Why I am always surrounded by negative feelings, even when I try to be positive OR why I attract negatives more and faster than Positives side of life?

OK, this is a million dollar question and a billion dollar answer that I can give you will be, we are subconsciously so much patterned to think negative that, we start seeing attracting things negatively even when we do not want to.

Our thought process is very much affected by the environment we live in, our peers, colleagues and surroundings. Its something that moulds our though process, our way of seeing things and situations in life.

Mass is irrational and prone to panic by reacting on small-small things which really do not matter, and this is what we learn from society. And unconsciously it all becomes too subconscious that we start attracting the same, even when we are not aware of it and we do not want it.

We are patterned gradually for negative thoughts.

Oh! what is the solution?

Well, this is where understanding the beauty of “Consciousness” Comes into play.

Oh Boy, now what is Consciousness?

J Well, awareness is consciousness. When we are aware of what we think, what we observe, what we attract.

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