Ankur, you must be so happy and strong in life, as you know the Law of attraction. No?

Understanding the beauty of Law of attraction in early age was indeed a blessing, not that I do not have problems in life, but, once I learned the power of aw of attraction, my way to see things changed, I stopped allowing myself to think of any negative fraction of thought and gradually, it all has become so subconscious that I hardly see any negativity even in the worst circumstance of life.


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  1. Ankur, Law of Attraction does not work for me, what shall I do? :-(
  2. Ankur, do you want to say, I should stop attracting my material desires? :-(
  3. Ankur, Damn!!! I am thinking of and attracting millions of things in a day, do you want to me to observe all of them? You gotta be kidding me?

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