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Oh and there I was all ready to be cynical about ‘positive’ music  ;)

However! However...

I really like a lot of the songs on here! A few of which are actually lovely new discoveries for me.

Thank you Eve. Appreciated.

p.s. if you were including classical, this one is a really fabulous piece! Always makes me smile...and sometimes dance around like a silly person too, hehe

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I think envy and jealousy have been conflated in this post. Jealousy is when you fear the loss of something, as in jealously guarding something. Or someone.

Indeed, beautifully put. Thank you :-)

While ‘envy’ is wishing you had something that someone else has got.

People tend to use these terms in a loose way in spoken English. ‘I’m so jealous you got that job’ ..’’I’m jealous of your lovely legs’. NO. You are envious, not jealous.

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Could it be that you’re picking up on things where there are subliminal indications of them?

To explain: I imagine time isn’t linear and it’s possible to get glimpses of the future in a number of ways. We’re usually unaware of having received this information. There are different possible outcomes however and we influence them to some extent with our thoughts and intentions.

I dreamt last week really vividly that I was driving the windy road I take to work. It was covered in loose gravel (in the dream I had no idea why but odd things happen in dreams), and going round a bend I skidded and ended on the wrong side where I found myself in front of a van coming the other way. I woke in fear so did not witness the accident that would have happened next.

Then the next day I was driving to work and they had newly gravelled the road, it was really loose and exactly, literally exactly, as I’d seen it in the dream. I’d not to my knowledge ever seen a road gravelled like this before. Remembering the dream I drove very slowly, and I passed a white van at some point.

It’s not the only time strange premonition-type things have happened to me in dreams, or daydream-style thoughts, or ‘deja-vu’ style moments. But never something so much like a ‘warning’. It was wild. I haven’t told anyone for some reason. It just sounds silly.

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Just had a night of.... omg ok well let’s just say I’m a bit dazed... in a very good way.
It’s my time off kids for a week, phew.. so staying over with him. And he had already booked a ‘surprise’ which is today we are going off to a castle near Edinburgh together for a couple of days. And he told them to put chilled prosecco out which as you know is my favourite drink, chav that I am.
And I just had an enormous fry-up for late breakfast, aaaah.
Life isn’t looking tooooooooooo bad  ::)

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Yes, worn down and ground down. That’s what I see when I look around at my lovely beautiful friends.

It’s interesting that according to the British Association of Insurers ...a fairly conservative establishment who are clearly into stats and figures* for their own reasons... by far and away the most risky venture a woman can enter into financially in her life, is a heterosexual relationship.

(*I believe Alex wanted statistics ... real data)

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I agree with you, Emily. The reasons you, clearly a thinking, sensitive and intelligent person, have blunted your feelings are probably very similar to my reasons for daydreaming and dissociating. Maybe it’s just necessity.

Not doing so (for me at least) is too painful, and way too dangerous.
It’s self-protection. Also the cynicism e.g. re men, that’s self protection too.
You can’t have your empathy button permanently ‘on’ ... it would kill you! Or drive you insane... pretty quickly.

The fact is, people very often can’t be trusted. And energetically, they/we are extremely unbalanced, grasping at or lashing out at others, and disconnected from ourselves.

Where would be a safe place, a safe environment, to reconnect? Not sure. But maybe finding safe places, people, etc. in which to open up and get meditative about stuff could be the way forward.

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Emily, I love your post and I think you’re a perceptive person who clearly instinctively understands things that others just don’t see.

You might like this (I loved it): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c0KYU2j0TM4

For the record, the news a) isn’t produced in order to objectively inform people (the media is paid for by someone, plus watching what they choose to class as ‘reality’ will de-sensitize you to what really matters) and b) isn’t the news. One of my closest friends worked as a reporter for BBC ‘Newsnight’, she said to me ‘if you want to know what’s going on in the world, don’t watch the news’.

Trust your instincts, they are correct!

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Oh and yes you can, like Oliver Twist, humbly ask from the heart that which you’re in need of. It’s beautiful.

The problem (as I said) is the imposition of so-called Western values on the principle of LOA.

It’s a paradox, as LOA (aka, connection with universe and one another and how we can influence it all) works exactly because we are connected, because we are one, and my good is your good too.

Is it so very difficult to comprehend?

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It’s true we love making others feel GOOD and helping one another, it’s our favourite thing goddammit. But you don’t do that by controlling people, deciding what’s ‘best’ for them, or by winning against them.

It’s nothing short of miraculous that any sort of friendship, beauty and kindness still exist at all in such a (tragically mistaken) culture, where we compete*. I think this is real testimony to human nature itself.

It’s fear that drives our competitive system where we are willing to hurt and use one another in order to ‘gain’ ourselves... overlooking the fact we are all connected so you may as well take a knife to your own self.

She’s right, kindness is everything. And she’s strong too, for standing up for that, in a world full of unhappy selfish people who aren’t brave enough to face themselves ...or the truth.

Justifications? C’mon, we’re adults. We should at least face up to what we’re doing when we use or hurt someone for our own gain or gratification. It’s frankly despicable and we should be intelligent enough to call it such.

*definition of which, your gain is my loss and vice versa.

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Feeling you ‘should’ feel gratitude is, in my opinion, not just unhelpful... it could be actively harmful. Sometimes other things need to come first, self-knowledge, memories, recognition about unmet needs. Even anger (why the heck not?).

Then can come love and compassion, and joy about the amazing things and feelings that are ours to experience... and finally peace and thankfulness, if we’re lucky :-)

That’s my take, anyway.

Gratitude, yuck  ;D

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Well as long as your general direction is the right one, be self-forgiving about the other stuff. We’re only human, after all.

And you’re so right about balance! Feeling good in yourself. Healthy loves, friendships - a fulfilling life - all will be good.

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Since you two are compulsively linked now, on a psychic level, it’s natural you’ll continue to experience each other’s feelings and emotions this way.  It doesn’t sound intentional to me, the way you describe.

He will be picking up on whenever you feel sexual (e.g. when you’re RSing), or when your defences are down (between wake and sleep) and start responding to you emotionally. He might even be addicted to the feelings, and so keep attaching to them. He might sometimes be masturbating when you are ..that’s when it feels particularly intense.

It’s hardly surprising; if you created a ‘soul’ connection you don’t just close it down in an instant. It’ll take time.

You need to gain control of it; that means practising emotional detachment from the feelings. Tell yourself they’re just good feelings. Fine. No need to tell yourself any stories/narratives around those feelings. Detachment.

If you give it no attention, or focus, it’ll eventually disperse: you might even be able to infuse those sexual feelings into another relationship ...fantasize about the one you WANT to fantasize about, and it should eventually come true ...another ‘soul’ connection*
(after all, you need to set him free from it too... especially your responsibility if he’s unaware of this stuff!)

Good luck :-)

*having said this, we have strong preferences for people who emit certain energy signatures/frequencies (though of course those vary according to their emotions, their feelings towards you, etc.) So, meaning, there  isn’t only one ‘twin flame’ for you out there... it may be a question of finding a ‘feel’ you like as much as you liked his, only that belongs to someone more outwardly suitable.

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A common mistake, VERY common in this forum, is to imagine that it is only one’s own thoughts as an individual that create our personal reality.

We’re overlooking this detail: we are all part of the same larger energy field.

Reality is created through focus or attention - intent. The power of the COLLECTIVE belief, or ‘knowing’ just can’t be ignored ...as you are ignoring it in your aging argument.

So to put it simply, everyone knows/believes that oganisms age then die. Not just us but all living things have this in their ‘intent’. That is a pretty damn powerful collective belief that you’re trying to overcome all on your own :-)

However I don’t deny that a small amount of success could be had on a personal level against aging, if you believed hard enough and did enough exercises etc in that direction.
(Personally I’d rather be content with things as they are and spend my time on other stuff, but that’s a choice)

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The complexities and paradoxes of the ‘Law of Attraction’ ... I could not have put it better myself:

(I absolutely love this one, go Teal!!)

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Mr Multimillionaire, look at the people serving your drink and wonder if they spat in it (they probably did) and look at that blonde sitting next to you and ask yourself, does she really want to be here with me, or would she prefer my corpse and access to my bank account?

Just saying. Y’know, every silver cloud has got a black lining  ;D

Right.. Anna. Yes. Unfortunately yes, I do agree and with the way you put it.
I think though it should be self-motivated and not people trying to be ‘helpful’ by bossing and pushing, and pointing out others’ mistakes (like Samson and other guys here... ‘look everyone, a mistake!! Quick, crucify him/her !! lol)

Funnily, right now I DO actually need to pull myself up by the bootstraps ...

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