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Daydreaming is un-disciplined mental masturbation wherein you indulge some desired reality that you do not have, or for some reason you want to fantasize about. Visualization, for the purposes of LOA, is a disciplined process wherein you create a scene, feel every tactile, sensory and emotional presence as vividly as possible. Visualizations leave you satiated, filled, whereas daydreaming leaves you frustrated and wanting more. They are two completely different processes.

Yes, a daydream comes complete with images and can take on the nature of a proper visualization, but usually it doesn't go that far. This is why people don't constantly manifest that which they daydream, once this occurred to me I got it. Its a very important distinction to make.

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I will HAPPILY share! I am in the process of freaking out right now because last night after I wrote this, I did my usual session before bed and in the session asked him to contact me. Honestly, I totally believed it would work but not for at least a few weeks. It's only been less than a month since I've been doing this on this specific person so I can't imagine things moving as fast as I'd like. Well holy friggin crap... I just got done working out and went to get my stuff out of the locker, look at my phone and see a twitter message icon in the notification bar and I playfully think, "omg! that's probably him!" .... I did not actually ever think it was him... BUT IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fainted in the damn locker room. I had to ask someone else to read the name on the  message because I truly, truly felt like I had gone insane and lost touch with reality. Not even joking. How could this be real?!?!?! We have had 0 prior contact nor do we have one single person in common nor do we live in the same state. I'm still partially feeling like I've lost my mind. I can't believe he actually contacted me tonight. I've been so overwhelmed I haven't even responded. Cause I'm still processing. I have not contacted him or attempted to in ANY WAY! HE HAS 100% COME TO ME WITHOUT ME DOING ANYTHING BUT RI!! How?? wow. lol. sorry. sorry. Back to earth...

SO what I do, well I am not sure if it's called RI but essentially I just direct energy at him while projecting images of us smiling, talking, being intimate and I feel him projecting things back at me. Somehow, I can tell when we are connected and when we're not. There is this pressure I feel behind my eye sockets when I feel a connection at first. Sounds strange, but I think it has something to do with the exertion of energy to do this. It's hard to describe but what I know is happening is me consciously connecting with his subconscious. I always do it at night when he would most likely be sleeping because there's no resistance when trying to connect. But in a nutshell, I lay down and put on meditation music. I wait til I'm super relaxed before I try to direct my energy at him. You have to focus on them and what you want to feel, what you do feel, what you want to do, how you want to interact, without letting any other thoughts enter your mind. It is pretty easy when you are connected to them bc you won't be able to think about anything else. I definitely recommend doing it when you know they would be sleeping because I have tried in the day and while I know he's receiving my messages subconsciously, it just feels like a weak connection, you know? lol. Anyways, I hope I explained that ok, if not, I'm sorry I am still reeling from this being real right now. Lol.

If anyone here has any doubts about my credibility, I will happily email you screenshots or something. I know sometimes with this stuff, we tend to question the storyteller bc we think they may just be scripting for manifestation purposes. I get it. I want you all to know this is 100% real for the sake of your own confidence to do this.
Hey everyone,

I have had some WILD success with what I suppose I would call RI/RS or telepathic connection. I only first discovered these concepts about a month ago and immediately knew who I wanted to try it out on. Of course, I enjoy a challenge so the person in mind was someone I hadn't yet met and to add to the challenge, he is somewhat of a TV personality. No one crazy famous but he is a nationwide news anchor of sorts so he's definitely got a teeny, tiny ray of  a spotlight on him. Anyways, the experience I've had has been so bizarre and mind-blowing, I felt the urgency to share with anyone who has ever questioned RI or the ability to communicate with someone else's subconscious mind. IT IS 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT REAL! While I will preface this with we have not yet had any direct communication in the physical world, just hear me out on what's transpired thus far. You won't regret it.

The first session I swear I felt an instantaneous connection although with some resistance initially from him and it was purely sexual. Although, as I kept up with the repetition of it once a day, it quite gradually transitioned to a more emotional connection with a light sexual tone. We would mostly have conversations after the first 6 or so sessions with only brief sexual stimulation. But it's not like a conversation we'd have in the physical world, it's basically just projecting images and emotions towards that person and your mind naturally translates what you are communicating to each other.

Well after the first week, we were connected and communicating and I wanted to know what kind of music he likes. I got the names of 3 bands and thought hmm... it would be really odd if I am just imagining this bc I had only ever heard of one the bands like twice in my life so I didn't really know who they were; so would it be possible that I'm thinking about them NOW to create this elaborate falsehood of a connection with a stranger? Anyways, you should know the whole time this "communication" was taking place over my sessions, half of me legit felt crazy. You can't help but feel like you're somehow imagining all of this.

So literally the next day after the music "talk" we had, I was YouTube stalking him a tad (lol) and came across this video. It was short, like 45 seconds long, and it was a news show doing an introduction piece on him welcoming him on to the show as a new addition. I shit you  not, they introduce him saying "blah blah so and so has been with the network since 2007 and has covered this major story and that major story and his favorite band is ---" and my jaw dropped. IT WAS ONE OF THE BANDS who's name I got from my session with him. The one I had hardly ever heard of! Ok, that's insane, right?!?!? It gets better.

Upon believing I was on to something here, I had followed him on twitter weeks earlier, and decided to try to communicate to him while we were in our connective space to follow me there. So I had projected the image of my name and my picture and just attempted to influence him as much as I could to find me. After a week or two, nothing. But I just continued my nightly or bi-nightly sessions and would project that at the end. 3 nights ago I was finishing up dinner with my family and got up to check my phone.... and much to my surprise.... HE FOLLOWED ME!!!!!!!!! I wanted to scream SO LOUD!!! But nobody in my vicinity would possibly understand my excitement, so sadly, I had to contain it until I left which was the most difficult thing ever. I could not believe it. Truly. Upon further investigation, he has over 80,000 followers and only follows a mere 300 people. ALL of which are other news people in his field of work with the exception of maybe 5 people. I know it seems like a lot of meaningless data but it just further cemented how unlikely it was for him to follow someone like me, that isn't in news or a public figure of any kind.

Well, it doesn't end there. With the overwhelming evidence I already had to truly be able to comfort my mind into sanity, I stiiillllll wanted just a little more. I figured the object of my affection is in a unique line of work, where he is on Live TV a couple of times a week. So I decided I would project a request to him in my session last night. I communicated that I wanted him to wear a blue shirt next time he was on TV which would be today. Then I thought about it and got more specific, because what if it's blue stripes, blue patterns, blue-green, white with blue checkers??  :D haha! I didn't want my mind to be able to write it off as a coincidence!!! I wanted it to be matter of fact. Knowing he usually wears white, salmon or blue patterned, I specifically requested he wear a SOLID light blue shirt. Very specific. I told my best friend, if this happens, YOU as my witness so you know I am not making this up if he is wearing it. Like you probably will struggle to believe me if I later tell you omg I totally told him to wear that and he did it. No, I'm telling you BEFORE I know, so if it does happen, I won't feel crazy and you can be there to validate my sanity. Lol. If it happens, I will no longer question the legitimacy of this even once more. This will be it, I'll be sold forever. Not like I should still be questioning this shit, but you know how your mind just wants some sensory satisfaction regardless of your true beliefs.

So..... yeah..... HE WAS WEARING SOLID LIGHT BLUE! If you are doubting me, its okay. I doubted myself. I took several pics of the TV and told my friend I needed to borrow her eyes and asked her if she could tell me what color his shirt was. She couldn't even speak. She said this is witch craft, I'm a witch, or somehow I knew what he'd be wearing and I'm a liar cause this shit is crazy(she meant this jokingly of course, but clearly she was stunned).

This stuff works. I can't say as to what will transpire in the physical world but we certainly have a subconscious/energetic connection and I can't really explain it beyond that. We essentially have a relationship on an energetic plane or something because we constantly communicate there and obviously very effectively. This has only progressed within the last 25 days or so, so I am going to keep it going and see what happens from here. Will keep you posted if anyone is interested in that. I hope this instills hope in anyone that may be doubting your ability to connect with others beyond the physical realm or if you are connecting with someone but feel like you may be imagining it, you're not. You just have to relax and project  your energy at the specific person with love and genuineness.

Good Luck with your creations!!

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We're back again to the concept that law of attraction doesn't give people that specific person or an ex.

No. You can attract specific person. It is done deal. However, it doesn't guarantee that when you attract them into your life, they will give the feeling or the ideal relationship that you want. You can imagine the ideal scenario with that person, but you have to be really detached. Which means whatever that person reacts back to you, it won't affect your energy and thoughts and belief. And that's hard (especially with ex whom you might had bad experiences with).  Because to deal with another person, it is hard to keep your energy stable to attract the goal you want 24/7. It is mixed by expectation, wanting to control, disappointment, and definitely attachment.
If you could do that without any realities interrupt, you could manifest a perfect relationship with specific person eventually.

That's why it is recommended to also open to 'someone better' who already fit all your criteria you are looking for and already ready to give what you really want.  Because you will have no attachment. Then you have less work, also save more time. But anyway, it also never guarantee the perfect relationship forever. You also have to improve yourself, put yourself first, think about outcome and love yourself so much, so people will reflect back to you.

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It's so hard to keep the faith and remain positive in this situation...

We ended on bad terms, basically for nothing. She has a history of being abused and this causes her to run away and shut her emotions off. She sees me as some conniving villain who wants to hurt her. She does this to protect herself so she doesn't have to face her feelings towards me. She just blocks me out and convinces herself she hates me and that I never really loved her. Add to that, she lives 3 hours away and now there's a new guy who I guess is telling her he "loves her" and she "means so much to him"... It's like all odds are against me.

I know focusing on those things will just bring more of it, but how do I break that cycle for good? I don't know if I should keep RSing/RIing or just try and forget and let her go. Though I can't let her go. Not in my heart. It doesn't matter what I do, where I am, who I'm with... she's always right there inside me. This is just so painful.

Don't let her go,
Let her go.

Don't let her go ( from your heart or never stop desiring her)
Let her go ( Let the control go, don't stop her in her activities, and let go of all the resistances and scenarios against you two)

LOA will do the rest if you know  clearly  (50%) and believe & feel the same (50%) - rest is on universe. Just chillax.

Well, I am also a learner. I  know , I believe and I feel it yet I get low - it's okay. Just don't hang on there.

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Right on cue. Perfect! Love your work Alchemy.

As a slightly different but yet still somewhat relevant experience of my own is when I first learned of RS after a separation. I tried RS on the girl I had a relationship with for only a couple of weeks I think it was. I didn't really know much about what I was doing at all as I had only read a small handful of threads and articles about it. I gave up very quickly because a strange turn of events created another meeting with my ex where she tore my bollox off.
After giving up and getting my shit back together again, I met a girl that 100% matched my present personality at that specific time and she looked like my dream girl that I had never ever had before - the type of girl I would fantasize about as a young teenager.

Unfortunately I'm still in love with my ex though so this new girl became, and still is today, an extremely good and close friend of mine.

This showed me that the new girl that came into my life simply was symbolic of the outward projection of my own inner state at that time.

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With RS there’s two frame of reference; influencer and target. However, RS is not linear, it’s nonlinear and doesn’t follow the straight line between both parties; it gets to the target non-sequentially. Meaning, the transference distorts, deviates and circumvents its way to the target; RS is not an enclosed system, or travels the way light was once perceived to propagate in an ether...It’s an opened system susceptible to any and every association related to the target; hence the reason doppelgängers are so prevalent..We visualize the target, but the subconscious ascribes a relation...In the truest and technical sense, we have a misconception of doppelgängers, although myself and others have used the term loosely by attributing lookalikes as the secondary or subordinate models, while treating the target as the primary or dominant representation. Those apparitions we perceive as the targets lookalike, is really our RS conceptualizing all our though-forms elements into the purest structure of that being.

The target in and of itself is just a schematic representation or model used to create an original version of what we desire....If a doppelgänger manifest it’s because our RS was, and is effective; our thought-forms molded and sculptured a master iconographic version of the target—-but we disregard it as a copy or lookalike, when essentially, it’s the original construct of our mental design materializing in physical reality......Ever wondered why you RSed kissing John/Jane by the ocean while the sunsets below the horizon; two weeks later you’re kissing Mike/Melanie on a mountain top while the sunsets below the horizon? So why did the visualization manifest through a different individual? It’s because the subconscious mind perceives the target as a representation; (but also makes associations), and crafts an original models...Technically, these thought-forms infiltrate the targets mind as well as many other associative minds——familiar with that weird, shocked, distorted stare you get from a doppelgänger during the first encounter?? Doppelgänger stunned look as if he/she knows the RSer; Interestingly enough; Alexbally lol.
Hahaha Universe89, just get yourself ready for Alchemy's reply is all I will say.

Over to you Alchemy!

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This is an LOA forum, not Psychology Today or Dr. Phil. We learn, or at least try to learn how to create our reality. Not do what others think we should do to satisfy their world view. Follow that path and remain as small as they are. I'm not condoning the cheating on his part ... he could have been a man and not done that. But again, judgement is for another forum.
Why do we have to deal with rejection, abandonment, being ignored or not valued enough in any shape or form?

This happens because people are in your experience to reflect you what you do with yourself and how you treat yourself. I love what Malicia said in her post: « If you fall in love and cannot keep your energy centered around yourself, your partner will leave. This is a law, as sure as sunrise and sunset. »  She is a bit radical here but yeah everytime you lose yourself or everytime you ignore, reject yourself people will reflect that back to you by leaving or not taking care of you. So there’s really no point in focusing too much on someone else: get yourself back. The goal of life is not to spend time thinking of your ex or « poi » you have to think of yourself and build a strong image/worth of yourself. Then others will just reflect that self love back to you.
Keep doing RS. Incorporate more loving MT too to instil those loving feelings in him.
Over time the RS will continue to build and eventually he'll confess.
I've had a lot of friends the past few weeks share their successes :)
You just have to be consistent with it.
Can you share some of these ? Nobody comes back to write about their success anymore.

A lot of people have left the forum who do RS and I don't blame them.
People can get extremely judgemental with RS.
I have a lot but a few examples:
I have one friend who RS'd her guy who is long distance and he confessed his feelings
for her and he's all over her and chasing her, saying he'll follow wherever she goes, all sorts of things.
Another one met up with her guy again in person after more than a year and the same behaviour -
completely head over heels, wanting to see her, meet up with her all the time, asking if she's seeing other men, etc.

on: September 29, 2017, 12:56:36 AM 12 Success Stories / Success Stories / Manifested a call and meeting

Hello lovely people,

I am in the process of manifesting someone back and it is not there yet but I had some success and wanted to share it, as I know, that probably many here are wanting a specific person to call them and catch up with them. I used this video by Agnes https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rB7n4Xj6FwE

I just followed her video. I don't have any trouble visualizing very specific because I tend to have a big imagination anyway, as I am a bit of a daydreamer. So I just visualized my person calling me, seeing the name on the screen, hearing the tone my phone would make and felt happy but relaxed. I did this video two days in a row and just forgot about it the next day. After two days I think, I got the call and the intention from my person was to come over :)
Hi magictouch  :)

1- Well with a servitor, you do send it to perform a task, and with Wendi you also send the energy to perform a specific task (by forming hands to caress the target). However, I don't think that the energy is a servitor, no. From what I know, servitores are entities that can be sent out at will to perform whatever task you wish of them, just by using a specific command word (that you have specifically made up)- whereas, with the energy ball thing, you have to repeatedly charge up new energy every time you do the rs. So I think there are differences there.

2 - yeah I don't think there is too much difference between sending the actual "ball" or sending the "energy" that is in the ball. For a long time in fact, I used to mistakenly send the ball instead of the energy to my target, and it still seemed to work in the same way.

3 - I think the amount of time it stays in you varies according to your skill level, how much you were able to generate emotion when you were doing the vis, how intense your concentration was, perhaps how good you are at imagining tactile sensations when they energy hands are doing their work,etc. But it seems to last for around an hour to several hours.
This resonates with me so much since I am trying to attract a guy I've dated where I stayed at his place for 3 days. We've had contact with each other for almost 8 months now.  As I went back to my country last week I wrote to him that i enjoyed a lot being with him and had a great time. He never replied me back despite him being online on whatsapp. I don't think I have been needy towards him but I know I have been frustrated at times because I have been the one who almost initiated contact. After no reply 3 days goes by and he adds me on Facebook. I accepted him despite me not knowing his exact intentions. It's been 5 days now since the friend request and I have at the same time taken some time off from social media. Not inactivating accounts but only removing some apps just to focus on myself and go silent for once.

I am trying to attract him but I find his behavior very rude since I can't tolerate people ignoring me for this long and giving me different signals  (such as the Facebook friend request). I feel like it's some sort of psychological abuse, like I've never existed. I am for sure that I won't be the one now writing back to him. And I agree with you that if he never takes the time to write back to me I know he doesn't deserve my time for sure.

It doesn't sound like you did anything needy or desperate at all, and his behaviour is a bit weird since you went home, I would be a bit confused by his behaviour too, but I firmly believe if someone wants you they wont keep you guessing or wondering, anyone who makes you question or doubt their behaviour is probably messing you about.

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Responding immediately says, "I'm always available when you want my attention". Responding a few hours later says, "I acknowledge you, but you're not my top priority". Ignoring him altogether says, "Ibhave no interest in you so don't bother with me anymore". NEVER totally ignore someone you want. Absolutely don't make him a priority, but don't blow him off. That's maybe just as bad (or worse) than responding immediately.

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