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Author Topic: Manifesting a fast metabolism for weight loss  (Read 2092 times)

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Re: Manifesting a fast metabolism for weight loss
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2017, 08:54:31 PM »
Have you ever noticed that some thin people say "I can eat what I want and I am thin" ? I noticed this at some point about my dad who used to be a little fatso and loved chocolate.He used to avoid chocolate and was pretty fat but turn moment was some serious illness when he decided to enjoy life. He started to whatever he liked including tons of chocolate and to my surprise not only he didn't gain even one pound but he also lost a lot of weight. By "tons of chocolate" I mean like half a pound of chocolate er day.

So I started doing the same since I am quite fat too (genetics). First I started to repeat that I can eat whatever I want and remain the same, in my mind it was easier than loosing weight. And imagine that one year practicing that I did not gain one pound while enjoying all the food. Some month ago I started to say to myself that I can loose weight easily by eating chocolate. So every day I eat chocolate and for the first time in my life I lose weight with no effort on my side.

It is very hard to get rid off of the old thinking that one must exercise and follow a strict diet to lose weight but it's not true. I shall keep you posted how this goes. So far I lost like 4 pounds in one month. It's not a mind blowing result but keep in mind I did not exercise or diet at all. As a matter of fact I drank excessive amounts of alcohol this month, ate tins of carbonara and enjoyed chocolate on a daily basis.

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Re: Manifesting a fast metabolism for weight loss
« Reply #16 on: April 08, 2017, 11:02:09 PM »
I do agree that you can still lose weight without following a strict clean diet and exercising. That concept of losing weight (fat) by only dieting and exercising is a tough belief for some people to change. Since it's pounded into majority of the people's mind that to lose weight is only by clean eating and working out. Then its repeated by almost everyone else keeping to that "mantra" clean eating and working out to lose weight. If you happen to not lose weight they point to one of the two culprits and most will say "it's because you didn't eat clean enough" or "you're eating too many calories" so on.... If it's the workout then they would say "you didn't workout hard enough" or "your workout isn't good" etc.

It's not the belief of how to lose weight (fat) by dieting and exercising that needs to be overcome. It's the belief and the perception you have about your body that contributes to how you feel about your body making you have the body you have now. You said that your body is the way it is because of genetics that's a belief. Your body is not determined by your genetics or whatever you think you have inherited from your family. Your body is the way it is because of the belief you have about it.

You can lose so much more weight without dieting and exercising or even with dieting and exercising. Yes, you have that kind of power and not just you, everyone has that power to do so. Everyone's body is capable of so much more than what science tells us and we learned in schools that we are determined by genetics so if you got bad genetics then you're pretty much screwed. Don't sell yourself out short. Your cells have consciousness so they follow how you feel. If you feel that your body is weak because your belief is based on genetics then your cells will follow and give you that weak body you asked for.

If you feel that your body is so much more and stop being a victim of genetics your cells will be there with you because it is you then it will deliver that body you want. Your cells are like a collective consciousness inside of you working as a community. If feel negative your community cannot thrive and your cells struggles. If your community is of love then your cells will thrive and so much more.

Love yourself because then your little community of trillions of cells will feel the love too and thrive. We already know how a community that based on fear looks like so why do that to your own community.

Don't be a victim to genetics choose to strive in love and own up to your power everyone.

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Re: Manifesting a fast metabolism for weight loss
« Reply #17 on: April 08, 2017, 11:50:03 PM »
I also wanted to add that you need to feel and act as a thin person and this is very hard to achieve. So when you go shopping and see nice dress, you need to avoid thinking things like "I am too fat for that dress". Because when you say that you attract exactly that. Which is why I avoid going to shops where I  know they don't have my current size.

Took me long time but I am getting there. I think the key is really loving your body, maybe it's really that simple. When I noticed I lost few pounds lately, I started to feel really good, dressed in a different way and I see it has a significant influence on my mood.

Also I know now that I can lose weight without exercises and diet, I go to do some sports just for fun. Before I thought of it as a punishment for my eating habits.


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