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Title: The best book on LOA you could ever read
Post by: Sophia_L on April 01, 2018, 04:30:22 AM
Throughout the years, I've read many books on the law of attraction. Some were very inspiring, some increased my knowledge and some were simply full of BS.
I came to find that the best way to understand the LOA  and its mechanics is not through books but through personal observation.
I started to track down my own experience to find how things fell into place ( when they did). I started also to observe the people around me ; how they got their desires, how long it took them and what state they were in when they received them.
The findings you get from this kind of observation are far better than any book can tell you. Its truly accurate that the best knowledge comes from personal experience.

Example: years ago I wanted to do my masters degree in a certain topic and  in a certain city. I really didn't care about other things as long as it was this exact topic and in this city specifically. It's a big city full of many universities so I started looking. I found many universities that offered the course but the tuition fees were waaaaay above anything I could afford ( since I am an oversees student) let alone the cost of living!
 things seemed impossible so I started to apply for any scholarship I could find. I would apply sometimes even without reading the requirements, I was just desperate to find a way. Of course no one called me and I didn't even reach the interview stage.
At that time one of my friends was also applying for the same course in a local universities and tried to convince me to sign up with her, but I couldn't. This was not what I wanted. I wanted to get my heart desire and I persisted ( I was not practicing LOA consciously or was aware of it).
Of course to be more logical I started to look for the same course but in different cities, even in different countries. Still nothing ( I always faced the same challenges the cost was too high and could not score a studentship). 2 years has passed. My friend has almost finished her masters degree and I have not found a course yet. I grew tired. I realized what I was looking for with my conditions was almost impossible and just gave up. Later on I found a university in a nearby country which provided the same course with a semester training oversees and they offered me 10% discount since I had my BSc from an affiliate university. I was happy and convinced it was a good offer.
I intended to go back there and start with the next school year ( which was in October) but before that I wanted to give myself a vacation and some time off for fun so I booked for Greece.
I remember before I left for greece I saw a message in my FB inbox from a guy I don't know about an opening  in a university in the city originally wanted. I thought it was a fake Ad and didn't pay attention to it.
When I came back from my vacation I checked my messages again and read that message in more detail. Then I contacted the guy.
The course they were offering was the same topic I wanted in the same city I wanted for not half but third the original price !! I sent out my papers and got my admission letter within the next month. The rest is history.

Another example: When I finished my masters of course I was desperate to find a new job in the same city. Like everyone else I started to send out CVs everywhere. Initially for jobs I liked but as my desperation grew stronger and finances became tighter I started to apply everywhere even for jobs I didnt like. I was making little progress.Sometimes I went for an interview but nothing was coming out of it. Many months passed.
One day I sat with myself and said why do I need a job so bad. I have few months left in this country anyway, I have some savings and a part- time job in retail I can live from and in the worst case scenario I can borrow some money from my parents and repay them later. I felt a sense of relief and decided to apply for jobs just for fun. The next week one company called me and invited me for an interview. I didn't think much of it as I have been disappointed many times before. I was even reluctant to go to the interview since it was too far but eventually I dragged myself.
They called me back the next day and told me I was hired  :o It was a very interesting job !lol

One more example ( I swear that's it!) One of my colleagues was desperate for a promotion. He has been in the company for many years and felt that he needed to advance if he wanted to stay in the same company. To get the promotion he needed to pass an evaluation comittee. He failed, He could only do the evaluation once every year. He worked on himself and prepared for the next year. He was sooo desperate to get it this time. He went again and failed! I think he went in total 3 times until he decided he is just wasting his time and decided to started studying something that interested him in preparation to leave the company. His manager recommended him for another try just for the heck of it. He was like WTF, so what?! I will try one more time he went and passed !! he was then too confused to choose between a job he really wanted and a degree in a topic he really liked! Eventually he chose the job.

I have endless examples from me and the people I know, I could go on for ages but what matters is that the process always seems to follow the same pattern. You focus on what you want for a while ( you try to get it, you grow more desperate, you lose hope),,, eventually you reach a stage where you are happy without it. You reach a stage of relief where you no longer notice the absence and..... magically it comes to you.
Of course when doing the process deliberately, it can be shortened and the unnecessary stages of desperation can be skipped by focusing on the intention for a while and then letting it go ( by finding a way to be happy without it ) meanwhile invoking the feeling of trust.

So the best book to read on LOA is the book of your own life, your own personal experience.

Would love to hear stories from your experiences!
Title: Re: The best book on LOA you could ever read
Post by: Apple on April 03, 2018, 03:58:50 AM
This is an awesome post!!! Love it!! It works the same way for me too. I keep a manifestation journal and record all of my successes and that is how they all worked. I do tend to forget and get caught up in techniques thinking more is better, but I know it's not the case. Also, some things are easier to let go of.

Thanks for the reminder!
Title: Re: The best book on LOA you could ever read
Post by: yesican on April 03, 2018, 09:15:08 PM
So the best book to read on LOA is the book of your own life, your own personal experience.

 wonderful... thank you Sophia
 I will contribute something a bit later...
Title: Re: The best book on LOA you could ever read
Post by: Plokoon111 on April 04, 2018, 04:24:20 AM
I enjoyed this post and it makes a ton of sense! Everyone is different, and our experiences can only reflect on ourselves.
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