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Author Topic: The Subconscious Mind Paradox; Language, Symbols, Geometry & Images!  (Read 97 times)

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I'm pervasively active in the Remote Seduction forum because it's the psionic umbrella; it's the physical manifestation of thoughts encapsulated with a myriad of other phenomenas----telepathy, clairvoyance, dreamwalking, astral projection manipulation, hypnagogic and hypnopompic induction, lucidity etc! Some of my contentions with subliminal techniques are specifically dynamic and static visual subliminal messages, and auditory subliminal messages. Taking into account influences that bypasses the upper physiological threshold causing subconscious influence, and below the threshold of conscious perception----including hybrid subliminal.

The subconscious mind is paradoxical; in one aspect there's compelling evidence that supports its innability to decipher language, simulanteously being influenced by dynamic and static visual subliminal messages and auditory conjectures; the irony is------it's not paradoxical in the strictest sense because the linguistic models needs a carrier. I'm saying this because dynamic visual subliminal messages are words or syntax language flashes at regular or irregular intervals ---at a time frame that goes unnoticeable by the conscious mind. Static visual subliminal messages are words, syntax, symbols or images ingrained in a symbol or image creating a subtle unnoticeable ambiguity below the threshold of conscious perception...

Symbols are the language of the subconscious---it makes sense because geometry is the language of the mind------preceding back to evolutionary biology. Neurons firing between synapses oscillate in irregular geometric shapes etc! Indeed there's a myriad of preceding biological, evolutionary and environmental factors involved. However, I've been pondering on dynamic and static visual subliminal messages, and how they influence the subconscious mind in mutually exclusive ways. I'll correlate it using a mental thought-form; this is empirical because I've seen astonishing, unpredictable results.

There's the pentagram symbol and pentagram symbol encased in a circle; dynamic or static visual subliminal messages that specifically uses language are encased or attributed in the subsets or secondary of a primary symbol or image. Factual; hence, if symbols are the subconscious models of appreciation-----then it's operating by geometry on a rudimentary level. This insinuates two intriguing postulations; the subconscious mind is essentially paradoxical in that it cannot discern language model, unless it's encoded or encased in symbols. Then what the lower level mind is deciphering is not the actual language itself, but the intrinsic meanings ascribed ----

Another disparity to consider is the fact that subliminals are inconceivably below the threshold, while supraliminal are conceivably oblivious, while encoding the subconscious-----elaborate, if you will-----
I've posted an extension in the Remote Seduction Category, only because the rest of information is only applicable in that section.

"Precognitive Subliminals, Supraliminal, Hybrid-Liminal RSing"
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