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I can literally manifest Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth and Orlando Bloom then?

You can if you choose to  :D I met everybody famous (very) that I had a crush on 😍
I would say itís ABOUT what kind of energy you are projecting to your target. Thatís what matters most.

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There are some people who are 'unreachable' by energy and also those who are 'unreachable' by choice (blocking themselves on purpose). Not saying this is the case but just food for thoughts. It's good to know those things.
Interesting! How do i figure out who is unreachable by energy?what do you mean when you say unreachable by choice? how is it different from unreachable by energy? where can I read more about these two ideas?

Sorry, its a lot of questions but I'm interested to know more about the unreachable ideas

I meant that some are just not tuned in and they don't pick up any energy. While others are unreachable because they choose to, they are usually very evolved spiritually and also can choose who they let in. Hope it makes sense...English is not my first language btw. I heard about it from somebody spiritually evolved and it made a lot of sense, so can't direct you into any literature.

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Magneta - we are together and it's very passionate and loving.

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Sunny - yes I was referring to 'mind power seduction' and magic touch plus I combined it with love visualizations (like holding hands, kissing, laughing, him telling me he loves me etc) and i did it all with strong believe that we are meant to be together and that we have special connection. I think BELIEF is a key, you just have to be fully convinced and don't forget while you're visualizing and magic touch that the whole thing is happening now, that you're touching your poi at this right moment, that you're together etc. I did it 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes. I still do it and I do it everyday at least onnce but if I make time I do it more often.

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Been following forum for a while but thought would create a profile to share my success story. I got a phone call from my POI on the THIRD day of RSing after over a year of silence. Seemed like a miracle. Did exactly as instructed in Amargi Hillier's book plus couple minutes of love visualization at the end. Didn't question anything, just believed I got into alpha state and that I was visualizing correctly. This stuff is powerful and extremely effective. I would say that's a good start to loa adventures  ;D
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