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Power Law of Attraction

Power Law of Attraction


“You are Your Attraction.”           –  Ankur Sancheti 

Law of Attraction >> The things we are attracted towards, tell lot about us, after all we are about our attraction. Note, here I am replacing thoughts with attraction. We think subconsciously all the time, likewise we do attract all the time.  We in present are the residual outcome of the past thoughts or attractions. In other words we in present are the manifestation of our past or recent thoughts or attractions. Isn’t it interesting? The beautiful cause and effect mechanism, “we are in present are caused by out own past thoughts”, this incredible fact arms us with the power to manifest what we badly want, by attracting them in present. The Law of Attraction a beautiful phenomenon. Isn’t it?

If you ask me history of law of attraction, I have only one answer, law of attraction exist and been working the day Universe was formed and the day law of gravity started working. Just because, now we know the name of this beautiful and life transforming Law as “Law of Attraction”.  The discovery of Quantum Physics has been vital to unearth the hidden possibilities law of attraction possesses. Remember it’s a discovery and not an invention.  We must thank Dr. Fread Alen Wold, Dr. Emoto, Dr. Amit Goswami and many more who have given scientific and rational perspective of law of attraction.

The law of attraction is working with all of us in some way or the other, where we are aware of it or not. If we want exploit all the hidden possibilities and magical powers of the laws of attraction, then we need to be observant and attract with faith to what we intend to materialize. I like to call it, being a Power Attractor. Focus the Ends, forget the Means, the more focused we are towards the Ends (what we want) the faster & efficiently means (the process) will follow.  I love to recall many incidents out of my life, when I wanted things badly at the same time I had literally no idea how would I get it, only I attracted what I wanted, and eventually one fine day or the other, it was right in front of me. Catch here is, the confirmation of being successful with the law of attraction is not being able to achieve what we intent in the same shape, size, form, situation; manifestations come in magnitude of forms; they are even symbolic, we need to be observant and conscious enough to recognize them and be grateful for it. Here is something you can understand it better; in movie “Evan Almighty” (2007) when Morgan Freeman tells to Lauren Graham, “When you ask for happiness, do you think God sends someone named happiness”. All it means is, look around, wants do manifest, just that we need to keep faith up and be observant. The Secret Law of attraction is so beautiful and incredible law.

Every day is so exciting for me, Why? Well, because, there are many visitors, who come to my law of attraction Community or law of attraction blog or even ask me on skype/ facebook, does law of attraction really works? And I feel so drained out, to convince and prove them that Yes, it does work, because law of attraction is such an obvious law, it works as universally as does the law of gravity.

“Set it, Get it”   – Ankur Sancheti

I see the law of attraction as a reactive law, we act and it reacts, like the law of gravity does.

I attract (Act)  >> I want a dream Job.

Law of Attraction manifests (Reacts) >> By providing me opportunity / platform to do something that I would love to do for rest of my life.

The quality of manifestation is a linear function of the quality of one’s belief and ability to recognize the signs of it’s manifestation.



Law of Karma is equally important, merely sitting and keep attracting will fetch nothing but disappointment; we need to make Universe react and providing us with what we want.  We must take inspired actions, an action towards achieving, what we want, not only in thoughts but in reality too. Visualization, Is a very vital and powerful activity, to tell you the fact, Medical Research has proven that our subconscious brain cannot distinguish between, an event taking place in thoughts (Visualization) or an event taking place in reality. The subconscious brain fires the same muscles, in both the case. Now, this is the clue, which we can leverage up on, and enjoy the things even in thoughts, way before it manifests in reality.

“If you do not attract what you want to be, you will be what you are, FOREVER”             – Ankur Sancheti

It’s a cliché question I have been asked on facebook and skype, “Oh! Why all bad things happen only to me?” Well, I always have only one and definite answer to this, “Because you attracted it and by saying this are attracting more of it.” We must understand that, we are like a magnet, even when we think of the things that we do not wish or do not want, still we are provided with them, why? Because for Law of attraction does not distinguish between what is good for you or what is not. Bottom line is, “You attracted it, so, You are given”, “Your wish is my command”. We need to always check on our thoughts and attractions, what we attract should be in sync with what we want.

Law of attraction can be applied in every walk of like (be it attracting a dream life, getting your ex back, to attract wealth, money or abundance, to attract a dream job, to find a perfect soul mate, to make a better relationship, in nutshell to get what you badly want) anyways we are already using law of attraction in almost all walks of life, interesting fact is, many of us are still not aware of it. This is the opportunity for all of us to leverage upon this most wonderful and beautiful law to transform our and others life.

How and Why Power Law of Attraction System is so POWERFUL?

* Power Attractor

Power law of attraction approach empowers you to attract what you want, by being selective rather than to be eliminative of what you do not want. (Remember if you do not want something, you will still get more of it! Because even by thinking you do not want it, you are attracting it. And the wonderful law of attraction says “Attract it, its delivered”).

* Appreciating the Power of Conciousness

Most of us have not availed the power of our subconciousness mind.

* Universal Law

Power law of attraction is such a natural approach that it can be applied for any thing, any time, in any circumstances, to manifest anything that you want, in any part of the universe, by anyone. No Exception. After all its an Universal Law, as impersonal as law of agravity is.

* Law of Attraction in action

Power law of attraction is not merely theoretical explanation of law of attraction, it focuses more on its successful application in all the circumstances.

* Power Attraction

Power law of attraction explains, how to attract for instant manifestation, of what you badly want. All you need to do is to be crystal clear, of what you badly want, at the most possible granular level. we teach you to give attention to details while visualizing what you want, we call it Power visualization techniques. And we have used it successfully its time tested mystic rule.

* Power of Now

Its all within, Power law of attraction empowers you to enjoy the delivery of what you want (even when its in thoughts), instantly after you attract it, like a Power Attractor. Power Law of Attraction believes, “it all starts within, What is in there, its out there”.

* Do-It-Yourslef Approach

For All power law of attraction arms you with some time-tested and most effective do-it-yourself handy techniques like power visualization technique, finger pinch technique, check to check technique.

* Create your Reality

Power law of attraction believes we create our own reality. Power law of attraction believes in the theory of Quantum Physics. The observer effect the reality.

* observer’s Effect

We at power law of attraction believe that sub atomic possibilities become atomic experience. Choosing the sub atomic possibility can be achieved by attracting (observer’s effect) the atomic experience out of all sub atomic possibilities. “We Create our own reality”.

* Attraction Board

In Power law of attraction we teach to use “Attraction Board” . As we strongly believe in the mystic power of attraction. We believe, we are all about our attraction. We believe you are in present is what you attracted in past. You will be in future is what you are attracting right now.” Every bit of us is about every bit of our attraction. As we are human magnets.

* Timing

Power law of attraction, believes that time and space is empty, its the base of quantum physics theory as well. In Power law of attraction, we believe that the observer himself/ herself times the manifestation of what he/she wants. No matter what you want, no matter how long it takes for others, to manifest what you want, no matter how unlikely is it for you to manifest something, in your present circumstances, power law of attraction empowers you to enjoy it even in your thoughts.  Our subconscious brain, cannot distinguish between, an event taking place in thoughts (Visualization) or an event taking place in reality. As a matter of fact its one of the cheat codes of power law of attraction. Isn’t it wonderful? We believe that the Observer times himself/herself to the process of thoughts becoming things or the Manifestation.

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