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Well..... I manifested this post or lecture. Lecture as there is a situation important to me now. I KNOW I can manifest it if I chose or another person another path.

 These words were just said to me the other day and now they are here. So the Universe has left me a message and truly I must heed it. Want to just shut the browser and walk away....LOL  but know I live in love, joy, and gratitude everyday. Am happy and am responsible for my own happiness. Either way this situation and path will be beautiful if I manifest it, or if I go another path with another person or situation it will be beautiful. Either way I will live in joy, love, and happiness and not try to resist or have expectations until I chose and either shows up. Thanks Superman, this has saved you yet another DM....LOL

I teach see or help others, when so close to situation for myself I sometimes have a hard time seeing which way I want to focus my energy.

Hugs, Angel

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First off do you believe you can attract him back? LOA is always working, depending upon your thoughts, feelings and what you are vibrating to is what you will attract.

You attracted him once, and the beginning of a friendship than relationship of daily contact. You attracted and manifested the fears and breakup.

So yes of course you can attract him back. You can do Superman's 30 day challenge, or parallel realities  challenge. I personally don't think you are ready for second but would try the first.

Work on yourself and what got you to this place. Your self esteem, self love, eat right, exercise, find a goal and put energy to that. See the end result of what you want. If it is a  relationship with him. See it, feel it and live in the moment of it for 10 minutes a day for 30 days. Try to be in joy and gratitude for what you do have. See self love for yourself. Read Neville.

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on: July 31, 2017, 07:37:03 AM 4 Success Stories / Success Stories / Re: Woohoo

Simply Awesome. YOU are the creator!  Using imagination, having faith, and implementing  Ask, believe receive you are making it all happen. LOA is always working, fine tuning, as well as aligning your feelings are the key. Keep your vibration up! I SEE fantastic things for you and much more to come. Thanks for the uplifting post and sharing. Namaste and Blessings, Angel

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You are all completely missing the point. I hope those who are missing than are in wonderful, loving , great relationships. If not than those who WANT that, desire that, are looking to get that or be that, well follow the advice of those who have it and not the ones spanking each other in the dark for years hoping to get a hit.  Yes I am a woman, yes I am passionate. I hold love passion workshops. Yes I help ppl bring love back. Am I always right in my life, no but take 100 % responsibility.

I am usually the sweet and kind blessings one. So sorry if you don't see that or feel that from my one post on this or want to judge years ago would have hurt me now.... spank away at yourselves and each other but than don't come crying to the board why it is not working. Crude maybe but there is a difference between a relationship, and a couple hot one night stands or series of them. There is a difference between lust and love. There is a difference between a relationship and a manipulations of emotions of free will. The results are seen over and over with RS> By the way manifested more Alpha confident female so don't give a flying beep like I would have before if it offends the ones telling how great their spanking style in the dark is.... end of story

Does it work, yes. Is there a place for it yes. Will you get results, yes always maybe not what you want or intend. Will you get a long term relationship back with, hell no not with just that and I don't blame the person you are doing to.... Again go ahead and do what you need and want it is your creative sexual energy. This was made for those who want a long term relationship with love. For the rest with methods, wanting to congratulate, Masturbate, conquer make a new thread or pick there is plenty you love gurus....LOL

PS . By the way we all have built in radars. Some turn them off and if you don't run your mind someone else will. For those blocked at times, or someone is cold or distant it is because they might not run their own mind, but in the back of it they know you are using or manipulating so eventually they will get more confident or someone with true love or believing in them will come along. You have just been blocked due to a spiritual restraining order perv. Congrats. Not all and yes will work, they will lust, want you some come back. For some they can go off and have a great night with another you just gave them a starter. Will this warm ppl up to you, want you and desire you. Yes to a point. So has it's use. The blocking does not pertain to all. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear take thy warning and be and go in love, find love and use love to bring to you LOVE. The end.

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LuckyCat, Psionic, Alexbally
First off remember your Mom has free will,  so do this always from highest intentions, as you are. Declaring free will and the good of all involved.

Read Neville, Florence Scovel Shin and see the end result. Ask your Mom what she is looking for in a partner and have her make a dream list.

Then see the end result of a happy friendly, fun, romantic, secure, healthy or whatever you are looking for relationship for her. See her loved, appreciated, happy and respected. Live in the end result now a few times a day, then release your intention to the Universe to deliver in it's own time and way.

Ask, see, receive. Believe and have faith.  Good luck to you and very kind and sweet.

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Your post made everything seem so easy! I have done that ball of light thing - i saw it on you tube once and decided to try it. Wasn't sure it works though.....i will try again and the figure 8. I think I am blocking it all to be honest because when i try and do affirmations and love and all that to him reality kicks in and the negative thoughts come flooding in and i know in reality we are not together and he has no idea i feel this way anymore and the affirmations only seem to last a few seconds after that. I got a serious boost from your words, though. I appreciate your help and will do what you suggested.  :)


Do Superman's method for 30 days. That is why you must forgive the relationship, the problems, him and your part in first. Now see love, see the end result. Easier said than done, but if you can do it than the universe can't help but bring that or something better if not meant to be.
Of course there is always ways to see, heal and help others. I am a healer, do reiki, healing energy, teach classes, see for others. Neville speaks of this. There is power in using your good, your energy and light to help others.

I don't mean to imply otherwise. The power is always within and the I AM. I am not implying the OP is lazy, but there are plenty of lazy in the world and plenty of black magic and evil or just users who will use those and run their minds. It is wise to understand that principal and not mean to point out.

 The more knowledge you learn the more you are responsible for. Meaning if I don't point out if you don't run your own mind others will do it for you. There will always be someone who will exchange energy of money to give you energy of blank. That is not bad, but the true power is within. That is when the real change occurs, when you take 100 % responsibility for your life, your wisdom, your learning, your power, your inner world. Than and only than the outer world changes.  You have to have faith and energy and the will power to do it for yourself.

The knowledge is there through others, the net, books of masters. Do it or don't the lazy never get anywhere that those who will take the time and energy to learn. Be the one willing to run your own mind, set your own goals and manifest your dreams.

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You are resisting and it is manifesting. First off you have not forgiven him or the problems in the relationship or taken ownership of those. You would need to do that, manifest a new relationship with him. The old is done. It is like putting new wine in old wine skeins. Second it is too general and I can see or feel you are going so general he doesn't even know this energy is from you. So yeah he might like it or be using free will to block you off.

 See the end result and love, then RS from you to him. Or you will continue to put your creative sexual energy to another all while you are at a low vibe. Quite frankly you need to up your vibrancy scale you are both not even in the same universe right now. Likes attract likes that is why you are not matching. See the love, then RS. Not reverse.

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Is this a serious question??? LOA is a spiritual law, you are always creating. You can buy a book, you can buy instructions, you can buy a plane ticket. Those are all experiences. If you are too lazy to create or pray for yourself you can trust someone to pray for you for money I guess...LOL If you don't run your own mind there is plenty of ppl willing to do it for you, enslave you or make you do their desires.

You are always creating and manifesting. What your frequency is, where your vibration and thoughts are is what you will attract. Likes attract likes. Your inner world is why your outer world manifested. The universe is literal so make sure you know what you want, ask for and the words you use. How you are feeling and what you are really wanting. Ask, believe and receive. Have faith.
Well.... I am baaaaaack.... LOL love to you Superman. Talk about manifesting a post. Was going to DM you. Never mind.....LOL Thanks for the post. Just what I was looking for at the moment. Hugs to you and yours. No matter how well you as a creator can help others to see and manifest for their lives, you still must look within at all times for your own. The answers and changes are always within. So above so below.  It is basic knowledge but a reminder even those who master things need. YOU are 100% responsible for your life at all times. If you don't like something, you must see what you did or felt to draw it and why you are sustaining it.

The problem many have with RS is it is working with the mind, telepathic, touching another in the realms etc. Does it work? Yes absolutely.

Does it have side affects? Absolutely

A few masters here have touched on this including Superman. Heed the warnings or march ahead. Everyone has free will. Will you affect them? Yes to a point.

Will it bring them back? Yes to a point. For a quickie, for a lust filled night? Yes. For a relationship? Yes but as many point out he or she is distant, or cold at times. Well everyone knows when there is unconditional love and conditional love. You are using sex and lust to draw someone in. Many say I am blocked, so it is working. Yes again to a point.

We all have families , jobs, hobbies, social media and get repelled by certain ppl. Likes attract likes. You tend to go with those that are at the same frequency. So most love lust and sex at times. SO they will enjoy it or think or you, but like anything else that is not all there is in life. Nor what most want deep down. Lust starts it, love makes it grow and continues it.

So to maintain that you have to put all your energy, sexual creative energy daily on another. Do you see how many get obsessed with it? Just like any other obsession in the sexual realm it is a conquest. You like they received it and impacted them. Yes but many are still having sex with someone else and still going about their day. If they love that and come back, it is still of lust and not love. Say what you want but if it was trusting the universe and unconditional love it would not need to be of a sexual nature daily.

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I know ppl in this industry and soon you will be in it. First off read Neville and see the end result, live in it. See your studio and equipment already. Start studying what kind you want, others in the industry, what kinds of songs you would do.

Get and make a vision board, or something on the computer seeing all the equipment. Make a list of it and put it in an envelope and see it already bought, you using it and what you are making with it.

See the money already flowing to you to buy it and have it. Live and feel as if you are already a music producer. Start awakening with your goals on that purpose everyday, whether it is learning a new instrument, how to code, how to produce, how to make music, start to follow those that do it in life, on social media etc.
Free yourself and be your own psychic. Do you believe in the LOA, in the power of I AM, in your desires and have faith?

Then set out to accomplish, manifest or bring to life through your power of I AM and the feeling of living in the moment of what you desire.   

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I am here to say I have used Superman's methods many times and works every single time. If you truly believe and do the work on self, have forgiveness, unconditional love and truly do according to free will and the good of all. Make sure to release to the universe the way in which it will come.  The key is you must live and feel in the moment of it already happening. Read his instructions and just do it. Ask, believe and receive. Have faith.
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