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Everyone can RS. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

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Oh and there I was all ready to be cynical about ‘positive’ music  ;)

However! However...

I really like a lot of the songs on here! A few of which are actually lovely new discoveries for me.

Thank you Eve. Appreciated.

p.s. if you were including classical, this one is a really fabulous piece! Always makes me smile...and sometimes dance around like a silly person too, hehe

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Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all now that the link below now contains a massive 448 songs. In November there were only 377.
It's amazing at how many songs can be added. On the blog post there is the full list, and links to YouTube and Spotify with the playlists
If you have any you want adding just let me know  Hope you are all having a fab Wednesday. Get into your good vibe zone and enjoy!
Now at 448 songs!! Good vibe playlist for you all


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You do it every single day already @good.

Hypnopompic = the period just after waking up.
Hypnagogic = the hallucinatory state just before drifting into sleep.

So in effect, I'm suggesting to get yourself into a hypnotic state (the 2 examples above are natural times that everybody gets there daily) and once in the hypnotic state, words are simply enough to do the hard work in changing for us. Just like a hypnosis session.
No imagining abstract energy is required then.

You cannot change another person in the way that you are hoping you can. I know that many here think that you can but that's why they are still here trying to force the change.
You can only affect another persons perception of you by the concept that you hold of yourself. Another words, other people see of you what you show to them. That's your lot I'm afraid.
If the other person does not want to be with you then they do not want to be with you. If they do then they do. Of course though, peoples perceptions change daily and what one does not want today, one could very well want tomorrow.
I do not advise that you close the door on people but I do advise that you just get on with life without them. Sounds counterintuitive I know but you're missing a multitude of good opportunities every day that you remain stagnant.

With hypnosis, you can induce new perspectives, perceptions and awareness to yourself so that you are able to apparently naturally find these opportunities and capitalise on them where others do not. Understand that there is just one reality that is shared by all of us, the only differential being that we all have different perspectives and perceptions of the one reality.
RS is simply another self hypnosis method with a hard on (or wide on if female).

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I know you can manifest everything

No, you do not know because if you knew, you would not be here writing out this post. In truth, you know next to nothing.

The bits that you have not come to know yet are that you cannot and will not affect another person. Your efforts are as a self conditioning tool, these do not affect anyone else other than you.

Get over it. Move on. Hes not interested.

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I think envy and jealousy have been conflated in this post. Jealousy is when you fear the loss of something, as in jealously guarding something. Or someone.

Indeed, beautifully put. Thank you :-)

While ‘envy’ is wishing you had something that someone else has got.

People tend to use these terms in a loose way in spoken English. ‘I’m so jealous you got that job’ ..’’I’m jealous of your lovely legs’. NO. You are envious, not jealous.

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But it does raise questions about how people think about what they think about. I blame the Secret.

Strictly in terms of LOA SG....the secret is one of literally millions of bad sources available now, thanks to the internet and YouTube. Have you seen some of the bullshit that is out there SG? You probably have not because you do have a life but let me tell you, there is some serious turd out there, regurgitated infinitely until the message is completely warped and as a result is misconstrued beyond belief.

The message is a simple one. Things are not meant to be frought with effort.

The problem is that people like nothing more than to feel like they understand because when they think they understand, they think they know, and knowledge is power. The truth is, people know Jack shit, and when this is the case, they inevitably begin to fill in the 95% void of knowledge that they have with any old random bullshit so to make their perceptions fit, as a kind of self validation tactic. "You see, I was right all along," is what they run and scream from the hilltops when really, they're on the wrong hill.

Wisdom is not how much you can recite from a book or a YouTube channel, that's just having a good mental recall action. No, wisdom is repeated experience, plain and simple lived experience.

So, the secret is not really at fault for this. People's need and desire to feel that they know is at fault. Curiosity killed the cat, SG. You do not know what you do not know, so give up assuming that you know or else you end up on the lane to Fuck--all Town (Not you personally SG lol).

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John, dude....you don't have to think of a girl to attract a girl. Let's be realistic and logical here for a second please and think clearly and carefully about just how many other random strangers that you come across on a daily basis, where neither of you have thought about meeting each other ever before....
I bet you my house and my car your answer will be "many."
I mean, did you think of me today at all? Because I sure did not think of you mate, sorry.

I'm sorry to say buddy that you simply do not attract what you think, or at least not in the way that you are interpreting here, and not by the way that others have questioned here too. Life is not a contest on who's RSing who, and those that RS somebody in the deluded hope that it's affecting somebody else will continue to RS, until they just tired or bored or both.

You meet new people by going to places where people gather and they're people that you've never met before (strangers). You speak to one here, you like one there, this is how life fundamentally operates. What has happened for you and her is that a set of synchronistic events has resulted in both of you being in the chat room together at the same time, dramatically increasing the odds that you 2 will talk with each other, just like you and I, here and now. You've liked the way that she sounds, she's pressed a button in you with what she's said and you've then thought, "hhhmmm I quite like this girl and I've not had a girl for a while so why not?"
Does that sound quite probable to you now, John?

*Edited to add further context.

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Now if you were reading and believed what it says in  The Secret, you'd be attracting accidents etc by even considering the possibility! They'd call that giving attention to what you don't want.

Agree I don't 100% believe the secret. But I think it is more with my entire body, mind and spirit I had a strong belief that I would not have one.  Not like "I don't want one" (which implies you could have one).

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Nobody does anything in this world without there being a selfish side to doing it.
Even if you're helping 30 people, you're doing it for the satisfaction that you get from helping others....thisin itself is selfish in nature.

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I think that with the loose examples you gave here SG, it is actually the overriding sense of hope and optimism that makes some grateful for breadcrumbs. These people are reactive, not proactive.

You....the conscious mind that is you, navigates by using sensory perception. The subconscious mind is exactly the same except that the SM does not have the ability of critical thinking that the CM has, allowing for the SM to treat the imagined just the same as reality.
We all have mental chatter inside our heads all day long. This is the CM interpreting and then communicating back about whatever you have sensed. The SM has this facility too except that it communicates in the language of emotional feedback, not mental chatter.
You can consciously think about an emotion but you cannot fake feeling it.

Good attitude is nice but it is no substitute for aptitude.

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on: July 18, 2019, 02:05:21 AM 12 Success Stories / Success Stories / Re: LOA WORK 2019

You're sounding like that other poster, Brighton! 😂

Hopefully not quite as wankerish though lol.
Or Samson, or Moonlight Concerto, or any of his other schizo friends.

There is method to my madness though SG.

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siamesegirl I appreciate your opinion and how you are tactful when replying, My Facebook question was just a question because I wondered if that might help with the re-attracting process. I suppose I will just leave it alone and not worry about it. 

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Check out this article on gratitude is more powerful than happiness and you will know the key difference why thankfulness is the most powerful emotion you have at your disposal.

Most people worry about being happy, when in reality, being happy is just a result or an effect. Gratitude is a cause. A causes always produces an effect. Happiness (effect) doesn't have power to produce further happiness.

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You need to combine is with LV. What are you doing and how often? Doing it "on and off" isn't practical.

I've tried MT as expressed in Hilier's book, also did Wendi's RS. I was very regular for 6 months (twice a day, 25 mins), but my POI actually drifted away and actively blocked me, and moved closer to other people. So i reduced to on and off. My visualization skills are definitely not the best, but I have been practicing a lot, I still sometime find it hard to put emotion in it and being very regular sometimes feels like a mechanical exercise as well.

You can't go in with MT and RS just touching them the whole time. This is the issue. You need to start incorporating loving visualizations into your routine.
So for example:
- Picnic dates
- Ice Skating
- Arcades
- Movies and then dinner
- Rollerblading and ice cream
etc. etc....just playful dates that are lighthearted to where it feels like they can relax with you. Once they're relaxed and they feel relaxed and open with you, they will begin to accept more intimate scenarios.

Visualize these scenarios with them. See them being affectionate, touching you, laughing, being close, open, etc. Make sure that you're doing this all in first person. When you do things like MT or just normal RS, you want to start with loving emotions and make those the most important and go slow with the touching. So touch their hands, play with their fingers, run your hands up and down their forearms. Be very gentle, stroke their face lightly, kiss their eyes or cheeks or forehead. You want to build up that love before you start doing sexual things.

When you keep hitting them with MT and RS and you're not spending time on the love part of it and building an actual connection rooted in loving touches and affection - it drives them off because it can repulse them.

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