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Don't return the ring whatever you do!
This is awesome.

So you hast let go, you just focused on your self, on your life and on your energy and by doing that you aligned yourself to a reality where he's with you again, because you had that desire within you and because you had already seen that happening.

I love this story. Thank you for sharing!

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Do you guys think that this would of happened anyway ?
Or is his because she did what she did that made it happen ?

People create their own reality. He came back because she got into alignment vibrationally with the reality she desired.
Self love and respect is the most important way to get exactly what you want.
Do you guys think that this would of happened anyway ?
Or is his because she did what she did that made it happen ?

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So happy for you girl! :)

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I'm so happy you were able to implement self-love,and
also happy you two are back together now! This is truly
inspiring  :)

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That's great to hear! Well done you and congratulations!

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Well girl... Damn. I am very emotional and I haven't waited for 6 months for noone!

The main problem with your situation is that you haven't moved on. You are still attached to the outcome and therefore runing your manifestation. Every single one of my exes came back when I was ok with not having them anymore. Not a single one came back when I was desperate or torn apart. It's the way LoA works.
If your ex was with you now would you feel like shit or would you go out have fun, feel loved and great?

But the biggest problem is that you are putting your own happines into your ex's hands. That was surely the reason why you attracted the breakup in the first place. Probably things were all great at first, and then the fear and insecurity creeped in. You started feeling unhappy for everything he does or does not do. You seeked for his approval. You wanted HIM to do something to make YOU feel happy. Noone can hold your happines in their hands. Remember that. It's the heaviest burden for anyone and if you put your happines into anyones hands they will drop it for sure and you can't blame noone for that because even you couldn't do the same.

So what you need to do is do things that make you feel good. Go workout at the gym, drive the car as fast as you can, go racing... When you truly find happines within yourself and no longer need him to be happy that's when he will reach out to you (I can guarantee you that because it has worked for every one of my exes!) and the only thing that will matter then is if you would give him another shot or tell him that you no longer want him. :)
I have to say that because of this game and not just because of this one but the last one, too. Actually since I started being here.. I am really living my life. Well, I'm not doing any outstanding things. But I just really do what I like. I really focus on what I like. I study more, I focus on my hobbies more and the best thing for me also is that I haven't been talking negative about my ex for like... two months... I used to talk with my friends A LOT about him. But now... I don't feel like I need to. I don't want their opinions. I have my own beliefs. I feel more confident, too. I feel like... I really am... who I used to be when I was totally not into relationships. That finally, I am in the first place. And I am happy with this.
Hi all :)

Just wondering how is the best way to "act" should you see your ex? We are a part of the same community - so we do sometimes quite literally run into each other, and we have been both ignoring each other.. It's so horrible. It's over from his side i.e. he broke with me, and I've already done all that desperate trying to get him back, with him telling me he has no feelings for me - so I feel like if I am the one to say "hello" etc, or smile, whatever, it will probably just keep pushing him away?



Happened to me today actually,Best advice don't give a fuck cause guess who texted me later ;)

Just be yourself,He's just a person not a god.

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His relationship was new and "unstable"... it was not even a relationship, they were not sure if they want one another, even he...because he had other girls around and she the same. His "girlfriend" just stopped giving news, not answering his sms, messages and calls, because she lost interest for him, she dated other guys. He realized in those moments that he wanted only her and no one else, all other girls became nothing to him, I dont know why... But she (his "girlfirend") realized that he was not the right for her. So no contact for 1 month (or very little cold ones), she just ignored him. He was not happy, even depressed in my opinion, he said every moment felt painful, constantly thinking of her....
I said him to stop sending sms, and stop begging, stop calling... and above all I said "If you cant stop thinking of her, at least think only the positive..." All my advices to him made me this thread. Because at first this technique (this thread) was meant for him, but I shared it with you too as you see. :D

He started this technique the same day I posted it here.

He recieved an sms 2 days ago: "I'm sorry." out of nowhere. He said he just aswered as nothing bad ever happened, as she never ignored him and they begun to say funny things. He felt the feeling of those "5 minutes". He said to me: At that second I said to myself "this technique is for real" haha. He said that they didnt talk long but that she gave him a rendez vous to talk.
He said that when they met, at first she was like shy, feeling bad, avoiding to look his eyes and that it felt like she wanted just to say goodbye forever. He said me that the date begun as "goodbye words". He told her that if thats the case that she wishes her the best and that "we cannot control people's feelings" (I smiled when he told me that and I asked him just for fun: then why do you did that technique then :p?) He said to her that if this was her decision (to leave him) then it is ok, but he would feel sad. He even said to her everything as it was: that he was in pain, that he wants only her, and as she seemed cold and shy he felt some pain... But he kept at the same time his "trust" in the technque, and he remained confident, not like a victim begging her to stay. He never started negative thoughts. He had pain for most of her attitude or words but he never forgot the technique and that the 5 minutes are the only reality: everything else is mirage. So when they talked she begun to take his hand, they begun to touch... and she begun to say that she is not here to say goodbye, but was "confused".... I'm not sure what happened, I dont remember every single word he said but at night they had very "intense" moments (of hugging and kissing each other) like never before. It was very intense lol he was so excited when he talked about this. He just said it was INTENSE, one of the best and intense day of his life. I dont know what they really did or where it was. I dont think it was sex but it seems like it was "intense" hugging and kissing, staring in the eyes... I dont asked more details because this was more than enoughfor me haha.

I got news from this friend.
He said that now he has amazing messages like "you make me dream" from his Gf, many hearts too lol.
They have great, serious communications now, they even talk about their doubts and fears.
She contacts him more and more, they make plans together.
He says the relationship feels much more profound and meaningful.

To me its clearly a shift of reality because few days/weeks ago he couldnt even hope a word from her, she just totally ignored him.
He said that, to him, the great key is to consider the selected reality as the only reality! Even in front of obstacles or problem he would always have that selected reality as the true "reality" or foundation... Everything else is like illusion. And of course its an amazing way of dealing with this technique. He says that now he is much more relaxed because even if she one day she says "i dont love you" It will have no effect on him because the selected reality is so clear to him, he would never trade it for doubts or fears. Of course he dont even imagine negativity now...

It made me think of my quote "Once you choose to believe, once you accept no other way, and once you don't even need any "proof" for your belief. Your desire will have no choice but manifest!"

So hope this inspires you.

You mean the 5 minutes a day manifestation? :)
Yes. It is the best ex back technique I've ever tried  :) :)

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Well,the technique is rather simple.
You simply think about every woman/man that catches your attention during your day and youre even slightly attracted to her/him that she/he wants you.

Now comes the main point :
You're not doing it to attract something,you acknowledge the fact that you are attractive hence you becomes vibrationally attractive(more people will take interest in you especially from the opposite sex).

All you have to do is when you see a girl or a guy that you like (you can do it even on everyone around its up to you)
And think to yourself "she wants me" or "he is really attracted to me" (you can build your phrases too) and practice it with no outcome expected and try to build as much belief in your phrases,maybe you'll have to start with you feeling like you're lying to yourself but practicing it more and more will form the phrase into a belief and eventually a habit = embedded belief.

I will test that theory out,you're more than welcome to try it out with me and share your results

Feel free to ask any questions

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You should try Superman's experiment, girl. I'm doing it and now am stronger than ever. Just figure out what you want and focus on it, it's yours already. Can't wait to see your success story  ;)

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