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So I'd like for this thread to be shutdown. I'm not going through all the comments, but my glitch was more with Cherished than Veronica's forum, itself. She banned me for being sad in the "Help me align" section. Horrible use of modpower.

That aside, I'm doing fantastic right now, everything is really great. And this thread does not need to be open any longer. Thanks.

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Yep still delusional here. You're assholes. You're not helping and based on your behavior you're not good people either.

Hope you guys learn to grow up and be better. You don't kick someone when they're down. You clearly don't know how to help others.

OP, stay positive! Ignore the current reality:) you got this! Don't listen to these idiots who are just trying to bring you down. They're just taking out their hatred for themselves on you. You can do this!!!

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DickRunsDeep  the only way to know if a man is interested in a woman is if he initiates. Men are natural hunters, they go after what they want ;)

initiates? i thought you two were already in contact? are you saying he has to initiate every single interaction with you? I'd delete you too if that's how you acted

DickRunsDeep hmmm well yes we are in contact - he has my number now - but Im not going to message a guy who is not officially my boyfriend why he unmatched on a dating app lol that is a bit much


Youíre fucking delusional, no wonder he blocked you.
He can never officially be your boyfriend, or any guy for that matter,
because youíre immature and canít see that relationships are a two
way street. It canít be one person always reaching out, thatís not how it works.

Seriously? What the fuck is your glitch? This is why I left this forum. Stop the namecalling, and stop being such a jerk to someone. We create our own reality. NOBODY needs the critiquing. You're not giving "tough love". You're being very rude. If anyone's immature, it's you. If you have nothing kind to say, don't say it at all.

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hmmm he is not officially my boyfriend or anything, usually I don't reach out to guys who I am dating

After reading this, maybe he actually did delete you. I would if that's how you were with me.
This is an LoA forum. Your comment is incredibly rude and completely unneeded and non-supportive. Leave it out.

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just read the title.

It's because they love them.You shouldn't judge who someone loves. It goes deeper than what's on the surface. If they want to be with someone, then they have that right.

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-things didn't end well at all, so I've got some resistance
-haven't spoken since September
-want to manifest a Facebook message from her congratulating me on my new apartment, with a smiley face to boot.

I do know a lot about loa so this might sound contradictory but... what's the best way to manifest this?


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DISCLAIMER: Not to go against Veronica. She's a lovely person. Truly amazing. As are many of the members.

Well, there is a section called "Help me allign please..." for when individuals are having trouble/doubt with their manifestation. Last night after I left the hospital, (due to anxiety), I went to sleep. However, right before sleep, I was feeling great! Renewed, even.

I do need others here to know that there are some members over there who are a little hostile. For instance, I'm going through quite  a lot, and a user by the name of "GirlyGirl"-something was very rude, saying how annoying I am for being at a low vibration. She was very inconsiderate, calling me rude names, and such, for being down, and I've noticed many of the members there can be rude as well.  Some are very polite and kind, and genuinely helpful and caring. There are some who have been there for me, helping me when I was down. But often I'd get a lot of comments from people who were quite rude, simply because I was at a "low vibration".

Today I woke up with a ban for the following reason (after posting in the "help me align please..." forum, kind of venting:

(Who bans someone for being sad and needing help?) - If you're going to be in an area in a forum, with such a title, you're going to have to expect some sorrow. It's literally for reaching for help. In fact, the sub-text of the section is, "When you need a little help, feel a little flat or are about to create what you DON'T want.. We will help you realign!"
- That's a joke. Some may help you, but the majority or many of them will be quick to patronize you or be rude, claiming it to be "tough love", which will just bring you lower, while they state your faults.
Some members were claiming that I have been "bringing their vibration down". My words to them? Don't look in that fucking section if you're going to want to keep your vibe up. That's the last place you'll want to look. It's literally for people asking for help. That "girlygirl" individual was being harsh and hostile toward me for bringing HER vibration down. While a member, Sam, (who is very kind!!! She's amazing!) was helpful in stating common sense, girlygirl was hostile toward her advice, and took it as an attack, while simultaneously blaming me for bringing her vibration down.

I'd suggest others avoid that forum if they're very low. Some may be willing to help, but there are a lot of people there who will come across as hostile and rude, or willing to send judgement and rudeness your way, (while you're already sad, mind you...) under the pseudonym of "tough love".  Anyway, just a warning for those of you who are considering joining that community. If you're struggling, they're not going to be very helpful.

Just a head's up!

PS. In the meantime, I'm working on my own vibration, for myself, by myself (and possibly the help of this forum, as many here have been so very helpful over the years.)
Thanks guys!

And to Veronica, you may want to revamp your moderators, as well as ban people who actually cause rudeness, instead of those asking for help. Best of luck.

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