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Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: Rsers help. No results.
« Last post by JulieDB on Today at 01:52:44 PM »
You don't know that it's not working. Maybe he hasn't been well or has been really busy.
I know far too many people who live in misery. I don't get it! They'll throw their hands up in the air and say, "What are you going to do?" And then make a helpless face.

Or they constantly complain about how horrible various things are for them. It's as though they revel in their misery.

I recently went through a very trying and frustrating situation. It went on for over a month. I was doing everything I was supposed to do and yet others were failing me. I couldn't get through on the phone to one person. I had no other way of contacting her and voice mail wasn't set up.

I finally got so very fed up that before I went to bed, I lit three candles. One pink to send love to this person, one blue for effective communication and one white to enhance the other two. Now I know that candles really have nothing to do with LOA but they seem to help *me*. I lit them, I stared at the flames and thought with more conviction than ever that I *would* get this matter resolved the following day.

And the next day? Not only did this person finally answer the phone but in talking to her, she realized how the system was failing me and immediately set about putting it straight. I don't want to give any more details than that except to say that it should be right by Monday. I wasn't home all day or I would have gotten the email telling me to sign something and send it back by noon so it could be completed. Will have to wait till Monday now.
Once upon a time there was a king who worried day and night about what tomorrow might bring. He feared he would lose his power, his wife might not love him, his subjects would become disloyal. He could not sleep for all his worries about the future.

One day the king noticed a poor cobbler hard at work in the marketplace. The fellow wore ragged clothes and was thin as a blade of grass, but his smile was bright as the moon. Surely this man must worry; how could he smile so brightly? The king decided to find out.

The next day the king dressed in rags and walked to the market just as the cobbler was finishing his work. Secretly he followed the cobbler and watched him buy a loaf of bread before returning to his tumbledown hut. When the cobbler was inside, the king knocked upon the door.

When the cobbler answered, the king said, "Please sir, can you spare some food for a beggar?"

"Of course," the cobbler said.

As they were eating, the king asked, "Why are you so happy?"

"Today I earned enough money fixing shoes to buy this loaf of bread!"

"But what if you don't earn enough for food tomorrow?" the king asked.

"I have faith," the cobbler answered. "All will be well."

This impressed the king, and when he left, he wondered what would happen if the cobbler could not earn his bread. Surely then he would not have such faith.

The king decided to test the cobbler.

The next morning in the marketplace, the cobbler saw a new sign in the marketplace. The king had decreed no one was permitted to repair shoes. From this day on, whenever someone's shoes wore out, that person must buy a new pair.

The cobbler was puzzled, but he did not despair. When he saw an old woman trying to pull a heavy bucket of water from the well, he walked over to help and carried her bucket home for her. "Thank you son," she said, and she rewarded him with a coin. That gave the cobbler an idea, and so he spent all day carrying water for people until he had enough money to purchase a bowl of soup.

That evening the king once again dressed in rags and hurried to the cobbler's hut. "Surely he'll be weeping tonight," the king said, but through the window he saw the cobbler sipping soup and smiling. The king knocked. "I came to see if you were all right," he said, "for I saw the new decree. How on earth did you pay for this soup since you could not fix shoes?"

"I carried water," the cobbler said. "Please, come in and share my soup. You look hungry."

"But what will you do tomorrow?" the king asked. How could this man have such faith?

"I have faith," the cobbler said. "All will be well."

The next day the cobbler walked to the well, but now there was a new decree: "It is illegal to carry water for others," said a brand-new sign.

The cobbler shook his head, but when he saw a man carrying a load of wood on his back, his face lit up, and so all day he carried wood for people until he had earned enough money to buy a chicken.

When the king disguised as the beggar came to the hut again that night, he was dumbfounded to see the cobbler happily eating. "How did you pay for a chicken?" he asked.

"I carried wood!" the cobbler said. "Come, share this chicken with me."

Now the king realized he would have to be far cleverer than he had been. "When he cannot eat, he will lose his faith," the king said to himself.

And the next morning when the cobbler joined the other wood carriers, one of the king's guards announced, "From now on the wood carriers will serve as palace guards. Follow me!"

Naturally the cobbler obeyed the guard. He stood all day long outside the palace dressed in his fine uniform with a silver sword at his side. When it was dark, the captain announced he was free to go home.

"And will you pay me so I might buy my evening's meal?" the cobbler asked.

"We shall pay you when you have proven yourself," the guard said. "First you must work for one month."

As the cobbler walked home, he thought and thought, and when he passed a pawnshop, he made a decision. He would sell his sword for enough money for meals for the month. When he was paid, he would purchase back the sword.

That night when the beggar knocked upon the cobbler's door, the cobbler invited him in. The king disguised as a beggar was amazed to see the table laden with a feast of cheese and bread and wine. The cobbler was whittling away at a piece of wood.

"But how did you buy all this?" the beggar asked. "And what are you making?"

So the cobbler told the story of pawning his sword. "I am carving a wooden blade to take the place of the silver."

"Very clever," said the king disguised as the beggar, "but what if you need your sword?"

"I have faith. All well be well," the cobbler said.

The next day as the cobbler stood guard, the king's soldiers brought a thief to the gates. "This man has stolen from the market," the soldiers said to the cobbler. "The king orders you to cut off his head!"

The thief threw himself on his knees before the cobbler. "Please spare me, my family was starving," he begged.

The cobbler stood tall and thought long and hard. If he pulled out his wooden sword, both he and the thief would be beheaded.

At last he said a silent prayer and looked at the gathered crowd. Placing a hand on the hilt of his sword, he said, "If this man is guilty, God grant me the strength to cut off his head. But if he is innocent, let God transform the blade of my sword to wood."

And he withdrew his sword.

The crowd gasped at the sight of the wooden sword and cried, "A miracle!"

The king approached the cobbler and asked, "Do you know who I am?"

"Of course," the cobbler said, "you are the king."

The king shook his head and said, "I am the beggar who came to your door," and then he told the cobbler of his tests.

"Your faith has driven away my fears about the future," the king said, and he announced the cobbler would become his most trusted adviser.

I read a story on same topic nd think to share :

"Long ago I heard a story about a bird who lived in the desert, very sick, no feathers, nothing to eat and drink, no shelter to live and kept on cursing his life day and night.

One day an Angel was crossing from that desert, bird stopped the Angel and inquired ” where are you going?” Angel replied” I am going to meet God”. So bird asked angel ‘please ask God when my suffering will come to an end?’ Angel said” sure, I will and bid a good bye to bird. Angel reached God’s place and shared the message of bird to Him. Angel told Him how pathetic the condition of bird is and inquired when the suffering of the bird will going to end ? God replied ‘for the next seven life times the bird has to suffer like this, no happiness till then’. Angel said when bird will hear this he will get disheartened could You suggest any solution for this.

God replied tell him to recite this mantra ‘ Thank you God for everything’. Angel met the bird again and delivered the message of God to the bird.
After seven days the Angel was passing again from the same path and saw that bird was so happy, feathers grew up on his body, a small plant grew up in the desert area, a small pond of water was also there, the bird was singing and dancing cheerfully. Angel was astonished how it happened, God told for seven life times there is no happiness for the bird for next seven life times, with this question in mind He went to visit God. Angel asked his query then God replied yes it was true there was no happiness for the bird for seven life time but because the bird was reciting the mantra’ Thank you God for everything’ in every situation. When bird fell down on the hot sand it said thank you God for everything, when it could not fly it said thank you God for everything, so whatever the situation may be the bird kept on repeating Thank you God for everything and therefore the seven life times karma got dissolved in seven days."

it is not merely about reciting a mantra but feeling the grattitute the blessing for things u hv already. whn u do it right not just repeating the words like a parrot it will shift u to different energy zones.  if u hv pain in one arm but u r feeling blessed to hv ur rest of body in perfect condition nd perfectly healthy arm pain vl not bother u in any way. in same manner it vl apply for relationships, job, business nd stuffs. A.T UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, regularly expressing gratitude literally changes the molecular structure of the brain, keeps the gray matter functioning nd makes us healthier and happier.
When you feel joy the central nervous system is affected. u r more peaceful, less reactive nd less resistant. nd gratitude is the most effective practice for stimulating feelings of happiness. 
How should we guard against being grateful for crumbs when we know we deserve better?

maybe this helps. It is a quote by Louise Hay. She wrote a lot about gratitudue and the power of being thankful for everything. According to her you open up for more by being thankful for what is right now. It is not about settling for less

If you like your job but feel that you’re not getting paid enough, then bless your current salary with love. Expressing gratitude for what you have now enables your income to grow. And please, absolutely no more complaining about the job or your co-workers. Your consciousness put you where you are now. Your changing consciousness can lift to you a better position.

if you want the link just let me know. I need to look for it
Really nice post!

And it's totally true. I was in that misery loop too or that "way of thinking" from 15 to maybe 22. I had some success of course (my last time) as I shared it on this forum and even created techniques yet only I know how it was painful to me. Thats why today Im so bold against it: free yourself from the misery. No matter who you are or your ex is... you become so much powerful and attractive when you give up the miserable position of craving. When you promise yourself that you will never try to attract an ex again (this creates big shift of energy within you) From age 15 to 22 I wish I never knew LOA in relationship area because when I look back it created more fears and misery. Because I kept focusing on that misery and kept myself obsessed. Most people I know and who were successful in relationship and always had their ex back were the ones who gave up quickly, who had that sense of pride and dignity... More people get their ex back who dont know about loa. With that attitude its always others who will make efforts to keep you and attract you back.

Yea Superman. People want to learn by themselves. We try to control things, that's why we feel that we need to do something in order to gain something. You tell them to just be happy with their life now. They feel that they haven't tried anything, so they won't accept until they learn by themselves. I was one of those people before.
But what do u want to say exactly, LOAgod.?

I can't say about other person but we talked about rs & other stuffs so when he told me he tried rs on me few times,( though i can't say if few times or more than that) I took it lightly and thought someone was kidding and I wanted to know more details so I continued asking about it but then he begged for giving him chance to be in relationship with me lol so I don't think it was just psychological. It's long story though but eventually I had to block the guy but I was wondering if this happens with most of rsers who tries, get all symptoms but pois never think about them.
It's something to do with the energy.

Hi Christina, any latest updates on this story? Is she still with him? Badly wanting him?
Remote Seduction / Influence / Re: Rsers help. No results.
« Last post by key9916 on Today at 06:10:24 AM »
Is magic touch or mental touch? And believe me distance doesn't matter in rs. Keep doing it. Practice makes it perfect
Never heard of that person ^^

hahaha never mind.
Are you writing a book ? :S
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