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I can literally manifest Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth and Orlando Bloom then?

You can if you choose to  :D I met everybody famous (very) that I had a crush on 😍
As an update, I no longer have this issue, and it didn't take very long to get to a healthier set of beliefs - maybe a month max. I practised some affirmations and learned more about LOA, all of which helped me get over the fear of manifesting opposites. For a while I still felt myself tensing up out of habbit, before going to talk something important to someone for example. But noticing that and gently reminding me each time was all it took, along with expecting things to work out.

I also recently learned that things sometimes do manifest when you are in an angry or resentful mood because anger does release resistance and bring relief and you are, at that point, in a state of allowing. I can see how this alone could explain a lot. Hope this helps anyone else currently facing this  :)
Alex: I think my problem is that I cannot transcend the concept of "imagination" yet. In other words, I must work over it, sort beliefs of my childhood, when my parents told me that "it's just imagination, not real". You understand?

Yes I understand you but in your case, you do not need to understand what "imagination" is and you certainly do not need to believe what your parents told you or even what I tell you for that matter....you should only believe exactly what YOU observe and experience.

Not that I'm dennying parallel realities, but I, myself... I am still fighting with the belief that "the only reality that is true is this one, our 3D realm that everyone of us share"

You should deny that they exist....(read my previous post again). However, whether you believe in them or not will make zero difference for you anyway. What you believe is not important, it's completely irrelevant.

If you want my opinion, imagination is basically awareness. So, where you shift your awareness to along with strong sensory perception, this is what your imagination is like.
Neville says something about "vividness" and "feel it real"....vividness ='s sensory perception.
We all imagine sounds or visual things or smells, but how many of you can smell something just by looking at it?
How many incorporate all senses into imagination?
Food for thought :-)

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I have my settings as 'Message Interval' - 1 second, 'Message Duration' - Minimum (Almost Invisible). I can see them flashing, but I can't read them consciously, as it's too quick, and flashing at random points on my screen.

I have 2 copies of Subliminal Blaster running, one with Money subliminals, and another for attracting a partner. Both are fairly basic at the moment, as I'm tweaking statements into more specific things. I'm also looking at setting up more copies that include statements on happiness, and general physical and emotional well-being.

Do you have any advice on perhaps including statements that remove limiting beliefs? I want to throw a few statements in, but not sure on the effect, and I don't really want to phrase it as, 'All limited beliefs relating to money are now gone', as it still includes the word 'limited'.

How would I incorporate my name into a subliminal?

I also look forward to hearing about your experiences with images.

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Alex, which subliminal software do you recommend?

I've seen you also recommended a Java download about a year ago?

I've just downloaded Subliminal Blaster, as I thought, since I'm on my computer for a good 5-6 hours a day, it's a waste of an opportunity to target subliminals into my subconscious.

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People still use Windows yes. The latest version but yes it still exists. I work in education and we use it there.

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Where's Alex Burke on this subject? I bet he has some additional insight as he experiments with this kind of thing all the time. I might have to try it just to see what happens.
Thank you Alex, knew you would have some suggestions and help.

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Affirmations. Every single day morning and night.

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Very helpful Alex. I could do with some help in this area too.

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I feel like I need some help from an experience LOA'er one on one

I've just got questions and just recently had some news that has knocked me down a bit, and I think I know why I got the news... But I want to change the result of that news. But need help.

Any mentoring people would recommend? And dare I ask, free *ish.

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