Entitled to Dream. To Want. TO HAVE.

Good day everybody! Have you been doing well? Good!

This time, I’ll bring to your attention some thoughts about an unalienable right each and all of us have. A right no one and nothing can take away from us, if we do not allow it.

The right to dream.

Everyone has the right to dream. Everyone is entitled to a better life. To a better world for themselves and their loved ones.
Everyone is entitled to have what they want, if they want it badly enough and healthily persistant enough about it.

I know of this, myself, and willingly attest to it.

I wanted all kinds of support after my most defining moment, two months ago, and I got it. The bulk of it, here.

I wanted to love a certain someone truly, unconditionally, and most important, entirely willingly and independently. And it is recently that I have achieved that. I feel the void, the lack sometimes, but I am growing stronger to fight it directly, without needing anyone as a crutch.

That which you want, you can have. You are entitled to it.
Let that fact grow into your head, no matter how slowly it does.

It will change you forever.

3 thoughts on “Entitled to Dream. To Want. TO HAVE.”

  1. Very inspiring. Dream, dream, dream..everybody’s right is to have a dream. Thank you.

  2. ok but my question is if we want to love somebody then our law of attraction starts from the very moment but if the other person don’t love us so his law of attraction would work against us.then how should we handle this condition

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