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Law of Attraction in Action

How to attract wealth and money using law of attraction?

Here I am listing four well time tested and proven steps to attract wealth and money using law of attraction:


Believe you already have it

This is the first healthy step towards achieving what you are attracting. This is called “illusion”. If you can not see it happening in thoughts, how possibly can you make it happen? Even if it really happens how are you even going to appreciate it in reality?

When you believe you already have enough wealth you need, the first thing will happen is, your conscious mind will have an array of arguments and questions. This is when you have to keep a check on your conscious mind and ask it to rest. Just activate your sub-conscious mind when you imagine to have what you really plan to have.


Appreciate what you already have

Ever complaining mind can never conceive what it wants. It will only have negativity and “lacks” attitude towards everything. The more you appreciate the more sense of fulfillment you achieve.

After all, who really achieve great things with a feeling of being empty inside? We should rather be hungry than to be empty inside to really achieve what we want to attract.


Act as if you already have it

“Feel the future, act in present”

The stronger is your belief that you are already rich and wealthy, the more instantaneous and natural will be your acts towards money. It will be very much in line with how you would act should you really have had that kind of wealth.

It will impact your body language, your verbal language, the kind of people you select, your words selection, what you read. Pretty much everything in toto.
Healthy attitude to be w wealthy

It all starts with the right mindset. We must believe what goes around, comes around. Even before we become wealthy, I strongly believe we should have the attitude to help those who really need our help in terms of money. I bet, it all comes back in some form or another. This is a sure shot way of growing.

Being rich you can learn only lifestyle, but being wealthy make you grow in complete form. After all, its all about growing every moment.


How to attract the work you love to do – Dream Job

by Greer Tavel

Quote for the week:

“I’d rather be a flop at show business; than be
a success at something;I didn’t like.
George Burns

One of the major buzz words these days is “right livelihood.” This refers to doing the work you love instead of settling for just a job and a paycheck. For many of us, this requires a leap of faith and a large risk. Still, as George Burns indicates in the above quote, doing what you enjoy – even poorly – is preferable to doing something you don’t enjoy. How can we do this? Most of us don’t even know what we would love to do; we haven’t identified our right livelihood. In fact many of us don’t; believe it is possible for us to make any money doing what we love.

So we put our dreams aside and go to work for a living. We give up on ever doing what we love. It may be for someone else, but not for me. We fill ourselves with fear and doubt instead of hope and dreams. Even I occassionally fell into this trap. But I kept going back to what is possible. For the last two weeks I‘ve been on the road, living a piece of my dream. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do and enjoying it more than I could have believed possible.

I finally understand the statement that when you are doing what you love, it isn’t work. And I am reminded that if I can have a piece of my dream, maybe I can have it all. So I keep dreaming and I keep heading in that direction. How about you? Are you doing what you love, or working for a paycheck? Do you need help in identifying your right livelihood? Do you need a clearer roadmap to getting there? Can I help

Affirmation for the week:

I do what I love and love what I do.

Action Assignment:
1) Identify your right livelihood.
2) Create a plan to begin doing it.

How to use this newsletter
1) Read the quote and affirmation daily.
2) Do something everyday that is an outcome of the affirmation.
3) Watch your life change for the better.

Greer Tavel is a speaker, workshop leader and success coach in the area of personal growth and transformation. She offers ways for you to identify limiting beliefs, change them to more empowering ones and then incorporate these more positive new beliefs into your life.For other information, or to subscribe to her free newsletter “Limit Buster Tips”, visit her website at or email her at or call (425) 820-6357.

2012 Guidance ~ NOW is the time to come together! Why? Read this……

2012 is a year of co-creation with your spiritual team.  A year to connect with your inner divine guidance, a year to connect with your magical universe, & YOUniverse!  A year to connect with like minded people in resonance with whom you “ping” the same tuning fork, coming together in community, friendship and love in the virtual world, the spiritual ethereal world and in the “real” world here on earth at this time.

2012 is your year of personal power energy.  This is your time to take back your own truths, your very own and very unique self who knows exactly what the best steps are to take in each particular moment, on each of life’s winding paths.  When you are in your own personal power the steps you take will be easier, they will be clearer.   It may not always feel this way which in turn means it is even more important for you to follow this guidance.   As you start to listen to the guidance and co-create for your highest good and higher good of your magical universe life will get really really exciting!

Are you ready?  This is it!  Now is the time to let go of your old programming, old ways of living which no longer serve you.  Your vibes and inner feelings will give you the indications, when you feel heavy know that this feeling comes from something which no longer serves you.  When you feel light know that this feeling comes from your spirit and soul letting you know you are on the right path, letting you know you are connected to source, to divine, to you own unique self in your personal power energy.

When you experience negative “heavy” situations rather than the challenge you can now choose to reframe and take the opportunity to grow and get back in flow by “cleaning up” there is an endless amount of permission slips, methods, practices and processes to clear up negative contrast.  Make use of all the methods you know and learn more during 2012, fill up your bag of magic tricks and know that as the heavy negative contrast comes up now is the time to face it.  Rather than push the corks back down into the deep dark depths of the cold harsh waters allow them to pop up one by one with willingness to accept them, love them, forgive them, thank them, clean them up and and let them go.   Be willing and ready.   This will clear your path for your true life path to shine through, a lighter way with a much brighter light……

Its all ok, its all good, its all right, its just how it was meant to be, how you KNEW it would be.  You are an emotional being and your emotions should be experienced.   Allow it all ~ accept it all ~ flow love to it all….. You are completely loved and safe here, breathe, relax, allow & remember how powerful you really are ~ also remember the lightness is the truth to you.  If it feels light its right 

Shared with Love,

Liz ♥

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Law of Attraction Works

First off, bit History as a starter.

Some infact many think, Law of Attraction is a new-ago yet-another Self-help Concept. Which is absolutely wrong, Law of attraction has been quoted in Manuscripts even way before Jesus exist. (i mean BC), ofcourse it was quoted in Hindu Manuscripts (they called it Law of Karma, here we call it ‘Inspired actions’).

Even Buddha preached Law of Attraction.

Here comes the main course, what Law of Attraction is?

Law of Attraction is a Natural Law, just like Law of Gravity. Earth magnetism attract things down likewise Universal Magnatism will attract things to you (if you really attracted them).

So we can simplyfy the Equation >> Like Attracts Like.

Today Pooja is, what she has attracted (Inspired Actions) till now.

Equation >> Your past Attractions = What you are Today


Are you crazy, i never attracted all the Negatives in my Life, but then why Negative things Manifested in my life, when i never wanted them?
1) We do attract Enough Negatives in our life, you want it or you don’t, thats does not matter… You Attract (even think about negative things) and you get ’em. Simple Ya?

2) Many have asked me, but, i just had a Breakup, do you think i Attracted it…. Ofcourse you did not attract the breakup (as final Outcome), but you became enough negative about Many aspects of your relationship that this out come manifested in your life. Moreover, you are still suffering because you do not understand how to Practive ‘Law of Letting Go’.

(P.S. i am not referring you, just trying to explain the in-explainable) 🙂

Learning Law of Attraction along with Law of Letting Go, will super charge your life Many fold.

Why People think Law of attraction is another Myth or Does not Work?

Its so simple, people want a ‘Push Button’ Solution in their Life, they want to get rid of problem (most are self-created) in like flick of Finger, they are just so much attached with the outcome. I mean, if they attract A, but if they are Given B, they are still not satisfied  but attached with A, and they do not even Understand that B has all the Characterstics of A. (So, its how Universal magnatism Work)

I remember, when Morgan Freeman says to Ben’s wife in EvanAlmighty Movie, “When you want Happiness, do you think God Sends someone named Happiness”.

So you get the idea, when you want A, you might not Get A, but B. but that B is no “Accident” its still an outcome of your Attraction and possess all the Characteristics of A.

People want to learn just as a Tool to get rid of their problems and this was they miss the whole beauty of the concept.

Alright, here is the Dessert now:

Law of Attraction does work, whether you want it you do not… Just like how Law of Gravity works, nomatter who you are. It works all the time and is a perfect example of Subconscious activities.

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10 Law of Attraction Tools That Can Supercharge Your Results.

There are so many tools that can help you when applying the law of attraction and attraction what you want into your life.

Here is my top tools which can help you achieve what you want fast, easier and with much, much less pain.

1. Write Down Your Goals. No matter how big. If you have the desire for something or it ‘pops’ into your head you can achieve it. If you don’t think you cannot have it, that is just a belief. You can also and should write down what you don’t want. Then change it to what you do want. Make sure you’re writing is in the present tense, use as many details as possible and make it positive!

2. Find a Picture of the End Result for you and add it to your vision board. The picture only has to make sense to you. If it doesn’t juice you up and get you excited, change it.

3. Write out your ideal day film script. Write about your perfect day. Again in the present tense and make it positive. There are no limits of any kind.

4. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). As you write, find images, thing about what it is that you want. You’ll most likely come up against some ‘walls’. Oh that’s unrealistic, that’s not possible. I can’t, don, must, need etc. All of these are beliefs and negative emotions and beliefs which can easily be cleared by EFT.

My EFT site is here – .  Learning and applying EFT to my own life has literally be life transforming. Also check out some of the comments about using EFT in the forum from other members – see number 9 below.

5. Work. LOA does include a often forgotten or not wanted work step. What can you do it make what you want happen.Who can you contact, what can you read or watch etc. Who else done what I want, can I copy them in some way, shape or form? To the extent that you’re prepared to do everything yourself to get your goal done, you will not have to.

6. Noise and Music. You can listen to any background music or noise. Make sure it is positive, life affirming and encouraging. If it has lyrics or words, listen to them really, really carefully first. Otherwise you’ll be programming yourself negatively without knowing.

7. Audio Books. Find as many as you can on subjects that you like or want to learn. The amount of down time you have to listen to them is incredible. Turn off the TV!  Do you take the bus, train or walk to school or work everyday?  Do you know how much free time you have?

8. Software. I highly recommend you use some software called Subliminal Power, it flashes positive messages which constantly remind you of your end result all the time as you are sat in front of your PC. Do you know how many hours that is? Lots!

9. The Law of Attraction Forum -There are so many post here on so many different topics giving so much, advice, help and support. You don’t need to sit there wondering any more. Take a look around. Better yet, post a new topic and ask a question.

All questions are good questions. If you have a question, I can guarantee you, so does somebody else. Everybody has something to contribute too.  The advice given is fantastic. Many of the members are really apply the Law of Attraction to their own life. BUT, the only person who can apply it to your life is YOU. Read the advice, ask questions. Yet apply the steps and advice. Really apply it. Do each step 100 times. Then you’ll know what really works for you and how.

10. Perhaps the best thing you can do is just Say Thank You and often.

What would happen if you combined all of these?

How to apply the Law of Attraction Consciously

Hello friends!

You have to apply some basic steps in order to make the law of attraction work as you want it.

  1. you set up very clearly your final goal, simple words and a deadline

  2. you take at least 10 minutes in the morning when you wake up and 10 minutes in the evening before going to sleep to do your affirmations and visualizations

  3. you stay detached on your outcome, happy, content, grateful, and extremely faithful

  4. you feel ready to receive

It can be very useful to create your own vision board where you put all your goals – that is a reminder of what you set up and it makes the visualization easier.

If you feel fear, doubts and lack of faith I recommend you checking on your limiting beliefs and try to get over them using the method that suits you perfectly. That can be EFT for instance, NLP or a therapy.

Go confident – the world belongs to those who keep the faith strong!


Galina Lambert

How to Attract a Perfect Relationship Using Law of Attraction

By: Priya Deelchand (Life Coach)

perfect_relationship_law_of_attractionThe Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives, whatever we give our energy, attention and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted. Since our though is energy, people holding certain thoughts and vibrating a certain way become magnets and attract to them people vibrating at more or less the same frequency. That’s why we say “Birds of the same feathers flock together.” For example, let’s say you are vibrating at 75, it is very likely that you would attract people vibrating at 70 – 80 level and very unlikely that you would attract people vibrating at say 30. If you want to attract your ideal mate, you have to become a “vibrational match” to the person you want to share your life with.

The vibrations that we emit can be either positive or negative and the Law of Attraction will always respond to the vibration that we are emitting by giving us more of the same. If you are a very positive person, you will be emitting a positive vibration and you will be surrounded by positive people. If on the other hand, you are a person who is constantly angry, doubtful, fearful, etc, you will be emitting a negative vibration, and you will tend to attract negative people, situations and experiences into your life.

If you want to attract your ideal partner, first of all, you have to see what you are currently attracting in this particular area of your life and what vibration you are emitting. If you are not attracting the relationship you want, you will have to be very clear about what you want in a romantic relationship.

How do we become clear about what we want? Most of the time, it is very difficult to know exactly what we want in an ideal mate. One of the best ways to become clear is to make a list of qualities and characteristics that you do not like in your existing or previous relationships. You don’t have to focus on what you do not want to attract but just examine briefly what you do not like or want. Once you have made a list of around 40 to 50 qualities and characteristics that you do not like, you can proceed by making the list of characteristics that you do want in an ideal partner. The things that we want are the exact opposite of the things that we don’t want. For example:


What I Do not Want

Want What I do Want

1. An uncaring partner 1. A caring partner
2. A quarrelsome relationship 2. A harmonious relationship
3. A partner who does not share Responsibilities 3. A relationship where we share responsibilities equally
4. etc…………………. 4. etc…………………


You continue with this exercise and once you have a list of all the characteristics that you want in a partner, you start focusing only on this list and then you proceed with the next step which is to become a “vibrational match” to the ideal partner you want to attract.

How do we become a “vibrational match” to the ideal partner we want to attract? Well, suppose in your list you want to attract a loving and caring partner. If you, yourself are not caring and loving, it will be difficult for you to attract a loving and caring person. According to the Law of Attraction, you attract what you vibrate. You must therefore start raising your vibration to become loving and caring. It is only then that you can attract what you want into your life.

Once you have become clear about what you want and you have raised your vibration to attract your ideal partner, the last step is to allow your ideal partner to come to you. Allowing is the absence of doubt. If you have a strong desire to attract your ideal mate but at the same time, you have strong doubts, you will never be able to attract what you want because you will be sending mixed signals in the universe. If on the other hand, you have a strong desire and some doubt, you will attract our ideal mate, but it will take a little longer. The best combination for rapid manifestation of your ideal relationship is when you have a strong desire and no doubt at all.

You now have all the necessary ingredients in your hands to attract your ideal relationship. Just follow and carefully apply all the different steps we have mentioned and you will definitely end up attracting your ideal partner. The right understanding and application of the Law of Attraction will definitely bring miraculous results in your life.

Law of Attraction and the Art of Letting Go

Law of Attraction and the Art of Letting Go

“Law of Attraction makes possible, Detachment Towards attachment”!


From the Desk of SNeha Kulkarni

Many a time we hear about law of attraction, but there been multiple things related to it, one of the most important part is being detach from the outcome of what we desire.

Now, many times been asked the question how can we get what we desire from being detached to the outcome? Detach means, when we put in our energy and focus on a particular desire the mind is agitated. We become emotional. The solution is to detach from the inner storms, stand back and observe the way law of attraction tries to find the best possible way to manipulate things and get us what we want. Attachment to the outcome makes us restless, irritated anxiety and every now and then one keeps thinking oops!! How is that going to happen is the universe really being proactive or just being laid back, I cannot depend on something unseen, unfelt let me do something my own this is going too slow.

And turmoil starts, within us and the universe starts feeling, oh! they can handle it, why am I am taking all the trouble.

Detachment helps us to be more confident, positive and faithful towards the universe letting him know that he is capable of doing a lot more and let him handle our desire.

While trying to manifest your desire live in the power of now!!!!. Enjoy each and every moment life brings to us. Don’t detach from the thought of your desire. But detach from the outcome of it.

Belief creates thoughts thoughts create attitude, attitude creates destiny!!!

Law of Attraction Money and Wealth Mantra!


Law of Attraction Money and Wealth Mantra!

“Be Rich in thoughts, you will be Rich in reality. ” – Ankur Sancheti

Law of Attraction and money wealthWho does not want financial freedom in life, we all do, so do i. Ever since, i discovered the applications of law of attraciton in almost every walk of life, believe me things have become more interesting. Law of attraction and money or wealth might sound dumb (Oh! Really :-)) But, hey! its been workeing incredibaly for almost every one who has put heart and soul in applying law of attraction for money and wealth. As i have been talking on my Power law of Attraction Blog, Money and Wealth is all about mindset, we are first rich in thoughts then in manifests in reality. You must check out my blog post on Instant Money and Wealth manifestation with law of attraction , and it will make things clear and easier. By the way, read below a nice article on the same theme. You will find it interesting.


The Law of Attraction – Money Attraction

Money, It’s one of the most common desires that people have when they are first learning about the law of attraction. When you are able to manifest the financial situation that you want, you are able to experience more of the lifestyle that suits you. So, it’s for good reason that the desire to learn how to attract more money is so strong.

With that being said, there are some things that you will need to do in order to get started on your goal to use the law of attraction to better your financial situation. What are those things and how can you become a magnet to the green stuff?

1. Become comfortable with the subject. A lot of people tend to shy away from the subject of their finances and would rather discuss practically anything else. But, people that are able to manifest the money that they want, are much more comfortable talking about it. So, you should learn to become comfortable doing this as well.

2. Study how people achieve financial success. They do not sit around and hope or wish for a check to just appear. There are specific things that they do in order for it to manifest. You should make note of what these things are and begin to do these things yourself.

3. Give yourself a clear intention. Know exactly what amount that you would like to attract. Get as specific as possible and do not waiver in what you want. The more clarity that you have in regards to your goal, the more likely it is that you will make it there much sooner.

These three tips are just the start to put you on track to manifest more money with the law of attraction.

Would you like to learn more?

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Phew! having said that, it leaves no doubt and 100% facts that law of attraction and money or wealth is a gala combination. May sound wired in thoughts but pretty practical in reality, all we need to do is to take the first step in faith to manifest wealth and money with law of attraction, after all life is about choices, being rich is everyone’s choice, so Hey! make a choice today, make life financially free.

Money and Wealth Manifestation with Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction and Money / Wealth Manifestation

“Today you are rich in reality, were once rich in thoughts”   – Ankur Sancheti

I strongly believe being rich and poor in present is the residual outcome of past mindset. It’s now a cliché and we get to here many times in our society,  “Why do Rich people become richer?”, economists call it, “Money attracts Money”. Well, see how beautifully law of attraction works here also.  Like as I said, it’s nothing but the mindset, a rich and abundant mindset end up in something we call, “Rich Life”.  I would love to do a small modification in the cliché, “Money attracts money”

I would says, “A Rich mindset attracts more money.”

What the heck is this Rich Mindset?

It’s no rocket science, nether have I tried to reinvent the wheel, to give you a simple definition of Rich mindset, “An absence of poor mindset, is Rich Mindset”, when you feel all abundant. A rich mindset not only has ultra super money making ideas but they know the best, quickest, shortest ways to implement those ideas too, to cash in them.

How can I attain a Rich Mindset?

Again a millions dollar question, and a simple answer, “Attract Money”.  I always love to quote,

“Set it, Get it”    – Ankur Sancheti

Set your monetary goals

Without goals we are wanderers and needless to say, a wanderer ends up in nothing but gets lost, Surely you want to have a financially free life, set your monetary goals.

Visualize Money

Feel the good feeling of having more money, because you deserve it. You are already equipped and armed with all the possible and needed things that can make you attain a Rich life, a life with enough money.

Focus on the ends, forget the means.

This is the usual mistake, many of us do, we want money in life, at the same time we doubt, Oh! Where will the money come from? My business is not running good? Economy is down? This and that and this………..

Well, practically there can be millions of reason for you to be what you are (Not so Rich), but there is one and only reason for you to be Rich and that is, “Because you want it.”

You must understand there is a thin line of difference between being rich and being what we already are, we can overcome this thin line with the small shift in our mindset towards money.

“A small step of change in your mindset will be giant leap in your life”.                – Ankur Sancheti

Focus on what you want, how to get it will be taken care automatically, all you need is the faith to be rich and have more money.  This is how you can get money wealth and money with law of attraction.

Have a Rich and Abundant Life,

Ankur Sancheti