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I was reading this post this morning and it was helpful, you might like it: http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=19399.0
Hey guys. Of course I am still having trouble manifesting my height:( it honestly sucks. I just want it. So bad. Right now. I try to stay positive, keep a good "vibration" but deep down I'm miserable with my height. I read success stories, and don't believe them, i get proof, don't believe it. I am really confused as to what I can do anymore. Its been almost a year of trying and i don't think there has been any progress. Sometimes I feel on fire like this is totally possible, and other times (most the time) i feel like shit because I just don't believe it can come true. What is the law of attraction? what does quantum physics have to do with it? what about the subconscious.

I am just a ball of confusion. And I'm pissed because very few people have manifested anything physically on here. And how can I even know that the people who say they have are telling the truth? What if we are just setting up ourselves to fail?

Again if you don't want to deal with negativity plz don't read this. I am just struggling and am so frustrated with life.
I find it so weird you've been RSing this guy all this time and 3 hours a day without skipping a session and he still doesn't act upon it! :O

Some people here using RS on someone for less time and less than 3 hours a day and probably even skipping some sessions and still manage to make their "target" surrender to their feelings and chase them. I've been RSing my guy for 3 weeks already since we broke up and I notice him always looking at me even after we had the fight and he was supposed to feel angry at me and ignore me. I actually started RS on him while we were together so from the moment he broke up with me I guess it was RS already taking effect because he is resisting. He doesn't want a serious relationship and is acting like this. But it didn't take me too long though!

I guess some "targets" are more stubborn than others and then there are these "targets" extremely stubborn who don't act on it for an entire year! ::)
Everything you're doing is spot on. I would not worry about the signs as much. Just focus on what you're doing now and just say thank you when the signs come. Keep going on your path and they will come when you least expect it and you will be in a much better place by then.
Koko, how are you and your sweetheart doing?
Any updates? I always love you, Christina and Anna's encouragement and
reading about all your success it really inspires me. ♥️
Hello, dear souls, I decided to start my own thread to share my results during my journey, as well as getting some extra support and encouragement ;)

I've always been a believer of the Law of Attraction, vibrational realities, and that everything is connected. I've just been too lazy to properly take care of my own creation.

Until my fears, doubts and insecurities backfired on my when my lover left me in January after 4 months of me unconsciously visualizing the worst scenarios. of course, they all came true, and once I realized the power we have in this world, I started my journey into the Universal mind, and I have already experienced many things that I couldn't have imagined before.

For example, on the good side of my journey, I found a job a screenwriter. This was my wish since last year, and as soon as I stopped worrying about getting a job that would make me happy, and as I stopped focusing on the negative sides of my current and past jobs, the opportunity landed on my hands.

However, when I started to attract back my lover, it completely backfired on me. Instead of visualizing to feel good and let go of my desired, I used to spent all day plotting and imagining how to bring her back with my imagination, searching every forum, every book, every YouTube video, every secret psychology.

If you're doing this, I say to you: stop it now. You're not accomplishing anything with these techniques, everything is already created.

After I realized I was using LOA from a place of desperation, sadness and fear instead of joy, gratitude, and happiness, I decided to start Superman's Get Your Ex Back game.

That's when the sings started to appear. I kept seeing the number three everywhere. 3, 3, 3. I didn't know what it meant until the end: I had to restart the game three times, on the day three, before I could properly do it, without fears growing all day.

The day just before I restarted the game for the third time I was thinking: "I wish I could remember the name of my lover's baby niece" (I have a bad memory). Hours later, I open Instagram and I see a picture of the baby with, yes, three likes. It was the first post I saw, and it was enough for me to convince myself I was on the right path.

And today I think I got a second sing: see, the game's duration is 30 days, and I have 23 left to go. Last night I was starting to fall back again, sinking deep into my fears and jealousy, and I was asking my inner self for a way out. And today, when I opened Instagram in the morning, I saw a picture a girl posted, it was an Osho quote that said: "Don't chase, no search, don't question, don't knock, don't push, just relax. Relax and it will come to you. Relax and you will vibrate with it".

The picture had exactly 23 likes, just as the number of days I'm missing in my journey. Furthermore, this girl has never posted anything LOA-related before, just selfies.

And today I've been feeling mostly like my old self, happy, relaxed, and doing the stuff I like and the stuff I gotta do. I realized that I was afraid to let go because it means, in my ego--mind, that I will completely live without this person. But we don't have to think about it all the time to make it happen, quite the opposite, we only need to think about it to feel good and grateful.

So, what do you guys think? Do you think I'm on the right path? Do you think those were indeed sings?
Did you ever feel hopeless/angry/cry?
Yes, I cried a lot.

Did you ever think, "Why am I not good enough?"
Yes, many times. But at some point I gained self-esteem so I do not think that anymore.

I don't know how to overcome these negative emotions that arise
when they don't reach out to you after RS'ing for so long.
For me it's distance. As long as I do not see / hear about my target and think about other stuff
it's okay, I manage to stay positive for a long time.
How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: MORNING vs. NIGHT.
« Last post by WadeGarret78 on Today at 02:53:48 AM »
Thoughts (?) - Anyone (?)

Anna, Koko & Christina:

Did you ever feel hopeless/angry/cry?
Did you ever think, "Why am I not good enough?"
"Why aren't they messaging?" "What am I doing wrong?"

Anna I know you said the other day,
"Don't sobatoge your progress by wondering why it hasn't happened yet."
But it's so incredibly difficult for me NOT to worry.
I'm just a natural worrier AND impatient.

I don't know how to overcome these negative emotions that arise
when they don't reach out to you after RS'ing for so long.
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: RS on the girl I like
« Last post by lionheart95 on Today at 02:00:16 AM »
But when I try to understand if I am attached or desperate or anything like that, I realise that I feel open on having fun with other girls, even though I have the feelings I mentioned, but the same time I feel that I really do want my target

I think it's your way to fight the depression :). It happens to me too. You're looking into other girls to try to forget the cause of your suffering.

It's more like when I see an attractive girl, I have this "sexual" feeling and I am thinking to myself "Hey, I would gladly fck you" you know what I mean? But when I think of her.. damn! For example now, I have this nervousness inside me, don't know why.. maybe it's because I found out she is back in town, or that she doesn't contact me.. Don't know.. but it's frustrating.

Maybe text and tell her to meet now she is same city. Girls are shy to make the first move

But I am not supposed to do contact since I RS her.. But wait.. Here is the post I describe the background with this girl.. Read it and then reconsider your answer xD

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