world of wonderful laws


Today, m getting everybody’s Attention

Coz I know the secret behind the laws of Attraction…

No its not any miracle just a real fact

So, here I am trying to tell u the basic concept…

You find nothing simply by reading a book

Ask, Ankur,  & he will change ur whole outlook…

Nothing is hidden beneath the universe

Its all within u – Good or Worse…

No can stop u from living the life of ur dream

As no one will goin to hear you, no matter how loud u scream…

Don’t get puzzled with Quantum physics or law of gravity

They may decay ur mind like a teeth of cavity…

Thoughts become a magnet which attract all the Facts u feel

So, think positive coz one day it will become real…

You wont attract abundance if u are   unkind & mean

LOA will never work 4 U & remain unseen…

You  believed that u are the victim of ur circumstances

Don’t worry LOA is there to give u some more chances…

Kick off all  the “No’’ saying statements from your Mind

Try to see the positive energy in every damn thing, whatever u find…

You want to attract ur Ex back, dream house, money or car

But u will never try to see the LOA at par…

Create purely ur thoughts, without any doubt or conflict

Visualize & raise ur vibration towards it…

You can attract too whatever u want

just be clear n focused, otherwise u cant…

My life has changed in just one Nite

When I visited Ankur Sancheti ‘s site…

Thanks  To Geetika Matta for the Beautiful Poem!!!

16 thoughts on “world of wonderful laws”

  1. I think this poem is great, the wise words gleam with great vibrancy and also advertise the site ‘LOA or law of attraction’, it is to also a great poem that shows just loving and affection for people is the basis for life and stopping yourself from being scientific or analytical allows yourself to truly see abundance, virtue, prosperity and amazing steps that lay further to your life plans.

  2. Voila! So creative, never thought someone can even make a poem on Law of Attraction.

    So, next will be a song on Law of Attraction. 🙂

    Well Done

  3. That was indeed awesome 🙂 … amazing way to explain law of attraction in a simpler way. I would like to take this opportunity to to give a Hugeeeeeeee Thank you to Ankur to touch each ones life in such wonderful way.:)


  4. Geetika really beautiful collection of words ..simply once again i can feel the “Energy ” in me.
    And hey Ankur ,You have noticed the words like ” TOCHING LIVES” on most of the materials or brands related to Hospitals.

    I think it better suits on you ANKUR = TOUCHING LIVES


  5. Hello Sunidhi,

    Its indeed an honour that many people liked Law of Attraction poem composed by Geetika.

    I felt the same energy when i read this poem the first time and it made me share it with all.

  6. That was a wonderful poem, thank you Geetika.

    I know first hand the challenge of putting the thoughts and feelings of attraction into words, I did it in a song. If you care to listen, it can be found here, the player is on the left.


  7. First of all my thanks to Ankur Sancheiti for helping each n every individual by contributing his thoughts , positive energy, and guiding all in leading a happy and wonderful life by way of self belief….

    Well well well, thanks to the person for writing such a wonderful poem wherein she is motivating all of us to think the positive way……

    Therez a saying which goes by;

    “If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

    I feel that’s where the core of this poem lies; be determined, be energetic, be motivated and the LOA is gonna work for all of us…….

    In the end i would just say the author of this poem one thing:

    “People often say that motivation doesn’t last, well neither does bathing; That’s why we recommend it daily…..”

    So please keep writing such energetic, motivational POEMS/SONGS/THOUGHTS which will help thousands and millions of readers across the globe.

    Great going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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