All Your Dreams Can Come True ~ Take These 7 Simple Steps


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Do you harbour a secret yearning? Or perhaps you ditched your dreams long ago in the belief they’d never come true.  Well, now it’s the time to think big again with our life-changing plan for fulfilling your desires in seven easy steps.  What’s stopping you?

1 – Make your dream map

Einstein – a man who knew a thing or two – said imagination was more important than knowledge. ‘Logics’, he explained, ‘will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.’ So your first step in making your dream come true is to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen, and let you mind drift to the life you want to be leading. Imagine how you look? How do you feel about yourself? Are you fit and healthy, and how do you keep yourself so? Are you in a relationship – and if so, what’s it like? Where are you living? Describe your home. Tell yourself about your family and friends. Now, what’s your life’s work? Describe your job and your success. Make sure you do all this in present tense, and remember- let your imagination run riot. Let there be no boundaries. You’re living the life you desire.

2 – Use the Law of Attraction

Once you’ve started to visualize and really believe that your dreams can come true, it’s perfectly possible that certain desires could land in your lap sooner than you realize. This is the Law of Attraction, also known as “The Secret”. The basic premise is that peoples thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether or not they’re aware of it. Essentially, if you really want something and truly believe it’s possible, you’ll get it, but putting a lot of attention and thought on something you don’t want means you’ll probably get that too. We’re like magnets, attracting thoughts, people, events and lifestyles to us.

3 – Take baby steps

So how do we go from knowing and visualizing our dream, and letting self-doubt melt away, to actually making the dream concrete reality? Take small steps that help achieve the big idea. In essence, without losing site of your big dream give yourself mini goals. Set goals you know you can achieve. By baby stepping your way into action your brain doesn’t notice that you’re sneaking out of the zone of the familiar and into action until you’ve already begun to benefit from the momentum of change.

4 – Hold your focus

Once your dream has been launched, you’ll get really excited. But goals that are continually checked and overly worried about may not flourish in a way that you wish them to. Try not to ‘over care’ and attempt to control the outcome to ‘make things happen’. Imagine what you want is like a beautiful butterfly in your hands, if you squeeze too tightly, the butterfly will be crushed; if you hold your hands too loosely the butterfly will simply fly away. The secret is to hold it gently. Cultivate ease by relaxing your body, being present in whatever you’re doing, rather than having your mind racing on to the next thing. The focus stage is all about following the Law of Attraction and this involves concentrating positively on your vision, truly inviting it and making it present.

5 – Take a leap of faith

As you life becomes even more inspired every day, and you head further in the direction you want to take, there may still be moments when you need to check you’re on the right path. To make sure you step into success you have to take those last leaps of faith. When leaving our comfort zone, we recreate our lives according to what feels right and good to us. If you remain safe you’ll never know what could have happened and you may regret not trying. If fear holds you back consider the risk of living your life without taking that leap of faith. Isn’t the cost of sacrificing your dream too high?

6 – Enjoy the journey

Why do you want to fulfill and live your dream The chances are it’s because you want happiness and contentment. Don’t put this off, even when there are obstacles or challenges. Slow down; connect deeply with all life, and experience beauty and sacredness. Praying or meditating to a higher source, or simply taking a long walk in the countryside and breathing in the beauty and wonder that nature has to offer, can help you in your quest for your dreams and help you love your life. Connecting with others will also being you joy, putting the focus on giving to another person immediately has the effect of taking your mind off your own problems. Expressing gratitude is another brilliant tool to enjoy the journey. This will help you feel much happier, create a list of all the things you are happy for, and post it somewhere you can see it. Decide to make every day a wonderful day and expect it, magical things will start to happen.

7 – Note what you’ve achieved

You know when kids chant “are we there yet?” five minutes after leaving home on a long car journey? This approach is best avoided when traveling towards your dream! However, every so often, it’s good to check in with your original vision and note what you’ve achieved, and what you still have to do. Take a moment to be grateful and count your blessings. Write down your yearly goals then check in with them every so often, adjusting up or down, depending on how things are going. The only real purpose of a goal is to inspire you to fall more deeply in love with life. Look deep within yourself, what is your dream right now? Whether it’s the same, or changed, make sure you journey towards it with joy and wonder. Then you’ll really have arrived!

I took these 7 steps in earnest and can honestly say it changed my life in everyway.

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9 thoughts on “All Your Dreams Can Come True ~ Take These 7 Simple Steps”

  1. It’s amazing how within less than a month my life has changed completely…………just by applying the law of attraction ! I am so grateful…….. !

  2. I love your site.
    My main hang-ups with LOA are Intuition and Synchronicity. If I could get those two things down I would have a little more fun. I also get distracted and forget I’m on a mission and WAMMO, where’d it go? That is what most people
    forget to watch. They just have to up their dreams and relax and don’t get so wild with their expectation. Its just stuff.
    Wonderful life is!

  3. Great post Liz.

    Readers, don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity. There is great power in what Liz has written. The irony is, even these baby steps, most will not take and complain that you can’t get your dreams.

    That is just a belief. Mostly socially conditioned, i.e others taught it to you. To over come those do all of the above and I’d throw in do EFT as well

    More info here –

    Happy Travel


  4. I wanted to make a comment on what I have noticed to be true about really magnificent law of attraction manifestations for me….

    When I am very light hearted about something and sincerely appreciative of that same thing, it shows up for me without any effort!

    The one key in these very quick to manifest wonders is the fact that I don’t really need to have it. The fact that I simply genuinely appreciate it and appreciate it with delight…it shows up.

    Stuff I belabor in my focus upon…does not show up…there is definitely ego and resistance to truly allowing the flow of abundance in all things in the way. This is just another example to “Let Go and Let God” proving itself to be true in my experience.

    Be on the look out for things like this. It can be very subtle, but law of attraction is always at work. I examine it every time something shows up for me.

  5. “Take a leap of faith”, this is where I see myself failing. Everyday, I have something inside of me pulling me further and further away from my current ‘life’ into the life that I desire. The fear or the unknown keeps me from taking the steps forward.

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