... oh my...

Listen. You can't use RS as your main force. Girls ain't gunna want your high quality meat cause you imagine sending them pink bubbles with complements inside of them.

Maybe she'll look at you with a smile but that's about it.

But you need other things. You need hypnotic eye contact, the kind that trances her out just looking at her. You need a clear and masculine voice. I don't mean whether it's deep or high, though a deep voice certainly helps. You can have a lighter voice but still be very masculine. Grounded, assertive, decisive. You need to carry yourself like you have some balls, which means no more defensive body language and walking with your legs so damn close together. You need to BE ABLE TO HOLD A DAMN CONVERSATION. Shocker I know.

My bois, you need those pheromones too. There's your biological RS. That means hit the gym, get some Zinc in your system, and when you shower wash with natural soap. Normal soap removes a LOT of pheromones from your skin.

If you rely on RS/RI alone, you won't get results.

RS does help. If a girl is losing interest, maybe you're just not in the best mood but you saw her and wanted to approach anyway, you can use RS to SUPPLEMENT. Maybe your escalation attempt is flopping, so you use RS to get her more in the mood.


Social skills, seduction skills, and subcommunication skills are the meal. RS is the supplement when they aren't enough or there aren't as many 'nutrients' that are required for the.... ..... 'close'.

Also if you use RS to make a girl like you and you don't approach her, you look like a total pussy so you're kind of shooting yourself in the leg here.

Although I targetted it at guys, ladies... you can just flip the words around so it applies to you. I'm sorry to say but most guys out here are pussies. I'm sorry for my dudes who are reading this who aren't as confident as they'd like to be, I don't mean to pick on you, but ladies sometimes you gotta approach these dudes if you really want them. For some reason.

And sometimes guys are comfortable approaching women but don't see much value in you yet. So you gotta approach. I can't tell you how many times I judged a girl as being boring but when she came up to me and talked my opinion was totally changed. Yes, the guys should be approaching but keep your eyes out for these situations.

Have fun, the sarcastic/slightly aggressive tone is for satire, so don't get your panties too tight in a twist.

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So, whenever we are under the influence of pendulum, it feels like whatever thoughts we come up with were of our own making.
But it's pendulum's game to make you think that way.
Fighting pendulums is a lost battle to begin with. The pendulums only job is extract energy out of it's adherents for it's own survival. Just like a real life physical pendulum, it doesn't matter from what end you push it, it's the pendulum that sways.
If you violently oppose the pendulum, you're feeding it energy from one end, if you put it on a pedestal, you're providing it energy from the other end. In any case, the pendulum wins.
To rid yourself from the influence of the pendulum, you must stop giving it your mental energy.

What most people usually do is they consciously try to reinforce new beliefs using subliminal techniques, affirmation, scripting, incantation etc. But the underlying nature of these techniques is that of coercion. Coercion creates more coercion.But how?

This is where the idea of "Balancing forces" comes in. Everything in the universe must maintain equilibrium. Now, why the equilibrium needs to be maintained is something that we don't know yet. Everything must always be in balance.

When you desire something, you create thought energy. The stronger the desire, the stronger the energy dissipated by you.
When you desire (or feel anything strongly) you discharge the amount of energy which is more than what is required to maintain equilibrium. So you throw yourself off balance. The excess energy in this case is called as "excess potential".

Excess potential breaks the balance. And to restore the balance, the balancing forces show up. The only job of balancing forces is to eliminate excess potential. Transurfing books explain the working of balancing forces very well.

How do I know if I'm creating excess potential?
Importance - if something is "important" to you, you're generating excess potential.
The only way to get what you want is decrease the importance you have attached to your desire.

Classical LoA teachings describe this importance as "attachment", and "decreasing importance" is articulated as "letting go".
But as we see over and over again, the terms attachment and letting go cause a lot more confusion and have now established their own pendulum as "LoA doesn't work".

Whenever I have strong desires and someone comes up to me and tells me that I need to be detached from it and that I need to let go, always makes me wanna slap the idiots. Clearly something is either missing here or is not clear.

This is where the concept of "Space of variation" comes into play.
If you want to really live the life of your dream, you must understand this concept. There is a similar concept called "parallel realities". Space of Variations is something similar.
Any reality that you can imagine, want to experience, and beyond ALREADY EXIST IN THIS MOMENT.
Every passing moment is you surfing through the space of variations.

You're on current life line - the current reality. And you want to move to another reality where you are healthy, are famous, in a great relatioship or whatever your desire is. You must leave your current life line and move on to the life line that already has your desires as objective fact.

How do you make this transition? With intention. You set the intention that you wanna travel to the parallel reality and you do. It's that simple.

So if you just ASSUME that whatever you want to experience is happening something in the space of variations, how hard it is for you to "let go"?
If you know that it's happening, how much important it is for you? Pizza is not as important after eating first slice. The same principle applies here. So how hard is it for you to "detach"?
It's a piece of cake!

What makes the transition harder is excess potential. As the energy has mass, the excess energy weighs you down on the wave of transitioning between realities.

Therefore you must eliminate as much excess potential as possible. - You do that by decreasing importance your desire holds for you. You decrease importance by realizing that you can easily transfer yourself to a parallel reality in a space of variations if you eliminate the importance.

The second thing you need to do is to not be in a place that makes you generate excess potential in the first place. You do that by becoming an observer and not getting involved in the game of a pendulum that doesn't serve you.

With that said, Here are some of my recent experiences in applying this knowledge. The intent is to demonstrate how quickly it works.

I went to my native place for last weekend. I wanted to be at work on Monday to bid farewell to my colleague as Monday was his last day the company. So i got on a late night bus on Sunday.
I ran into the same annoying situation as we all do while travelling. The battle for armrest.

The guy next to me was a complete opposite of what I am, He was extremely aggressive and constantly kept shoving my elbow off the armrest. Now, I am no longer a "fighter" or "warrior" to establish my place under the sun. I am a kinda motherfucker who would feel awkward to just ask for an extra sachet of ketchup at McDonalds.
So I decided to apply transurfing knowledge here. First I "reminded" myself that I may be under the pendulum of "world is unfair" and "everyone bigger than me is a bully". Then I became aware that I may be feeding these pendulums. I calmed my nerves down, acknowledged that I am being played by pendulum and asserted that the pendulum has all the right to exist and it is not my right or job to extinguish it. All I want is that it no longer remains active in MY reality. So I stopped thinking those thoughts. And FELT myself sitting comfortably. I became aware that there is a parallel reality in the space of variations where I have already completed my journey comfortably with the armrest. That helped my decrease, if not eliminate the importance of using the armrest.
Sure enough after 5 mins, the dude turned to his right and fell asleep for the rest of the journey.
I became lord of the Armrests...

The second experience - this was a challenging one. And it happened right after I got off the bus. Since I took a late night bus, I reached my city at 3.30 am. And to make it more interesting I missed my stop. Because, of course, I got too comfortable with the armrest stuff :D
The next stop I got off at was about 4 Kms from my intended stop. And I had to walk all the way back to get back home.
Now, my city is infamous for wild stray dogs that attack people at night. I had no clue that I may be running into some of them.
I realized my life may be in jeopardy the moment I heard one dog angrily barking at me. I was already excited about this transurfing thing because of successful reinforcement I received on the bus. So I decided to give it a go.
I reduced the importance for my own life. I did it by realizing that there must exist a parallel reality where I got home safely. I decided to intend to get home safely.
Next thing I did was to realize that I may be attached to the pendulum of "the stray dogs at night are dangerius killers". Thanks to the news and rumors. I acknowledged that this pendulum as all the right to exist and I can make it go off by mentally fighting with it. I asserted that these dogs have all the right to protect their territory from a seeming threat. (humans, sigh...)
Sure enough, one of the dogs picked it up.. I think he realized that I am no threat to them and started wiggling tail. With that rest of the dogs calmed down.

And how many times did this happen while my way back home? Not once, not twice but thrice..

I love living this way.

Don't mentally fight with your thoughts - Creates excess potential (resistance)
Acknowledge that whatever you witness or experience has a right for existence. It's not your job or place to judge, criticize, police, regulate or legislate what you experience.
All you have is a "choice". A choice to transfer yourself to another parallel reality where what you want already exists.
Rid yourself of the pendulums causing you to generate excess potential for their own consumption.

The easiest way to "detach" yourself is to realize that all the reality that you can ever imagine and can't even imagine yet, already exist.

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I live Neville lifestyle now and I was very critical about "other stuff". For there is no other practical and accurate explanation of how to use your mind to create the life you desire. In spite of the results I was getting, I still had many questions, rather suspicions about what Neville taught.
One night, about an year ago, I was contemplating on things like "Those starving children in Africa, is it really my fault?", "The terrorist attacks, is it really my fault?" And to be honest, I didn't feel like I am at the cause because I played no part or contributed to any of those things in the physical world. But as Neville says, we transform ourselves in the the likeness of that which we contemplate. So I kept asking the same questions over and over again.

A few days later, I was randomly watching meme videos on YouTube and in my recommendations, came a up video called "A rustle of morning stars". The thumbnail was some dude who looked like Hank Moody from Californication. So I was compelled to tap on the video. The video was over 7 hours long. It didn't take a me long to realize that I was listening to an Audio book called "Reality Transurfing" by  Vadim Zeland. As much as I don't like to engage myself into non-Neville teachings, there was something about this book that I could not keep away from. So I kept on listening. And sure enough it provided me with all the answers about the questions I've been pondering.

Am I responsible for starving children in Africa? Yes, I am. How?

The questions like these are very accurately and sensibly answered by a the concept of "Pendulums" explained in Reality Transurfing.

Whenever multiple people think in a certain way, their collective though energy creates a energetic structure called Pendulum.
Pendulums are very real.
Basically when a Pendulum is established, it strives to stay alive. Pendulum is energetic structure and it feeds on energy. Therefore it tries to attract as many adherents as possible. As long as the adherents are contributing their thought energy to it, it keeps swinging.

So going back to the original question about how am I responsible for what's going on there in Africa. Well, I've been watching a lot of news. The news elicits the emotional response like anger, sympathy for those people and what not. I keep thinking the thought of same nature and thus I contribute to the existence of malnutrition pendulum of Africa. It doesn't matter if I contribute money or how much money I contribute. It doesn't matter how hard I fight the government and try to "change" the things the way they are, as long as keep providing the pendulum my thought energy, it is bound to keep swinging and it is expected that it will feed more reasons to keep me expending my energy to it's cause.
So who is at fault here? I am. Because the only reason that pendulum existed in my life was that the pendulum was assuming me as it's adherent. The moment I stopped fighting it's existence it left me alone.
I haven't ran into those horrible stories since. Now, does that mean that there is no more poverty and malnutrietion in Africa? Of course not. Because the pendulum is still swinging and there are way too many people expending the energy on it. And yes, that also includes the charities who are trying to raise "awareness".

This has been an awesome journey over last year. My life has changed 1000 folds. I have become like Varys from Game of Thrones (the motivation for the title of this thread). I keep playing the game of realities. I am a Trans reality surfer (reality transurfer) now.

Why am I making this post? I have no clue. I ended up here the same way I fell on the Reality Transurfing audiobook on YouTube. I just felt compelled to do it. So here I am.

Do you want to live the life you desire? Here is how you start.

Become an observer. Being an observer means, you are not putting any emotions into anything. Thus you free yourself from involuntarily contributing to the swing of pendulums that you do not want to associate yourself to. You can't beat pendulums by playing it's game. You defeat pendulum, or at least eliminate the pendulum from YOUR life, by not sticking to the script it wants you to.
When you become an observer, you begin "notice" pendulums.
Let's say you are sitting in a park a couple walks by. You immediately feel envious and begin imagining various ways why that can't happen with you. How you always attract wrong kind of people and how you've been heartbroken before. So you're certain that the couple you just saw is going end up splitting up and miserable.
Now, this is where the pendulum plays it's game. It, the pendulum being miserable, gets you to expend your energy by making you think the thoughts about how bad your life is. The more you fight back - using affirmations, using RS, using EFT/TFT etc.. well.. we all know how that ends.

So what do you do? You observe all the bullshit that floats through your mind. You look at it, you ACKNOWLEDGE that you are thinking these thoughts and eventually reacting emotionally.
The thing is, EVERYTHING, both living and non living, that has existed, exists now, and will exist, has the right to exists. Just like you have right to exist in this place, so does everything else. It's not upto you to decide whether something should exist or not. What IS upto you is that you get to CHOOSE what you'd rather have existing in your experience.
Therefore you do not criticize the game the pendulum is trying to get you into. You just acknoledge that you were on the verge of playing that game, and CHOOSE not to play it.
Choosing to not play the game is to not react emotionally to it.
You just say, "cool! There is a couple! Well. Let them enjoy and have fun". And you move on. You don't judge, you don't attach labels, you don't attach "meaning" to what you're thinking. You just let it be.
That is how you rid yourself of the effect of pendulums.

So henceforth, become an observer. You don't have to be a monk and meditate for 18 hours a day. You don't have to take pride in not shaving your armpits. All you have to do is get yourself accustomed to observing your thoughts whenever you're not doing anything that requires mental concentration.
Go ahead and do it. I'm sure you will see immediate reflections of your changed thought process.

Now, I am aware that from the explanation I gave above may make some people think that pendulums are these evil things and need to be kept away at all costs.
The fact of the matter is you can never detach yourself from pendulums. But when you understand "the game" you can consciously CHOOSE what pendulums you want to attach yourself to and to what pendulums should your energy go to.
Healthy eating is a pendulum, exercising is a pendulum, being a person of integrity is also a pendulum. Basically any thought structure is pendulum. So you get to CHOOSE what you INVEST your mental energy in. If people stop thinking about the things the pendulum is based on, the pendulum extinguishes. Think about mobile phones with keypad. Now the pendulum of smart phones is in full swing. Because very few people are thinking about good ol mobile phones with keypads.

If I feel drawn to it, I may make another post on the same thread about some other concept from reality transurfing. Don't count of me for anything. If you feel interested, go ahead and listen to reality transurfing audio book on YouTube. The author has made it available free of charge in form of an audiobook.

You are at the beginning of the journey...reality bending / synchronicity / doppelganger...enjoy it...
Approaching her would make it happen...the reality needs 2 inputs -> create the opportunity and reach out the opportunity...but keep this abundance mentality what happened is a small part of the iceberg...
Give up! Give up the attachment to making it happen, give up the attachment to signs, give up trying to employ the latest technique.  Give up!

It will take a while to let go, because you have probably spent a long time making the "getting her back" the centre of your very being.  It's become a habit .  Take all that energy and bring it back to you.  You will emerge stronger and happier.

When you do, she will come.

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So from your experience give practical examples on how the principle of ( the outer world is you pushed out) applies? Some example that explains it properly maybe ?

As said in almost all my posts: you generate one kind of energy (feelings/thoughts/mental images) that creates recognizable "projections" or physical manifestations. That is what is "pushed out" from you. Those feelings, thoughts and mental images is what recreates your experience of the world and people. By changing the "image" you have of yourself it is normal that some people can not act the way they acted in the past with you, it is even possible that they make no sense anymore in your life so they go out or you go out of their life. It is normal that some past experiences make no sense in your life because you changed "the core" that created those. When you change the idea of YOU or YOUR LIFE it can of course make many things better including relationships, its logical: you broadcast a different position, a different energy so the effects are different. But this doesnt mean that all people can reflect back all spectrum of your probabilities:

Lets say you had a very negative image of you, you had a "love" relationship whith someone who was very painful to you and helped you staying in that negative position or helped you to keep that negative image of you. That person was "you pushed out" in a sense that he/she reflected to you what you generated within your mental energy. And now lets say that by some unknown reasons you gave up that "position" of you and that you became the best of you. The old concepts you had of you, of your relationships and of your life make no sense to you anymore. That person may become kinder or "better" but still: he/she makes no sense to you anymore: because you have rised way higher to what is within his/her range of energy/capabilities. In short: the people whom you attracted to reflect the worst of you (your worst version of you) ARE NOT often the ones who can reflect the best of you... so thats the reason why you should not and cannot insist in one person reflecting one specific thing. Focusing on you its enough and if its possible it will be effortless. So focusing on you and your beliefs of YOU and YOUR LIFE and your beliefs about relationships will for sure change many things... but agian not always change the specific person in exact intensity or degree you want because all people have their own ideas of their life and themself.

Personal experiences:

From 15 to 22 I was like most of the "rs" people here. I focused a lot on specific people and I always tried to get exes back. In fact I always had fear that I should attract someone back soon or late so in my mind I thought "better to know the ways to do it" lol ... and because I thought about it I always had to deal with it. I manifested people where I had to run after them. It was hell even if there was some minor successes. For some reasons getting specific people felt "powerful" to me... even a little message made me blissful... what a misery now it feels to me. I was not seeing clearly. But one day I woke up and said this is not the way I want to be. I changed drasticaly the image of myself and my relationships. So in few weeks the ones who made sense to me and who were attractive just stopped being attractive to me. I saw hell as hell. Yet most of those people run after me but still they made no sense anymore. Most of them never changed no matter how positive I became and most of them I just dont know the existance of. I found love when I promised to myself that I will never put myself in that old position. Never will deal with attracting anyone back. And after all those 3/4 years I never had to deal with it: because I refuse even to imagine trying it. I accept that some people can't love you forever and thats ok. What gives me power and energy is knowing that if I generate love I will always have it in one shape or another. There is never one person on earth. Thinking this is very fear based and negative.

another one:

I was at end of my 17 years. I was without friends, weird, lost... no confidence, no money, alone... I was just alive without living. And suddenly I had an intense desire to be "someone" lol. I wanted to be admired and I wanted to be a male model. I became very serious about learning real LOA... from real experts... I became obsessed with that knowledge. The weeks and months passed and I became better and better at it and so I changed my inner energy (my beliefs about me, about my life and my worth). The old energy (thoughts and mental images) made no sense anymore and I refused to give them any worth. Suddenly everyone wanted to be with me and compliments were all around me... I was full of confidence and feeling like a god lol. At that same period I became model, big agencies, photographers and directors talked with me on facebook, even some models were fan of me and complimenting me. That inner power was "pushed out" in my word... my face and body were everywhere :D Again: there was no "I want this person to be my fan" or "I want this fashion brand to love me" or "I want that my posters be in this or that store" or "I want my pictures to be on this cover"  ... All the focus was in my inner energy, mental images, emotions (ABOUT ME and MY LIFE) and those pushed out themself in their own way making their own path. Otherwise I would just limiting myself. In some ways all people and events reflected me: but I did not chose what person reflects what. This is an important part to understand. You dont decide who reflects what to you. Even in this period even being male model some haters still were haters and some "exes" were not interested in me. But I dont even remember their names nor have any specific memory of them. No interest at all.

while writing this I recieved a proposition to do a casting for a french fashion brand. If I get the job my image will be again in all French stores.
PS: Im not even a model today because It didnt intersts me anymore lol yet I still recieve proposals for jobs ^^ Its always nice to see that people still think of you while you're not in the bizz anymore.
Faith is such a "vague" word it can mean different things to different people.
I'm not sure if I was clear with my text so here I will explain better (I hope)
By focus I meant that there should be "persistant cultivation" of ONE kind of energy. Its not just "focus" in general terms. That kind of peristant cultivation is generaly done unconsciously when we experience something bad such as a loss or poverty or when we're sick. For example if you can't pay your bills you may be blocked in that mood... you constantly generate negative thoughts, images and feelings that prolong and soustain the negative reality. This persistant cultivation/focus is often produced by fear too. Thats why fear is powerful sometimes and thats why it can produce bad results quickly. But your big fears can be your great LOA lesson. So the same can be done in a positive way: you begin to CULTIVATE what you want with the energy of joyful expectency and gratitude and joy. The more and more you do it (the more you immerse yourself in that positive feelings and mental images) the stronger it gets and when this becomes an habit: it is called faith. Or a manifestation by faith. At least in my definiton of faith. To understand this process just observe how you think and feel when there is big fear, when there is a big negative/unwanted situation in your life and how you strongly focus on it and soustain it... see how you focus all your energy on one thing and persist in it. So the same can be done in a desired way :D ... it can create a powerful "vortex" and so a quick manifestation.
You are very sad and clearly unhappy... Smile it might help :)

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not.

And the reason why I wrote this isn't that I am bored, but because to save newbies a lot of trouble I went through in the beginning with all those false teachers. And I don't know how it's in your country, but in mine there is freedom of speech. So I can comment wherever I want. If your course is so great one negative feedback shouldn't be a problem. You would just laugh about it and move on instead of replying from a place that clearly doesn't come from a "I am such a happy loving successful LoA teacher". Editing didn't save you, because daniel quoted you..lol. So you debunked yourself, congratulations.

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I don't know Gember. I still think it wasn't something you should accept now.

Don't you know when people break up, both are heartbroken. Because we feel fear of losing someone in our life suddenly. Therefore people tend to use their ex partner to sooth the pain of having no one by asking to be friends for a moment. He gave you the 'friend' position in order to he can move on from you. [Watch more of YouTube about how to get ex back ; the one unrelated to loa].
They said...
'Never accept the friend position if you want ex back'

If you accept being friend with him, he won't have time to miss you, nor time to realize he wants you Asa girlfriend. Because you are there! Reachable for him!  While you are friends with him, still have feeling for him and expect to get back together, before you realize, he will date new girl. He uses you to recover from breakup pain, dear.

If he really wants to return, he won't ask to be just friends. He will ask for another chance. And that is only thing you will accept from him. Otherwise you'll get hurt.

So my advices is....
Don't accept him as a friend. Tell him if he wants to get back or something, he should tell. If he really just want to be friends, he should respect your feeling at the moment and don't give hope to you.
During that time, you should practice LOA by focusing only on the relationship you desire. And practice self love and self respect so much.

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My state of being now is same with you Sophia. :D

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What's the purpose of this? Making you more obsessed with him?
Why don't you find something to practice that gives you sense of power and individuality... that gives you freedom and joy. That kind of energy is positive and attractive.
Listenning to songs or identifying with dances, movies or situations that place you in a weak position (she just loses it every time she sees his eyes) will only keep you weak and desperate. I doubt this to be your goal. You have to see yourself in a position of power, not as a "victim" of any kind.
People are just not attracted to desperation no matter how much you love.
So it always goes back to
1- working on your limiting beliefs
2- working on your emotional state and energy.
Regarding the desired outcome
Nothing more is needed

Yes, but at the end those are one thing. Emotions are part of beliefs and beliefs are part of emotion. One creates and sustains the other.

Before I went to bed last night, I was feeling down for a variety of reasons but one was that I am running out of insulin and without it, I will eventually die. I am supposed to have insurance but that's a story unto itself.

So before I went to sleep, I told myself that I would get insulin and I would not have to pay for it.

And... My Dr. called. What he will give me is not the same as I have been using but it's better than no insulin. Happy, happy!

I'm happy for you :D
But isn't insuline already produced by your body?
Why not try to heal completly from this?

How about people who see 'perfect mental image of their relationship' with their specific person?
Won't that ideal image start to manifest in real life? For example he doesn't love you, but start to see image of he loves you so much. And he will start changing this behavior?

I read some of your post. You disagree on idealize someone (esp ex) because it makes us being obsessed. But i thought that is a way to attract  that 'ideal' version of that person?

Don't you think 'idealistic image' is good for manifesting?

Your romantic relationships reflect your relationship you have with yourself and your beliefs about relationships. So that needs to be "fixed". Not the other person. Focusing on someone won't change that. Your beliefs about you, relationships and men (or women) attract some people and keep you away from others. You cannot try to have an ideal relationship with someone while ignoring yourself and keeping yourself as second class citizen. When your image of yourself is healthy and positive then the relationship with others will be fine. It is the bad image of yourself that generates fear and negativity in other relationships and it is that which causes your taste and attraction for someone who is "disgraceful" to you.  So just focusing on someone and "rs" them without doing what is said above is just a waste of time in my opinion.
Of course if this was a thread about how to get your ex back or about how to RS the hell out of someone it would have got the attention it deserves. But this post is actually full of keys for manifestation, I fear for it to go unnoticed !

There is some truthe here :D

Superman, care to expand more on mental images? How do you describe angry mental images in an angry state ? This more like of a subtle kind or self talk. It is not deliberately imagining something. Would you agree this is more key to manifesting than deliberate visualization ?
Also, how long did you find (in your experience) you have to persist in a desired state until the outer reality starts reflecting that to you.
I have to say, I am coming to break a belief that you need to persist for a long time ( months?!) Until you see physical proof.
From your posts I see it can happen in couple of weeks?!

When you're angry there is a cause in your mind. If your mindfulness is strong you will notice that there is mental images that cause that. Of course it happens quite quickly, its just like fast and intense thoughts... It doesnt really matter if you call it "self talk" or "imagination" or "thoughts" ... because those may differ from people to people. For me self talk, imagination and thoughts are all visual to one degree or another. My thoughts have images. It may not be true for everyone or all people may not be aware of this to the same degree. But yeah: the cause is always in the content of the mind. You cannot be angry without anger thoughts. The same for any emotion. There needs to be the "fuel" for any emotions you feel. With mindfulness you're aware of it.

Yeah everything I talked in this post can be called "key to manifestation" because emotions are really powerful.

A belief can be changed in 3 days if you really understand what is said in the post. 3 weeks is more than enough... But the problem is that people dont really understand what they're doing. Often they make one step ahead and 2 steps back. So they may feel like it takes forever to change a belief... or to manifest something. If you don't see you manifestation in 3 months there is 2 causes possible: you don't know what you're doing so you don't do it right or you are trying to manifest something that you see as too big so there is others beliefs blocking you. You may want to be a billionaire but at the same time you believe money is wrong, rich people are bad while you believe you're good etc. What you want to manifest has to "fit" your image of yourself. Thats why it is so important to focus on you and fix that first above anything else. When that is good everything else is attracted without big effort. Otherwise it is just not compatible with you.
Practicing LOA isn't to fool your mind. LOA isn't about being only positive and it's not a magic.
You guys should study more about it before even discussing.
You can manifest him, no doubt but in the mindset of 'he is the one' without even knowing him will just push you away from the person. Because you are already attached and don't see the real picture.

If you want the answer 'go for it girl' then I can say so. Because anyway it is you who decide what you want to do. And you'll manifest that. :)

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