Ok!!! Ankur, I am convinced, can you tell me, what all things you have manifested so far, with law of attraction?

This question is asked to me many times by the ones who I introduce LOA to. As I have said many a times, I do not See Law of attraction, just as a tool to attain material possessions like Money, car, house, ex back and so on, scope Law of attraction is way beyond, all these material things do follow, once we understand the core of Law of attraction. My manifestations with Law of attraction include material as well as non-material attainments. Non-material ones were the most powerful and indeed a sort of blessing.

I have a long list of things I have attracted with Law of attraction; I just cannot list it out.


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  1. I read, I can use Law of attraction to get a dream house, ex back, a dream job, a perfect soul mate, money, abundance and many material things, but I am still not successful to get any of them. WHY?
  2. Ankur, Damn!!! I am thinking of and attracting millions of things in a day, do you want to me to observe all of them? You gotta be kidding me?
  3. So, can I also be blessed with the same Law of Attraction and its workings?
  4. Ankur, Law of Attraction does not work for me, what shall I do? :-(
  5. Ankur, are you trying to be an “agony-aunt” or “Law of Attraction Guru”?

0 thoughts on “Ok!!! Ankur, I am convinced, can you tell me, what all things you have manifested so far, with law of attraction?”

  1. I used to think I wasn’t any good at attracting using the Law of Attraction,. Then it dawned on me, all the things I didn’t want but had turned up in my life anyway, I had attracted.

    So in actual fact I was very very good at attracting using the Law of Attraction.

    Now I am trying to attract all the things into my life that I want to attract!

  2. Hi Nigel,
    This is so true~ I thought it was difficult to use LOA to attract what you want in life but we do this unconsciously all the time – including all the stuff we don’t want. The most challenging for me is to “believe” that not only I can have anything i want, but that I have it already and feel the feelings of having it NOW! :)) Good luck to everyone and happy manifestations!

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