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Yes thats the thing, limit discussions or not at all to others. I discussed something with my sister tonight and really must not.
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: maybe side effects
« Last post by siamesegirl on Today at 02:47:25 PM »
I don't see what demons have to do with RS. It's not black magic and religion isn't a factor either, unless you choose to make it one.
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: maybe side effects
« Last post by TheLittleBat on Today at 12:59:17 PM »
mybe the other spirits know or feel the waves Iím sending to that person and theyíre  starts coming to me !!!

you're obviously scared. I don't know what you're getting at.
You're scared of bad things happening, you're paranoid. Don't be doing RS.
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: maybe side effects
« Last post by Isabella_ella2 on Today at 12:40:27 PM »
If you're religious and you believe in demons and such, RS isn't for you.
You're paranoid for no reason.

I donít get it that means ďdemonsĒ is involved? because that you telling me rs itís not for me! I want a clear answer... I assume you donít believe in demons but itís up to you and itís up to me.....  if can someone who believe in demons , evil and angel can answers me and I just read this one make me think more about this itís a post from last year by (evilzerosc) ďYou don't have to be an evil person to eat unhealthy foods, to have meaningless sex, drink alcohol, smoke...anything that can degrade us...it's not about being an evil person.  It's just that to the evil person they are consciously intending to hurt you....yet many of us unintentional hurt ourselves and others all the time, sometimes we just choose to ignore it, choose to be unaware...I've practiced remote seduction, it's the easiest thing in the world...You invite evil spirits, heavier spirits to come into your life as you use it...just like all of the other things, but to a much greater degree...And you rationalize it...  And it just builds and become more diabolical as time passes...it begins as a harmless practice, and progresses into deeper, heavier psychic control...the reason it becomes so dangerous is because your working with the sex energy...the most powerful energy that the human being can summon at its peak, that creates another human life or destroy life...you may not feel the effects now. As with all things it takes time, and the degree of use mattersĒ
is he meant real evil or just by thinking??? guys sorry but I want someone with open mind to answer me without judgement my believe and my religion... and you may asked why I mentioned my beliefs or my religion because I know some people donít believe in it and I mention it to let you know what my believe and if the rs like invite them or not ... thank you
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: maybe side effects
« Last post by TheLittleBat on Today at 12:12:23 PM »
If you're religious and you believe in demons and such, RS isn't for you.
You're paranoid for no reason.
Remote Seduction / Influence / maybe side effects
« Last post by Isabella_ella2 on Today at 10:00:11 AM »
at first my english is second language so i hop to understand me .. ok first of all before like 2 weeks I started reading about rs at first I doubt not if it's work or not but if it's being spiritual trouble in my life like horror movies lol and i asked here if it is a black magic or not and anna recommended to me to read the mind power seduction  and I read some of experts profile here in this forum, anyway I started a like a week but before that I used Neville technique, but u know I couldnít sleep because  visualization for me its energy it's hard to sleep while doing something but i like it any way , my visualizing i mean the scenario it is the same about the guy i just included the sex part and MT and the touch in shoulder like its said in MPS book . ok when the second time I do rs and visualizing and I slept I dreamt about that my friend telling me that her bfís friend wants my number in the dream I said to my self ďoh thatís fastĒ how come itís happened like that fast any way I woke up and slept again after the dream and again I dreamt someone that is setting next to me in my bed and he started kissing me in my shoulder ď thatís before I started the shoulder part ďI was like ok maybe him but when I saw his face I recognized itís not him and I start to freak out ,Ē itís like when you have a nightmare ď I tried to wake up until I woke up ... then few days past.. I started to feel like energy down in my body while  Iím a wake not sleeping and itís really freak me out .. at first I said maybe him but how come!! and then I imagined if it was some spiritual power I mean not human because I believe in other spirits not human itís in my religion.. then I was thinking
mybe the other spirits know or feel the waves Iím sending to that person and theyíre  starts coming to me !!! I donít know guys I want an answer for this one .. thank you guys
Say Hello to All / Re: EXPERTS WANTED
« Last post by Love2Learn on Today at 09:35:17 AM »
Thank you so much for replying!! I will definitely review your profile for details! I am a bit overwhelmed but excited to take everything in.

I'm pretty sure I'll have questions -- thank you for allowing me to reach out.

Have a great day/night!
You're putting parameters on it. That's now how LOA works. Somebody may well have done what you said. So what?
this is just reality transurfing....you feel the pain first then make it feel light which is balancing the force or getting the no importance thing...then feel emotion of getting the thing.
I know.. its reason why  I need stories..
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