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Title: Free Subliminal Text -Java - Better then the rest!
Post by: alexburke on December 15, 2017, 01:21:41 PM (

-Choose any font installed on your computer. -You can use downloaded fonts like from

-Size can custom set to be as compact as possible. -No more half screen affirmations that might not get registered correctly.
(11pt works for me)

-Choose any font color! I use spiritualtec's choice of coloring for the affirmations.

-When one subliminal flashing affirmation disappears the waiting period can be set to flash again in another random spot right away. You don't have to wait the remaining of the second.

(ON : 100ms Of: 1ms) -Those are my current time settings.

Transparency of any subliminal text in my opinion only makes it 50% less likely to be logical to work. So be sure to avoid that.

I have my custom list of affirmations set to flash through the list at random also. I do this because it works best for running more then 1 of the program instances at one time. Meaning I have 2 of the java programs setup at one time to have 2x the subliminal exposure.

So be sure to throw subliminal blaster in the bin. The text size and color changes everything.
Title: Re: Free Subliminal Text -Java - Better then the rest!
Post by: alexburke on January 12, 2018, 12:37:47 AM
The java program / software flashes the affirmation faster then your ability to read it but on a brain level it registers the affirmation anyway even if you don't have the ability to actually pause and read the affirmation while it blinks at a random spot. Its like walking past a dollar coin and not noticing it. Your brain STILL registers the dollar coin even if you only saw it for a very short moment. Another way of looking at it. Our brains register 100's of frames per 1 second on a computer screen. Our brains register all of those 100's of frames even if we only see 1 flat picture. If even only 1 of those frames had a message on it in the form of an affirmation your brain still in the end activated processes in the brain same as actually reading that same exact statement. The idea is that the brain goes through the same processes in the brain with the information when it blinks as to when actually reading it. Steve G Jones has a neurological study that proved it on a larger level in terms of scientifically proving the existence of the subliminal flashing phenomenon.
Title: Re: Free Subliminal Text -Java - Better then the rest!
Post by: Desideratum on January 12, 2018, 05:57:17 AM
Alex ... main question I have is ... does it work? Is there evidence of it working, first-hand accounts, etc? Would love to read those.

Psionic, what you're saying counters all known wisdom and knowledge about LOa, creative thought, etc. CH'I is developed in the body, how can an external generator create ch'i? Why do you say the subconscious does not manifest? OK, well, in the sense that a power connected to the subcons mind may be what actually manifests, the sobcons mind is one with that power. Intent alone is not enough ... lots of people have intent and manifest bupkus. In fact, all the chants do, as far as I know, is imprint the idea/thought/intent INTO the subconscious mind so that it can be manifested.

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