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Hello  :) I made a server on the application Discord regarding the LOA and other related topics. I'm not sure if a server already exists for that here so I thought to make one. If you want to join this is the link. In case there is any problem or the link is invalid you can PM me to send you one new.

Thank you for reading this! Blessings!  :)

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I want to attract a man back I was intimate with for two months and he cut me off. Changed his phone number. The last time we spoke he picked up the phone didn't say anything and hung up on me. I wake up next morning and his number wasnt in service. My family is telling do not contact him at all. I want to attract him back and a heathlier relationship with him. I want a future together.

Listen to your family.

This man is doing so much to not have anything to do with you. Take the hint.

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How can I apply this desire?
They think of me 27/7
Commited to me fully
Thinks of me everyday
Any guys crush

You nane it,

Start sharing your advice and methods!  :P

This is the problem when you learn about ę mainstream Ľ law of attraction. You want things and you donít look at the depth of the desire. Your desire here reflects the issue you have with yourself. No ę sane Ľ person needs to be loved Or worshipped by all the men to feel happy. In fact quite the opposite you will be loved when you donít need it. When you will love yourself enough people will reflect that love to you. But never all people nor all men. Only those compatible with you and your energy.

I personally was always the popular guy even a little before I was a model. I remember always being the center and I had to come late in school because I had enough of people talking to me or touching me before class. I loved that but at the same time it made me feel weird. I even recieved letters and messages...Even guys admired me and called me ę brad pitt Ľ haha But for some reason all that massive admiration made me feel lonely and weird. The reason for all that massive admiration was that I loved myself so much and I had a big self image. I didnít care about them or what they think. I had big confiance and above all I needed nor wanted no one. I was happy feeling loved  and admired and complimented the whole time but it was nothing to me. It never was my subject of thinking. I didnít think ę omg this is crazy im so happy Ľ. I just had my own focus and passions... I had big dreams... Think of a guy or a girl who runs after you and for whom you have 0 respect/love. It gives you no satisfaction... thatís how i felt lol. I think its the same with superstars they donít care of their fans they focus so much on them and their art... So to be really loved love yourself and focus on you.

In your case you seem to seek some external validation to love yourself and that cannot work like that. You wait for others to show you your worth... but a person who knows his worth and value needs no one and no opinion but because of self love and self confidence, love is reflected all around. Because people reflect how you value and treat yourself. This cannot be faked :D So learn to reality think great thoughts of yourself and your value.
I donít know, I quite like the idea of the universe doing stuff to you.  :o

And no, I do not think we fully Ďcreateí our own reality... at least not in the sense people seem to be assuming around here. Reality is made up of own and collective imaginations (and not just humansí). Yes it is fully flexible but is not only influenced by our individual conscious brain.. seems fairly obvious.

Think we are being way too simplistic. Also irritating and unempathetic, if I may say so.

You will get the lover you need! Iím sure of it :-*
(universe will provide)

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This was my girl back in the day when I first met her ... long time ago. Strikingly beautiful, exotic, gregarious, talked to everyone, from the sadsack loner to the alpha-est males and females in the room, with confidence. All the men, including myself, were smitten by her. I remember the first time I laid eyes on her. That was over 20 years ago. If you want to be that woman, you gotta bring it. Angel's advice is what you need to follow. Good luck.
You answered your own question to a point. By aligning with being desired.

Either fill yourself up with love and have something to truly offer in being an alpha female, great career, sexy, fulfilled, have hobbies and your own interests. Make the most of your life, be an uplifter when you enter a room you shine and people gravitate towards you. You have something to offer in being a good listener, conversationalist and a siren or a quiet sexy but intriguing woman. Dress classy and be the one when you enter women love to be your friend or love the way you command respect and dress and have all mens eyes on you. Some willing to approach you about dates or romance. Be alluring and full of class.

If you have charisma, confidence and fill yourself with love method, you glow, and radiate love not only to yourself but others. People gravitate to you, and opportunities,  synchronicites, and dates are not a problem. If you don't want to do this or above see below.

Or see you are adored, loved, respected and desired. Men love you . See yourself as sexy, desired and beautiful. Again inner work.

If you want just sugar daddies or sex see that. If you want class, respect, refined alpha men step it up on your end if you need to.

If you want  being loyal and a one on one relationship, then make sure to only see that . Be careful what you see and want or you could get a stalker, obsessed or weirdo or just sex if you want a relationship. Define it and see end result.

Perhaps do affirmations or subliminals, if you like those methods and results.

These are examples only, as you need to define exactly what you want or you could have a problem as explained above. Be definite what you want, then see it, end result or align with state of being desired and sexy.

Learn how to Physic Influence ( Which is what RS is repackaged), and do it live.  Have strong good energy and RS the men you want. Have a strong aura of sexy, desired and confidence. Important note, don't flirt a lot when you do live, be chill and let them come to you, so it is not picked up by them inadvertently as some in tune ppl can pick that up.

 Flirt, RS and pick the one you want, if you want to go all out...lol . If you want that route.

Learn the art of seduction.

Have a sense of humor, make men feel comfortable and learn how enthrall and captivate, or use the method of how to hook them with your eyes and mesmerize but that would be one on one.

Remember is is always easier to have what you desire, create or align with a great life. Be full of fun and problem free, then to correct and deal with all kinds of issues. If you want all men desiring you, make sure you do in correct way again so you don't end up with a stalker issue or jealousy of the man you end up with if you want a one on one. Just some thoughts about being careful what you attract or desire.

men love me

men worship me

men canít get enough of me

men desire me

men love me

men beg to be with me

men dream of me

men admire, desire me and ask me out.

Refined men of good taste desire me, chase me and ask me out for a great time

Men chase me and desire, I align with one that I want to date and have a healthy relationship with.

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Similar experience I have. Kinda we share an energetic bond, doubtless, cause he use to answer to my mental petitions in exact form. I also use to suggest colors for the outfits, or t-shirts, etc. And he always reacts. I take these signs as proof of mental communication, that we share a special bond, however he doesn't recognizes me still and currently he found a new partner, very lookalike me, but let's say not me in this realm :)))  Then, I think RS/RI do work, no doubt

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If I was her I donít think Iíd get any close to you ever again lol.

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hello, everyone. For the past year or so I've been thinking a lot about what I want my professions to be and I feel deeply that I want to be an actress in a teathre/european films and an instagram model since I don't really have a height to be a runway one and I'm putting it now in the Universe!
Hopefully, by the end of this year my wishes will come true and I will share my success story with you!
He has contacted me since then and we are still talking, as friends right now lol.

Read you story and it truly is an amazing LOA story. Really amazing. Keep the updates.
Just keep talking with him and many more wonderful things will come.

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What an amazing story Starlight :) Loving it.

You know what I am having a hard time too, it is the same family / culture problem and my BF has backed off. It has been 2-3 months since then, sometimes he texts me. Oh yes he also kept all my FB pics and posts, in his profile. I hope this is a good sign for me too. lolz :D

Well, I had my initial days of anxiety / depression what ever you wanna call it. Lolz. But now I am a lot better.

Recently I was thinking these 3 months has been too long etc, but after reading your story I think these months are nothing for a moment of "true Love" specially from the one we always have desired to be with.

Your story shows LOA always work and we must trust universe. Universe knows when to deliver and how.

Your story also shows LOVE never fades away even if we give up on love, Love never leaves us. Love always finds us back. Love is always unconditional and that's the pure form of love.

Keep us updated with your story. I wish you a lovely, fun, healthy relationship with your beloved <3

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Sounds like a wonderfully romantic story. Thanks for sharing

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Again - there is no such thing as "meant to be".
You are the creator of your own reality and can manifest anything and everything.
He came back!  :-\ :o A month after I made this thread, he finally sent me a text message asking if I wanted to meet up. I was in DENIAL.
It's been 4 years! I never believed I would tell this. It's like a dream. We have been chatting a bit yesterday. It's like 4 years of no contact has never happened. I am meeting him in two days for a drink.

Keep us updated <3 So happy for you!

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