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I felt a strong almost orgasm like/sexual urge all of sudden one day, maybe it was my period or not but it was really good. Not as OP said by the way. I wonder if POI only thought of me or was getting into some sexual self time  ::), It didnt happen anymore for now.

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To go back to what you said just then, it seems that the two of us are defining Ďimaginationí very differently... which means weíre arguing at cross purposes.

Here is quite a good text
So it seems that a belief is limiting while imagination is not (see subheading Ďversus beliefí)

Personally I find my imaginings both beautiful and deeply emotional, and meaningful (to me at least, lol). Iíve never been much of an Ďoutcomeí kind of person.

Iíve never really studied in the way you mean, though Iím very well-read overall. I donít know Neville, sorry..

Heh... intriguing.....

So .. do you find similar in your experience, Angel?

Apologies for before.. mm.. itís just the appalling British sense of humour! I didnít mean badly. Can be a bit on the irreverent side, yikes

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Thanks possum. Yes I'm sure he doesn't know about these things. I suspect that because of the strong bond I made with extreme rs I did to him for almost 2 years (im talking about daily two hour sessions) I can feel it if he even is thinking of me. I guess these two days he just thinks of me very intensively. Thanks for info.

Yeah that makes sence then, if you been RSing that long then yes he is thinking strongly about you. I had a girl (my twin flame) I RSd a year and its been a year since I RSd her but I can pick up her thinking about me, its actually annoying at times

Mag you should share more of your experiences we spoke about. Itís interesting.
Especially because weíve had the same symptoms and such.

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Alexbally your post really make me wonder why are you on this type of forums?
What kind of loa do you "practice" then? Who and what inspired you to comen on a LOA forum? Who is your LOA teacher? or Where did you learn it?
Because Im not here to debate the validity or reality of LOA...
I think you both have a very strong connection, then you should not worry about nothing! Just give him time and my advice is not to oversaturate him with your demands, reduce the frecquency of sessions, without any fear of loosing him, just give him the chance to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed, I think enough once a day, even days RS free. You both are strongly connected, trust, made for each other! Extreme case of telepathy according what you tell,  why do you doubt then?
You answered your own question to a point. By aligning with being desired.

Either fill yourself up with love and have something to truly offer in being an alpha female, great career, sexy, fulfilled, have hobbies and your own interests. Make the most of your life, be an uplifter when you enter a room you shine and people gravitate towards you. You have something to offer in being a good listener, conversationalist and a siren or a quiet sexy but intriguing woman. Dress classy and be the one when you enter women love to be your friend or love the way you command respect and dress and have all mens eyes on you. Some willing to approach you about dates or romance. Be alluring and full of class.

If you have charisma, confidence and fill yourself with love method, you glow, and radiate love not only to yourself but others. People gravitate to you, and opportunities,  synchronicites, and dates are not a problem. If you don't want to do this or above see below.

Or see you are adored, loved, respected and desired. Men love you . See yourself as sexy, desired and beautiful. Again inner work.

If you want just sugar daddies or sex see that. If you want class, respect, refined alpha men step it up on your end if you need to.

If you want  being loyal and a one on one relationship, then make sure to only see that . Be careful what you see and want or you could get a stalker, obsessed or weirdo or just sex if you want a relationship. Define it and see end result.

Perhaps do affirmations or subliminals, if you like those methods and results.

These are examples only, as you need to define exactly what you want or you could have a problem as explained above. Be definite what you want, then see it, end result or align with state of being desired and sexy.

Learn how to Physic Influence ( Which is what RS is repackaged), and do it live.  Have strong good energy and RS the men you want. Have a strong aura of sexy, desired and confidence. Important note, don't flirt a lot when you do live, be chill and let them come to you, so it is not picked up by them inadvertently as some in tune ppl can pick that up.

 Flirt, RS and pick the one you want, if you want to go all out...lol . If you want that route.

Learn the art of seduction.

Have a sense of humor, make men feel comfortable and learn how enthrall and captivate, or use the method of how to hook them with your eyes and mesmerize but that would be one on one.

Remember is is always easier to have what you desire, create or align with a great life. Be full of fun and problem free, then to correct and deal with all kinds of issues. If you want all men desiring you, make sure you do in correct way again so you don't end up with a stalker issue or jealousy of the man you end up with if you want a one on one. Just some thoughts about being careful what you attract or desire.

men love me

men worship me

men canít get enough of me

men desire me

men love me

men beg to be with me

men dream of me

men admire, desire me and ask me out.

Refined men of good taste desire me, chase me and ask me out for a great time

Men chase me and desire, I align with one that I want to date and have a healthy relationship with.

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Free will isn't real, and he isn't seeking out other people.

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This is one of the best advices in this forum.
I started my journey with Ex back and but found myself back on my way. I'm still learning though. I am willing to be the best version of myself.
Thanks for this reply. I am writing in this forum after a long long time. 
I have pmed you too. :)
sometimes i get the feeling that things are back to normal i should message her and i do that but then i dont get the desired reaction. Today i talked to a friend of mine who knows about this girl i was telling him that i will try to get this girl back but he was like dont do this it wont happen it never happened ... we are not in school or not naive... it kind off atleast a little bit affected my believe


Sent you some questions to make sure I can recommend one that aligns with your need. Of course there are many, but truly best to have your input at this point, as to your whole goal, whether peace etc.

Don't dissipate your energy or goal by telling others, that might not see your vision, not just for support or belief factor. Each thing needs energy, dissipating it before fruition in certain circumstances is not good, not in all and yours is one, in my humble opinion.

Don't try, do. Try implies doubt, and it is hard.

Now simply taking some quiet time, see and define what you want. If you want her back, get rid of thoughts of doesn't work, won't happen, doubt, ex, back.

See what you want as already here, not lack of or you will continue to see it not here, need to try to control, push, doubt or worry.

If you really feel this is hard, or lack there is no method that will work. See then love and confidence for yourself and a new relationship. Otherwise you need to stop looking for signs, outer, trying to force reactions etc for now.

See the end result and scenes in faith of you already having. Find the times you had fun, love or dating. See those scenes as not in past, but NOW. Live it , feel it , see it, incorporate your senses. Do a few times a day.

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So very hot, hot, hot!! Heart warming and passionate, as well as mind blowing. Awesome. Please don't stop....lol.... Love it.... Whole other level, with soul passionate experiences as well. Leave a trail of clothes. So passionate and sexy. They Get you, and exactly what you like.  Can't wait till next time.  Connected on so many levels. Did I say passionate?

I mean ummmm nice, very nice. Ahem.  8)
Hey Suikaz,

I agree with Julie!

It seems if you acknowledged you have fear or the need to be alone and not NEED someone, that was part of the problem. Golden key it.  This is great news for you for many reasons. Now you can face the fear, see where it comes from, and why, then change your thoughts or belief on that.

You are not stuck on one ex, nor one method and spending a lot of energy on it. So, with that, take out the need to be with myself and only myself, perhaps and find yourself enjoying doing things for just you, enjoying your hobbies, fun things and give self love. Meaning don't decide you want to be just alone, once you face the other.

When you fill yourself with love, and your heart with love, a whole new world, and possiblites open up. More synchonicities and in general many great things just come into your life.  You radiate love, when you go out people gravitate to you, want to talk, be around you, date, call you, your social media explodes etc.

Enjoy being alone, and relish the freedom and time to do what you want. Fill yourself with love.

Then when you want a relationship, again make your list, and this time don't try, nor force, nor worry or complain about meeting or worse settle.

 Enjoy the process when it comes in, you might meet people again through friends, etc but there is no push or rush. In fact with radiating love, make sure if there is any forgiveness in your life that needs done do that, and people will radiate to you.

Some of the men that did come in might come back as just friends, to learn from or just have fun with.

I make my own perfume, there are a few notes that draw men, you can do that...lol That is not why I make it, I like the signature fragrance and wanted organic and not synthetic due to health, but it does work for other purposes.

Meditate, do things that bring you joy, fun, or resonate. If you meditate already you know what I mean, if not it brings you so much peace if you are radiating love you don't care...lol

Hope some of this helps. Tell us what you think.

Keep going, you can use your creative mind power, to bring about what you want. Spiritual laws are always working, the ones who realize their power can harness it, and align with their desires.

 Decide what you want, now that you know fear was there, dissolve it.

 If you want love, see what a relationship with love and what a loyal relationship looks like to you from people around you that have it. Emulate that. Believe you can have it.

It is not what you lack, want, need, or are angry or desperate for it is what you have faith and BELIEVE you can have that makes the difference. Don't do idle daydreaming when you decide, only do creative thoughts and visualization. Feel it and live in what you want.

But mainly I would do the radiating method and see if you find phenomenal results. Many who do this have trouble if an introvert at times as you want peace, and many want to be friends, you to go out , date etc. or if you are in a relationship it makes your partner feel uncomfortable that your light and love shines so much many want you. But, luckily you have no attachments now, or any method you are set on no matter what, so take the time for you and try it, if it resonates.

Side note: have a male friend that use to post here, and he use to laugh and say many wanted to touch him in public when he did this method. Have had others say same...LOL

Best to you.

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Hi Angel,
Thank you again on your response.  I can depend on you for your help.
Itís bringing my energy down...didnít spend time today listening to your advice.

So I admit....
I was really feeling good about being his friend, like I felt comfortable and open and it was very clear last week that he felt the same way.  In a way...it helped me feel less doubt about myself and the relationship with him and I think that was probably was helping?  And yesterday....I admit, I went backwards.  I started going back to my old self...
I was excited about the progress and then I started getting a little ďfranticĒ about it.  I donít know how else to explain it.

And the whole match-making thing.  I did it to prove to him that he put me in the friend-zone successfully....I wanted to show to him I didnít care if he ended up with somebody else...
But also because I do want him to meet somebody and be happy with...even if it wasnít with me.

The more he keeps a distance, the less interested in him I become.  I canít keep wanting someone who wonít spend anytime with me.  I was really feeling this way...but when I see him, I donít feel like that.  When I get to see him and be around him, I want to be around him more and then I become interested in him all over again....
And so when I donít see him, I donít care anymore.  How can I care about someone that doesnít want to make any time for me?

So admittably....
Iím starting to lose interest.  I am tired of this dynamic and if I canít figure it out with him....then I should should move on.  I donít want to be hung up on this anymore.
Truthfully, Iíd like to be with him but not in this dynamic.  And if this is the dynamic Iím stuck with right now....Iím not thinking itís worth it anymore.

Makes me sad.  I deserve someone who respects me.  Who is open and honest with me...who cares about me and doesnít feel so many negative things about me...someone who wants to be with me.  Someone I donít need to argue with about this, someone I donít have to struggle with for wanting to be with him.

I am looking over your advice.  Iím trying to figure out what you mean about switching words ďlemon drop.Ē
Please elaborate on that.

Thank you again for listening, and thank you for your help.

Hello My dear friend,

Know you got my other, and sorry for delay. You're very welcome, so glad it helped.  Hope all is good now. I saw you responses to another,  you so got this!!! You have the power and are getting there step by step.

Remember you have the power, all your answers are within, and truly you rock. You will have all you need. Just see it, feel it, believe. In mean time make your lists of all you want, have faith and know you are beautiful and deserve love. It is here when you are ready.

Don't forget you have the ability to be such friends with guys, loving, caring and charming, but when you feel lack it makes him think or feel you are putting in friend zone. Just think on it for awhile. 

Yet remember the self love and put yourself on a pedestal. See yourself sexy, loved and appreciated. All is good no matter what way you go as you now are learning more about yourself, giving yourself love and confidence so the dynamics of your life, love life and relationship with him will change. It can and will be for the better, if it is him you want. See self love and reflect that now. See him as not a friend from either you or him and wanting a mutually loving and exclusive relationship with you. Look for no outward signs, just see the end result, feel it and live in it. Wait for it to arrive with no doubts if that is what you want. No matter what has happened circumstances don't matter, remember that. Have faith.

If not him, then let go and see a loving relationship when you are ready.

There once was a man that stood on a hill and went the same path to the river everyday. One day he wanted to go a different path and had to make one. He cut through, kept at it all day, and didn't see the river. He gave up and said it will be easier if I go the same way. A few days later, his friend came and said, "did you see the awesome path straight to the river with no rocky ledges like our old one?"

"Only problem is whomever stopped a few feet from the finishing it."

 The man was stunned, that was him and he hadn't seen how far he had come or how much he did.

I see how far you came, and so have you. Re read your posts, and life. You are strong, and are almost there, don't stop now. Visualize, see the end result of the great life, money, career, new job and relationship. Love etc. With him or someone new. It is all up to you, you hold the power.

Love and light as always,

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Poor iPhone users. Go get a android

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Doubt it. Very few people actually know what RS is and
how to properly do it
Youíd be surprised at how many people are coming across RS. When youíre desperate you end up resorting to RS and LOA in one way or another. Which is ironic considering you canít be desperate at all in order to achieve it.

People do come across it, yes. Do they implement it consciously? No. Why do you think there's so little information about it?

Doubt it. Very few people actually know what RS is and
how to properly do it

LittleBat did you mention at one point someone was doing rs on you?

No, but there have been friends of ours who have on Stone's server who have. Or they have RS partners.

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Literally havenít thought about this guy in over 6 months. I politely rejected him when I wasnít ready for a relationship last year, and since about 3 days ago heís been on my mind.

These thoughts are not sexual in any way, but more heartfelt. I have a boyfriend now, so obviously Iím not going to go out of my way to contact this other dude. But I have a very strong feeling that heís using some form of RS to get to me. I donít know how I know, I just know.

These thoughts are very powerful, and came out of nowhere. I thought it was just me suddenly remembering a couple dates we went on here and there and that was it. But it has increased as days go by.

I donít want this to get to the point where I think I ďneedĒ to contact him and Iím happy in my current relationship, so is there anyway to block his energy?
Cam can you please describe what exactly are you feeling? Eg do you think of him with love? Do you miss him a lot and want to see him? Or does just his thought pop up like it does for a family member or a friend? Also how long does this last and how often does it happen during the day? Is this becoming more intense and last longer as the days go by?
Iím not exactly thinking about him with love cause I donít love him lol. I just canít get him off my mind. Iím putting up a huge wall here and if heís strong enough to break it where I may ďfeelĒ love then itíd be impressive. Or Iíd get creeped out by him having waaaaaaaay too much time on his hands.

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