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Hi Erana,

Let me share with you my own ideas concerning the 2 questions you asked.

What emotion do you go for? I go for the emotion of love,  no matter what my goal is, everytime I can conjure up an actual state of loving the thing I want to do or have, it puts me in total alignment because love is a state of resonance, if i doubt or feel uncertain, I am not truly loving the thing I want to have in my life because if i love something i want to give it my very best, you can see this in human relationships too, so that is just my take on it. Usually I like to suggest people to fall in love with their dreams because that tends to put the mind into a sort of vibration where you can only think of the good and look at it from a great angle. What I mean by that is that we don't look at any limitations or worries, instead we learn to trust and our desires for its fulfilment intensify because of it.

How do we get over the bigness of a desire?
Oh i love that one, i have reached a point i dont even recognize big or small goals, but i remember i used to do that alot... What changed? Well what I learned to do is to simply approach my desire through my imagination, i mentally act as if i already have what i want, and i see what i would be seeing were my dream a reality and then as I get familiar with the essence of my own dream all concept of it being large or small drop away, because I moved passed that you see. I simply approach it as if I already had it, so why would I consider it being big? If I already have it within my mind. All things flow from the human imagination, meaning whenever you can imagine having something it proves you already have the very essence of your dream within your own consciousness, how then can it be big if we grasp this?

So the bigness falls away and it simply is just another one of those earthly goals I can pursue and it moves into form over a certain period of time. Thats how it works.

So in the case of money, the more you look at big numbers, whatever does are for you, see it mentally inside your mind by using your imagination, the more familiar you'll become with what you want and the more natural it starts to feel, you essentially are persuading your own mind to accept the goal you have in mind, so you overwrite the old concept of something being big because you are training and getting familiar with the actual essence of the goal. We go into the future and we look backwards sort of speak and that also ignites alot of inspired ideas if we do this right. We feel compelled to take action on these newly inspired ideas and there we see our dreams turn into reality.

Of course there's many ways of looking at how we can use our own minds, so in no way is my explanation the only way to do something haha, but i hope it atleast gave you something to think about.

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