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Whoa the guy I'm trying to attract just sent me a message after going silent for 2 months!!!  :o :o :o I can't explain how happy I am! He only sent me a picture which I believe he took by himself: sunset on the sea. But I have no idea why he only sent me a picture and no text...
I'm thankful anyways that he contacted me again

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Thank you so much for this post PrototypeOA since this is what I needed to read and I've read it like 3-4 times now.
I think it's rude, I mean if you approached me in person and started talking to me, how would you feel if I just blanked you and then about 5 hours later came back to you and responded? it's unecessary really isn't it, you wouldn't consider me desperate or needy for immediately in person and if I said hey i'm busy i'll be with you in a second you would be fine with that, I dont get this culture of making people wait for a response if you dont need to...

all this is doing is tapping into our psychology that makes us social creatures who fear rejection, ignoring people goes way back in psychology as a form of punishment, if you like someone just tell them and have done with it... if a guy was taking hours to respond to me I would take it he's not interested and I would be thinking well even if he was this would be a rather shit relationship if he can't make time to send a text back.

This resonates with me so much since I am trying to attract a guy I've dated where I stayed at his place for 3 days. We've had contact with each other for almost 8 months now.  As I went back to my country last week I wrote to him that i enjoyed a lot being with him and had a great time. He never replied me back despite him being online on whatsapp. I don't think I have been needy towards him but I know I have been frustrated at times because I have been the one who almost initiated contact. After no reply 3 days goes by and he adds me on Facebook. I accepted him despite me not knowing his exact intentions. It's been 5 days now since the friend request and I have at the same time taken some time off from social media. Not inactivating accounts but only removing some apps just to focus on myself and go silent for once.

I am trying to attract him but I find his behavior very rude since I can't tolerate people ignoring me for this long and giving me different signals  (such as the Facebook friend request). I feel like it's some sort of psychological abuse, like I've never existed. I am for sure that I won't be the one now writing back to him. And I agree with you that if he never takes the time to write back to me I know he doesn't deserve my time for sure.

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Congrats la.wing and I am really happy for you!!

That is a wonderful story that you shared and you managed to attract your ex back after 4 years!! WOW :D
I am trying to attract my ex back but I have let go of him since I feel there is not much I can than just moving on and not wait for him. Again, congrats dear on your new life, I wish you all the best!! :)

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Thank you for sharing this!!   :)

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