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I have read the Parapsychology book suggested by a few here and it says that masturbating for men can drain you and stop you from attracting people effectively, has this been true for any of you?
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Okay; let me answer this question as condensed and as effective as possible---ejaculation rejuvenates the mind and body by releasing excessive semen if done infrequently; however, chronic abuse is also a precursor to anxiety and depression, because perpetual masturbation depletes dopamine in the longevity, which is a neutransmitter that effects mood; dopamine has a myriad of functions, it enhances learning, memory, induces excitement and reward for an engaged activity..To elaborate on your initial question; one-third of a man's energy is stored in his sperms, and excessive energy exertion adversely effects the immune system...I heard years ago that abstinence increases pheromones and raises your subtle auric field, and the opposite sex can intuitively detect that; (anecdotal). Abstinent increases motivation, confidence and assertiveness  towards sexual initiation----thus enhancing the alpha-male dominate sigma and increasing attraction. Although RS requires the alpha or theta state to plant subliminal influences and seduction in the targets subconscious mind, ejaculation increases heart palpitation and arouses the brain to the beta brainstate. Its contradictory because it's the opposite of what's required to influence---however, It's effective because a 3rd of a man's energy is highly charged with tension and emotion towards a target----surpassing every psychological, physiological and cognitive requirements for effective RSing. It's the most potent form of energy in the human body, and its power of influence is immeasurably!
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: RS worked big time!
« Last post by AngelusofftheSea on Today at 08:15:43 AM »
Can you describe exactly what you're doing, step by step?
I go by my intuition but it's just MT with unconditional love, not lust. Start slowly by caressing them while mentally whispering accolades of love into their ears. Caress the neck, scalp and hair. Keep away from erogenous zones till you build comfort. There are more intermediate and advanced techniques but they are overkill.

Hot..... LOL JK.... I know your methods have been perfected and worked for you, per other messages.  Hope it has brought you the results you have needed. Love hearing how some do it for love not just lust.
I have read the Parapsychology book suggested by a few here and it says that masturbating for men can drain you and stop you from attracting people effectively, has this been true for any of you?

crystal_clear already explained it crystal clear but as in overall attracting people, No. There is an old hooker trick where they spread their semen on their neck to attract more clients. So masterbating actually helps attract more people if you leave some semen on you. Something about the smell makes people think about sex around you. As for RS, yes I see it less effect for a few hours after since you drain your chi but by few hours your back. It's better to save it after your session, only if you already comfortable with the person. A technique to do is stroke minimium 200x while filling yourself up with unconditional love for your target then when busting see it go into their heart with unconditional love. Problem is you will leave them really horny for a few hours and they will look for a release so it is not my prefered method but anytime I feel like rubbing one out it's best way to go. You can also practice this on girls on chaterbate, while masterbating see the position you want, you be amazed on how they react to you as you grasp their hair etc.
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: RS worked big time!
« Last post by Psionic on Today at 06:50:12 AM »
Can you describe exactly what you're doing, step by step?
I go by my intuition but it's just MT with unconditional love, not lust. Start slowly by caressing them while mentally whispering accolades of love into their ears. Caress the neck, scalp and hair. Keep away from erogenous zones till you build comfort. There are more intermediate and advanced techniques but they are overkill.
Success Stories / Re: Manifested sex instantly
« Last post by Psionic on Today at 06:20:10 AM »
This has happened to me a couple times. I manifested my first kiss this way. I was 12 or 13 don't remember but that day it was a holiday and big events happening all over. I wanted badly to have a first kiss, like a real one with tongue and all. That morning all day I said to the Universe if I don't get to kiss a girl today I will never believe in You or pray to you again. I repeated this all day. I began to get ready later on the day and was tuning up my dance moves etc. Well once I went to take a shower and get ready for the night my family tells me their tired and don't want to go out the night. Then one of my cousins who was/is my age told me she has a party down the street for us to go. So I was upset since I didnt get to go to the event but at least I wasnt stuck at home.
At the party people kept telling me this girls likes me. She was really cute but I didn't know anyone there and didnt want to get rejected so I let it be. I remember I was sitting down on a bench at the party having my first ever adult beverage. Next thing you know everyone at the party gathers around me in a big circle, the circle opens up and the girl jumps on me and we make out all night.
definitely weird how these things happen.
Vision Board / Re: Vision Board Success Stories?
« Last post by ChaliceSnowFlower on Today at 04:36:02 AM »
I started creating vision board 5 years ago and 90% has manifested such as:
- I placed flags of the countries that I would like to visit (France,Germany,USA,Austria, Denmark, Norway, Belgium etc and I was able to travel to those countries some are for free due to work and some I paid as I got salary increase- only 2 countries left (Spain, UK) has yet to manifest!
- I pinned an architectural drawing of my house, and after 2 years I was able to build it effortlesly
- I cut out a logo of the company I wish to work for, after 2 years, here I am in that company that I asked for
- I placed a photo of a luxury bag (Hermes) but instead I manifested 4 luxury bags (LV, Prada, Burberry and Gucci), which might be the same price as Hermes
- I wish to be active and strong, therefore I placed a woman doing exercise. I started HIIT, crossfit and 10k marathons after a few years
- I placed a photo of a dog, after a few months, a stray cat gave birth in my backyard, so I adopted her. Not exactly a dog, but still its a pet
- I cut out my Dad's dream car because I promised to buy him one, just last week, I purchased a car, not exactly the same model, but the same colour
- I am in love with country homes, so I pinned country homes interior decor in my vision board, and everytime I go to shops, I usually find something similar in the photo such as chandeliers, sofa, wall decor, so now my home looks like from a magazine
- I intend to purchase my own flat, so I placed photo of a nice residential building, and last month, a new residential building will be built and I got to purchase one flat pre selling phase
- I printed the magic check for a certain monthly salary, and I got more than what I asked for
- I printed an MBA certificate, and I finished it last year
- I am grateful for all the things which I manifested, I am yet to manifest a partner, everything else are all checked, so I added more happy couples photo in my vision board and I know how exciting will that feel. I enjoy and trust the process! I am still in awe whenever I think about all those things that manifested

I am in awe too. These are amazing manifestations.
How to Use Law of Attraction / Re: RS having an opposite effect
« Last post by AngelusofftheSea on Today at 04:12:32 AM »
Interesting thread. Love is the highest vibration and answer to all.
« Last post by HiCrunchy on Today at 03:55:13 AM »
Hey Darling,

I just wanted to see how you were doing. Ur situation is very hard and I hop you have found a solution.

 ;) :-* some requests.

My body is now ready for maximum change
I now ask my body permission to change
My body now gives itself permission to change
I now ask the universe to allow my body to change
The universe now allows my body to change
I now ask my DNA to change
My DNA now gives itself permission to change
The energy of the universe instantly makes me more beautiful as I listen to these affirmations
I am extremely beautiful
My beauty is ethereal
My beauty is otherworldly
My face is perfectly symmetrical
My body is perfectly symmetrical
My eyes are extremely attractive
My eyes now change to be extremely feminine
My eyes are captivating and mesmerizing
My eyes are youthful and wrinkle-free
The skin around my eyes is bright, even, and wrinkle-free
My irises are bright and beautiful
My eyelashes are extremely long black and thick
My eyelashes are extremely attractive
My eyelashes now grow and thicken to the most desirable length and thickness
My eyebrows are perfectly sized and shaped
My nose is now transforming to be the perfect shape and size
My nose is now transforming to be perfectly feminine
My nose now looks attractive on my face
My nose now has a perfectly shaped tip
My nose now has a perfect feminine bridge
My nose now has the perfect wideness
My lips now change to have the perfect shade of rosy pink
My lips are sexy and wanted ;)
My lips have a perfectly shaped cupidís bow
My lip size now changes to have the most attractive and feminine size
My lips now change to have the most attractive and feminine shape
My lips are plump and as soft as velvet
My lips are always hydrated, smooth, and moisturized
My chin is perfectly and femininely shaped
My cheekbones now transform to the most attractive and feminine size and shape
My cheekbones have the most attractive placement

My jawline is perfectly shaped and beautiful

By the way in personal life, got out of a sauna, at a sea resort lately and a gentleman said your eyes are so capitvating you are angelic in beauty. In my social media I have many send me pics of angel's and many think I look like a celebrity lately. Find your inner beauty and see you are desirable, awesome, beautiful and whole.
Lovely Post, TY and welcome! Just back myself and hope many new continue to come.
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