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Author Topic: Entities? Channelling?  (Read 78 times)

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Entities? Channelling?
« on: August 10, 2017, 09:28:14 PM »
Okay well i started listening to Abraham Hicks a while ago and just today i started looking further into it because on a few of the videos i noticed she referred to Esther, which is herself, in like the 3rd person.....and that's just weird.
So i looked into it and found out that it was through channeling and ouija boards that they came up with the Abraham thing. NOT GOOD.  :(

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Re: Entities? Channelling?
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 02:07:25 AM »
Okay well i started listening to Abraham Hicks a while ago and just today i started looking further into it because on a few of the videos i noticed she referred to Esther, which is herself, in like the 3rd person.....and that's just weird.
So i looked into it and found out that it was through channeling and ouija boards that they came up with the Abraham thing. NOT GOOD.  :(

Abraham Hicks is not for you. You already have a fear based belief that you couldn't hear the messages that are given. Your fear is based on whatever belief system you have. That's okay Abraham is not for you there are different ways for you.

Just because you see something as fear based to yourself doesn't mean its not good for everyone else that's yours alone and no one elses. I know many religions are againsts spirits/non-physical beings its part of their belief system and that's their belief sysyem alone even though some try to spread fear. Its still a belief system.

Abraham wasn't conjured up by a ouija board. Don't spread lack of knowledge by your own opinion by saying a ouija board was used. That's fear based most people who are don't have experience with non-physical beings or fear spirits always bring up the ouija board or its the "devil's work" when they don't understand it.

Esther herself didn't conjure up Abraham with any intentions in mind she wasn't trying to call upon any non-physical being. As myself I had no intentions to even connect with any non-physical beings as well. When she was enlightened enough in vibrational frequency they were able to communicate to each other she actually did it through meditation. I was contacted when I was going through my own spiritual journey. There a different ways that they contact us. Esther and Abraham were already connected before Esther knew anything. As I was already connected before I knew anything and many other people like us. It was about getting into alignment to get communication.

I've met many channelers and they themselves actually tell people to don't seek into channeling other beings because low vibrational beings easily can manipulate you as they know how to get personal. For example some people want to communicate with the dead and the lower vibrational beings take advantage of that. We didn't seek out to conjure a non-physical being by any means they were already connected to us and contact happened when it was time.

I know a lot of people fear this because its such a big unknown to many people especially when you haven't experienced it. Some of the non-physical beings can't even show their self to the people they're connected to because they know they would be scared of them. I know I was! Not many of us can come out to tell people what we experience and have with us because they will get scared. I'm more worried about people being scared of me than them to just say I'm crazy..

I had to deal with my family being scared of me that non-physical beings were with me as a kid. Now they understand and I'm glad Abraham teaching other people giving other people enlightenment. Showing other people we're not that scary we just want to help that's all.

Again we didn't conjure up anything and just because we aren't understood by most people doesn't mean we have bad intentions. Its okay Abraham not for you but be open minded don't spread fear we have enough of that going on in the world, spread love all in the end love is infinite and that's what really matters as its the core of our being.

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Re: Entities? Channelling?
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2017, 02:56:40 AM »
Ouija boards? That's how she's channeling Abraham? Didn't know that...I remember someone on here said they had a friend who saw Esther and the friend had clairvoyance or something like that, they saw glowing light all around Esther's aura which implies she was channeling something good...I guess...

Years ago, I didn't like Abe-Hicks. The videos were difficult to listen to, I didn't know what the hell Esther was going on and on about and I wish she'd slow down. I thought the channeling stuff was just a gimmick and I didn't understand why people paid so much money to see her when so much LoA info is free. The works of Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy seemed so much more simple and straightforward to me. If you look into Esther and the Abraham forums, there's a lot of shady shit. And Abraham fans, although well intentioned, would confuse me with words like "allowing" and "receptive mode" and "momentum" and "vibration." 

But....Abraham's teachings are very useful. I don't agree with everything Esther says, I have my own ideas about things, but what they give out is still very useful. Here are some of their concepts that helped me:

1. Going general. People often misunderstand this, especially on this forum since it's so ex-back heavy. They think going general means you have to give up on the ex and be open to someone else. No, that's a misunderstanding (although it's a helpful misunderstanding in my experience). Sometimes when you're so focused on a specific outcome, you'll start to feel all of the doubts and negativity pop up and you'll find yourself in a negative spiral. This makes it harder to focus and feel as if you have the outcome you want, plus all of those negative feelings are still there. So go general....This means to get off the specific subject and be more general with your thoughts so that you feel better, it's easier to believe in yourself and believe in good things, and this sets up neural pathways that make it easier for you to be positive overall, so that you don't fall into the negative spiral. Some people focus on their ex all day on here and they feel like crap, but what would happen if they went general with thoughts like "I am loved. I am blessed. Life is amazing..." They'd put more energy in that direction and life will reflect that back to them, making it easier for them to attract good things. And if they choose to be more specific, it will be easier. Superman's "I am blessed" game is a great way of doing this: http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=21412.0. I remember last year I played an Abe game where I just do whatever brings me joy, whatever feels like an amazing life to me. It was scary at first because I'm so used to working hard and focusing hard, but now I'm relinquishing focus. And wow...things I've been focusing on for months started coming in without any effort or focus. It made me rethink everything I know about LoA. Here's other people doing the same: http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=24004.0

2. Vibration. Such a weird word lol. Before I had an account here, I was a lurker on the RS threads, I misunderstood what LoA was about. I was trying to get a girl I had a falling out with to like me again. I thought LoA was basically just visualizing an outcome and somehow that outcome will happen, that if I visualize all these love scenes with her, then she'll sense it telepathically and magically start to like me again. I remember I did this every night all summer and fall, we started hanging out again, and we got into the same dumb fights over and over again. Anyway, I decided to let go. I was sick of always focusing on her, I wanted to feel alive again, I wanted to feel confident, optimistic, sexy, awesome....so that's what I did. I dropped LoA (or rather my misunderstood definition of it) and I just lived my life, focused on making my life awesome without her and feeling great about life and myself. I didn't realize it at the time but I was still working with LoA - my vibration changed. In the summer when I was so focused on her - I was lonely, confused, didn't feel confident in myself, RS was my crutch basically, my last hope, I needed this girl - the fantasy of her - to satisfy my ego and make me feel secure. I was insecure, that was my vibration. After a few months, things changed. I was talking to other girls, I felt confident, adventurous, I was doing good with my schoolwork and I felt brilliant, I got back into writing and I felt passionate and fun, I got into the stock market and my bets payed off - I felt successful and sporty. My vibration changed, I believed in myself, I was secure. And lo and behold....the girl who disappeared from my life started popping up, instead of me making all the moves it was the other way around, I was getting the flirty texts and she was asking me to meet up with her and take her out to dinner and the movies...We still got into the same dumb fights, but you get the picture. I didn't focus on her, but I changed my vibration, I went from insecure, lonely and wanting affection to fill a hole in myself....to confident, loving who I am, where my life is going, feeling attractive (without needing her validation), and allowing affection to come in because my new vibration wasn't blocking it. That's what Abraham talks about - you gotta change your vibration by changing your thoughts and the way you feel, that's how you allow the good stuff into your life, you go from hating yourself and your circumstances to seeing it as the launchpad for a brilliant life and then it all changes, it becomes loving yourself and your circumstances, the vibration changes, the energy changes.

3. Release resistance. You know you're releasing resistance when you feel positive. Resistance is fear, doubts, and negative beliefs/ negative attitudes. I actually learned this from people like Stingray at Inward Quest and imnfst on reddit. They are Abraham fans, but they also explain the teachings much more clearly with some added stuff. I remember the old days, I thought all I had to do was focus on what I want and somehow I'd be drawn to achieve it or it would happen somehow. But...if there's lots of negative programming (resistance) in you, it's harder to attract good things. It's like you're attracting a magnet from your magnet, but there's a block keeping the magnet from getting to you. People on this forum believe that if they ignore reality and persist in their imagination, then that's all they have to do. But...what you resist persists...you can ignore reality, but if you ignore your own resistance, it'll still be there, it'll still have an effect on you, it might even get bigger. I see this happen so many times, people ignore reality and visualize, visualize more and more, ignore reality...but one day they crash down and cry and rant, all the negative feelings they ignored were bottled up and erupted like a volcano. But that's actually a good thing, it's a chance to release resistance. I remember there was project I had high hopes for, I'd visualize myself doing well on it every night, but deep down I had my fears of failure that I often ignored. And the project bombed, I messed up so bad. Muhammad Ali said it best: "It's not the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down, it's the pebble in your shoe." But I ignored the pebble in my shoe, I had all these fears of failure, my insecurities driving me to be perfect and impress others, and that was my downfall in the end, I didn't release my resistance. After the failure, I took an introspective look at my issues and that's when I decided to really confront the fears instead of ignoring them. That was the game-changer because I was no longer afraid of my fears, I made them my allies. When I shifted those negative perceptions of things, I became better with the work I was doing, my abilities expanded.  So if you're aware of your blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, and resistance....use awareness and better-feeling thoughts to shift them into the positive. This helps you live in the imagination/ reality you want more consistently. That's what releasing resistance is about. This is a very detailed overview on it: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/14919/manifesting-experiment-4-the-resistance-release-method-get-what-you-want-by-clearing-whats-in-the-way-part-1-of-2

So as shady as Abraham is, I actually learned some good stuff from their materials that helped me a lot.

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