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well tell that to Neville and all the authors who are victim blaming with their teachings while themself dont fix anything and just find someone else...
Its weird on this forum people are always against me no matter what side I take haha
I don't think anyone is "against you" at all, but I think some of the ideas mooted - especially "you pushed out" are suspect and I also don't necessarily think this is victim blaming either. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. You don't force someone to knock seven bells out of you, but I believe that certain people can attract certain types, yes.

Many threads, and I think this is one of them, stray away from the original point and get into chit-chat between responders which don't really respond to the original question.

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And Blue02 I want to precise something for you ^^
You said : "since the universe doesn't understand what good or bad thoughts are, is this actually helping to manifest things that I don't desire?"
The universe is just a symbolic way of talking about LOA... don't take it by word.
There is no power outside you to understand anything. There is just THE POWER (your mind) that manifests or projects itself in experienced reality. So you get the energy you generate.

Andd you say you have OCD (I had it) but it seems like you confuse it with simple distracting thoughts which are natural and everyone has it. Only very trained people can focus on something without distracting thoughts. Even if you have real OCD it is very important that you stop identify with it... dont associate wit it... dont give it power.

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Iíve posted a similar question here before, but there are still some things I donít understand about LOA and fear.

If I have fear of something particular happening for awhile but it hasnít manifested in my reality, if I stop feeling fearful and begin to think positively about the subject instead, would what I feared still manifest since I gave it a lot of energy beforehand, even if I am not fearing it anymore?

In other words, if you  have a negative vibration about a certain subject, do you have unlimited opportunity to stop a negative manifestation regarding this subject from happening, and only donít have that option anymore after it manifests?
Ok, so, if you feared something, and no longer fear it, it probably wonít manifest because you are no longer putting out that vibration, and if it did manifest, it would be taken away from you because you no longer fear it. There are plenty of things that people have tried to manifest. Then got discouraged and stopped, and the goal didnít manifest anyway.

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After everything I read so far about this topic negative feelings towards the person stops your manifestation. Like if you still have some anger, hurt etc. because of things this person did/said to you. You should see them differently and believe that they can be different. But it's not easy to do and I struggle with this at the moment

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Thank you for taking the time to explain this! It makes sense. So, a relationship with someone can be manifested no matter what, but the quality of that relationship is completely dependent on your vibration...

A relationship can be manifested whether you're in a high vibrational frequency (Positive vibes/Emotions) or a low vibrational frequency (Negative vibes/Emotions) this can determine the manifestation starting point of your relationship. I say starting point because a positive relationship can be manifested from the start but then turn negative if low vibrational frequencies arises and Vice-versa. Even though we are creators of our own realities our manifestations aren't truly "set in stone" we all go through changes with our energies. This is a natural process going through these changes in energies as Earth provides polarity of negative and positive. Its important to be aware where you're focus is at as energy is also in motion whether we're aware of it or not.

No, a relationship CANNOT be manifested no matter what. There are still limitations on manifesting the relationship. The limitations on relationship are based on the individual's perspective( point of focus), Feelings (what they are putting out into the universe) and their beliefs.

For example: I've seen many successful people who prosper financially, many good friends, healthy family relationship and have a overall good vibe. In these field of their lives they have a good positive vibrational frequency but when it comes to relationship they struggle badly in trying to find one or keeping a relationship going. Their beliefs, feelings, and perspective of finding a relationship is poor. They have a negative view on it and feeling they can't find anyone so that's what they got a lot of struggles in relationships.

Another example: I've also met people who don't have jobs struggle with getting money, extreme poor self-esteem, even self hatred towards themselves cannot find one reason what is good about themselves but yet they managed to manifest a relationship. I've even seen them manifest another relationship after their break-up and getting their ex-back there was no self love but yet they manifested their desired relationship. That is because even though they lack financial stability they feel and believe they can get a relationship as they didn't see it as something unobtainable for themselves. The relationship was still toxic though each time they went into a relationship.

The limitations of a relationship is based on the individual of what they're putting out there to get back whether they can or cannot get their desired relationship. These people don't have knowledge about LOA. The issue with people here is that many here are very concerned about getting their ex back or not. Others are concerned about getting their desired relationship or not if its not an ex. The main issue on this forum is being concerned whether a technique or method will work for them to get their ex or desired relationship manifested. There's a limitation already set here as I've see many users falling into being concerned more if technique or methods will work or not. If one person see another person doesn't get their desire relationship they will believe it to be same for them like a domino effect. I'm not saying its everyone but there are some who follow into this.

I want this clarify this a little bit more this is why the post is long. LOA is like a double-edged blade it can do good and it can do bad. Having this knowledge can have empowerment or this knowledge can lead to overthinking, over-complicating things, making life not simple as it was before it knowing about LOA. Self-love and letting go has become a reminder because from what I've noticed is that some people lives has come to be a concern when it seems doing LOA techniques or methods are hurting themselves by becoming to obsessed. Self-love and letting go is their way out of misery.

Just to re-clarify again. No a relationship cannot be manifested no matter what. It is based on the individual's vibrational frequency whether they have limitations on relationships or not. A relationship can be manifested whether its positive or negative but its ideal to have self love to have a higher probability of a healthy long lasting relationship.


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I know things like lack of self love and desperation will stop an ex from coming back into your life if you are not in contact with them because they can feel your energy. But, does anyone know if feeling shame over things that happened in the past with them will stop them from coming back?

Lack of self love, desperation, including shame stem from a low vibrational frequency. Your vibrational frequency is based on your emotions in what you're manifesting to bring into your reality.

The feeling of shame for example: If someone feels shame for their relationship breaking up for what ever issue that they may have caused can stop a relationship from getting back together. By holding this low vibrational frequency they may feel the relationship can't be fixed because it's their fault. So what this does is putting out into the universe from the vibrational frequency that this relationship can't be fixed resulting the reality the relationship unable to be fixed. I'm not saying this is your situation I'm just giving an example how shame vibrational frequency can stop a relationship from getting back together.

Also I want to add that low vibrational frequency can still manifest a relationship back together but the relationship would still be toxic. Even if you managed to get back with your ex its still important to make sure you're not in a low vibrational frequency to have a healthy long lasting relationship.

The past doesn't matter at all with LOA. How LOA works is not by what happened in the past or what you have planned for the future but it is about the PRESENT. What you're focusing now in the present and what you're feeling now in the present is what you will be manifesting. You don't have to worry about your past but you do have to be focused on what you're attracting now in the present. I would let go of the past forgive yourself or others if needed but the past is not relevant with what you want to manifest. The past only becomes relevant in the present when you give your past a purpose to relevant in the present. Giving your past a purpose in the present now is by holding onto it feeling the need to clean it up this will cause you're attraction to give reasons to clean it up such as people holding grudges or past issues coming back up. When in LOA reality if you moved on from you past your reality will move on with you.

You create you're own reality if you don't like your past good thing is you can rewrite and recreate a different reality for yourself to live in the present. There's no point in looking back the past already happened. Start looking at the things that you can manifest for yourself today.

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