Ankur, are you trying to be an “agony-aunt” or “Law of Attraction Guru”?

I would hate to be both, I believe in education, just want to spread the joy of Law of Attraction, if you observer the tag line of Power Law of Attraction, it says, “let’s grow together”.  I am myself in the process of exploring Law of Attraction more and more.


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  1. Ankur, Law of Attraction does not work for me, what shall I do? :-(
  2. Ankur, do you want to say, I should stop attracting my material desires? :-(
  3. Ankur, you must be so happy and strong in life, as you know the Law of attraction. No?
  4. Ankur, Damn!!! I am thinking of and attracting millions of things in a day, do you want to me to observe all of them? You gotta be kidding me?

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